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Backpost - Gorn ship designs

Posted on 23 Feb 2018 @ 12:04pm by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath
Edited on on 27 Feb 2018 @ 1:01am

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Hawaii- Chief Science Officer's office


[After meeting with CO]

[Deck 18: Chief Science Officer's Office]

After his meeting with the Captain, Tolkath had settled himself into his office smoothly enough. He travelled light, not having a great need for excessive personal possessions.

He had scheduled a review of the science department's work schedule and current research projects for the following day. Further to his initial discussion with his new Captain, he decided he would commence a review of Gorn ship and combat capabilities. Since the ship would soon be engaged in front line operations, he determined that would be the best focus of his attention.

He activated his terminal and began searching the computer for data on Gorn shipping and weaponry. He started with Starfleet's first known contact in 2267 when a Gorn ship, the Gress'sril raided the colony on Cestus III and was pursued by the first Constitution Class Enterprise.

The ship had quad nacelles, two mounted vertically on struts projecting laterally from each side of a center superstructure. That design was fast, although the Enterprise had eventually caught up to it after a prolonged pursuit at speeds above Warp Eight. It also had energy beam weapons that were deemed superior to phasers of that time period.

Both the Starfleet and Gorn ships had then been interdicted by the Metrons, who used some form of, still-unknown, energy force to easily bring the speeding vessels to a halt. It was unfortunate that the enigmatic Metrons continued to remain aloof from the Federation and declined to become involved in what they regarded as savage squabbles

Since that initial contact there was a consummate increase in speed and power, consistent with steady progress in warp technology and ship designs. Unlike Starfleet, which had experimented with many different classes, data from later encounters with Gorn vessels appeared to show a continuation of the four-nacelle design, surrounding a central body, although with some variation in the positioning of the nacelles themselves.

Gorn shields were known to be robust and while they could be taken down, they withstood considerable damage before failing.

Just ten years ago in 2379 the Gorn had again invaded the Cetus system and a limited sector war had been fought between the Hegemony and the Federation. It had taken a combined fleet of Starfleet vessels to finally push them out and back to Gornar. The counter attack had included an orbital assault on the Gorn capital, but now they were back again.

He opened a holographic design program and began processing the data into a form that could create three-dimensional holographic models of known Gorn ship classes.

That brought him up to the latest encounters, the attack on the Xavier Fleet yards and the annexation of the Cestus III system. He briefly pondered what it was about that particular system that the Gorn still wanted it, over one hundred and thirsty years later. That would be a subject worthy of future study.

The reports from Cestus III were extremely fragmentary, It appeared that, using an almost identical tactic to the attack in 2267, the Gorn flotilla had approached along a regular transit route and then launched a surprise assault which quickly overwhelmed the defenses.

The only noteworthy piece was that the Gorn ships appeared to be mounted with some form of rapid firing weaponry. The offensive capabilities being far superior to the output normally expected from that number of ships, almost double it seemed.

He moved on to the attack on the Fleet ship yards. Again it had been rapid and deadly, but did not result in the Gorn gaining control of the system or ship yard. From the reports it was difficult to be certain if that had been Gorn's intention. There was insufficient data to determine if it was a failed assault or just a hit-and-run- raid, meant to cripple Starfleet's repair facilities and so strength the Gorn's hold on Cestus III.

He noticed that there were also reports of heavy fire from the Gorn ships, again more than would be expected. Tolkath made a notation of that fact, wondering if the Gorn had developed a special kind of assault-ship with more offensive armament than usual.

It was also noted that there appeared to be significant variation in capabilities, some ships were clearly of the older specification. It would appear the Gorn had not been able to replace all their obsolete ships and only a percentage were of the more modern powerful designs.

Much of the ship yard's and system's sensor capabilities had been damaged in the raid and what information there was, was corrupted and disjointed. He decided he would need to review it in person when the Hawaii reached there later in it's mission.

He fed the rest the data into his modelling program and was about to complete the initial holographic designs when his eyes were drawn to a final piece of information.

It was actually an annex to one of the tactical reports on the attack. A young Lieutenant claimed she saw evidence on her tactical panel of cloaked warships participating in the attack.

That was new, there was no other reports of the Gorn having cloaking technology. He read further into the report and realized that the Lieutenant was claiming that the cloaked ships had been Klingon, not Gorn.

He finish reading the annex, which concluded with an Intelligence assessment of the report. It was given a low probability fating for accuracy and reliability. Essentially the Lieutenant's report had been dismissed.

Tolkath sat back in his chair and methodically worked through the connotations of the Gorn having either cloaked ships themselves or being supported by cloaked Klingon ships.

The first premise was probably the least probable scenario. If the Gorn had cloaking technology, why were only some of their ships cloaked and not others? That was unlikely and tactically illogical.

Why then would there be Klingon ships involved in a Gorn attack?

Relations with the Empire were currently positive and supportive; particularly as the Klingons were facing internal turmoil created by the breakaway Sovereignty of Kahless fraction.

Tolkath sat forward and reactivated his terminal, changing the search parameters to look for connections between the Klingons and the Gorn. There were entries concerning some trade links and so forth. There was little on the diplomatic range, there was no record of a formal exchange of ambassadors for instance. He made a mental note to ask his wife about any other diplomatic contacts she may know of, between the two species.

After some time reviewing files he was unable to discover any evidence that the Klingons and Gorn had ever cooperated in any form of fleet maneuvers or exchange of cloaking technology. As a matter of course he sent a request to the Hawaii's CIC intelligence analysts requesting any further information they might have on interaction between the two species.

Tolkath returned to the primary reason for his inquiry - Gorn ships designs. He reworked the data on known Gorn vessels; defined a series of parameters and design limitations and set the program to work.

Some twenty minutes later he had a series of detailed holographic models of Gorn craft, the detail became less clear on the later designs but it was sufficient for the present time.

He expected to be able to improve and refine the designs as the Hawaii gathered first-hand sensor scans of Gorn ships they would soon encounter.

There was another line of enquiry Tolkath believed he could follow as well. The Hawaii's own Medical Officer was a Gorn, one of the few living in the Federation. It was possible Doctor Sthilg might be able to provide information on his specie's ships.

For now the task was complete, he contacted the Captain's Yeoman and secured a meeting with Tachibana the following day in the Holographic Research Lab on Deck 6. He would show the Captain the initial models of the Gorn craft.


LtCmdr Tolkath


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