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Fresh on the Boat

Posted on 08 Mar 2018 @ 5:38pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy
Edited on on 30 Mar 2018 @ 12:37am

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 1 Jan 2389

Bre'el IV was a beauty from orbit, and all Cassidy could do was hope by the time he came back he'd have a shot at seeing it. But diplomacy and, more pressingly, time had different ideas, so he'd had to settle for a glimpse through a window when he embarked on the Hawaii. That was fine, really. Pretty planets were, in his opinion, a dime a dozen. This was something else.

This was a Sovereign.

His pack was sent ahead to his quarters so he didn't have to report in with luggage in tow. Despite being a pilot, or because of it, he didn't usually care much for a ship's bridge. They were the sedate way of experiencing space, too many degrees removed by control panels and thick hulls and state of the art software doing all the real work. But this was different. Perhaps it was him and his apprehension, perhaps it was this ship. Perhaps it was this sector. Perhaps it was, after all, war.

Akio was in his ready room going over department reports as the Hawaii was ready to get underway to the Gorn Front. He had also been monitoring traffic and it seemed Task Force 93 had a new command team. VADM Anin had been promoted to a post in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. Seemed to suit her more, especially with how busy she seemed as a TFCO.

Cassidy flourished by not thinking too much at times like these, and went direct to the ready room doors and hit the chime.

A chime at the door demanded the attention of Akio.

"Enter!" Akio projected.

"Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy, Chief Flight Control Officer reporting," he said cheerily as he approached the desk, brandishing the PADD with his orders on it.

Akio took the PADD and studied the Lieutenant. Another flyboy. It was funny how much Cassidy looked like Ren even down to the same build.

"At ease. Take a seat," Akio replied as he typed some commands and pulled up Cassidy's dossier. "You were aboard the Sydney during SAR operations following the Gorn incursion?" Akio noted aloud.

Cassidy faltered; it looked like he hadn't expected that to be where his new CO started. Any hesitation was disguised by pulling up a seat, though still he sobered with the subject matter. "Helping with the aftermath of the hit-and-run strikes inside our border. The Sydney was too far out to help with Canterra - I guess we'd have been hit, too, otherwise - but we did what we could where we could. The Gorn don't pull their punches, Skipper."

"Indeed. So you were at Xavier. We are headed there after our patrol along the front to assess the operational capability of the base," Akio answered, feeling a bit guilty for bringing up a topic of carnage at the beginning.

"It'll be good to see how they've patched up the last few weeks," said Cassidy, tone remaining a little neutral.

"During our patrol, we may face combat and even if we do not this time, we will in the future. Are you ready for such an occurrence?" Akio asked. He wanted to gauge the capability of probably one of the most important officers on the bridge. One wrong maneuver and the Hawaii could face destruction.

If anything, the young pilot looked offended. But it was too much of an exaggeration to be a sincere reaction, and he smirked as he raised his hands. "I've seen my share of action, Skipper. I'm not pretending on this kind of scale, but I've made a Nebula-class dance pretty through her share of firefights. A sleek lady like a Sovereign? You'll see what I can do. I know what I signed up for in this assignment, and it's not to drink coffee at my console." After a heartbeat, some sobriety entered his gaze. "She's safe in my hands, Skipper."

Akio liked Cassidy's reaction, including the feigned offense. Some levity was needed aboard a well-working ship. It couldn't be serious all the time, every time.

"Good. Do you have any questions for me?" Akio asked.

Cassidy shook his head. "I'll need to get settled but I'll figure it out as I go, Skipper. Reckon we're all going to be learning on the job a bit, way this wind's blowing."

"Indeed. It is good to have an experienced Lieutenant at the helm though. It was good to meet you Mr. Cassidy and I look forward to having you as part of the bridge crew. Dismissed," Akio said.

"Looking forward to it myself." Despite his casual manner, the young officer's stance was respectful as he stood; a brief straightening, an incline of the head. Then he was gone, out the doors with a saunter and a hiss of hydraulics.

Akio rose and looked out the window. Battle would scar the crew and even though Cassidy was not in direct battle, the weariness showed on his face. Yet Akio also saw the invigoration and passion such experiences brought.

It would be his job along with the rest of the command team to provide proper leadership when the crew needed it most.


Akio Tachibana, CDR, SF

Rafe Cassidy, LT, SF


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