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Posted on 21 Feb 2018 @ 2:10am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Nicholas Hunter (Jan 2389 - WIA-TRNSFR to XFY Medical)

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Planet Vulcan & USS Hawaii
Timeline: 30 Dec 2388

Planet Vulcan
ShiKahr Province
Sas-A-Shar Desert
Seven Days Ago...



It was the one thing that Nick Hunter craved that he could never get enough of. It was not a desire for self torture, mind you, it was simply his physiology. His home planet of Xenex was much like Vulcan in that its temperatures and environments were in the extreme. He had grown up on that arid planet never knowing until he left, how much he would miss its stronger gravity and intense warmth. A warmth that Humans would balk at.

Vulcan's climate suited Hunter. It was here, that he could almost forget he was on another world. Here, he was not constantly bracing himself against a temperature that was constantly assaulting him. Starships were inherently uncomfortable to him, but changing the temperature ship wide was impractical, at best. As Vincent Kane had once told him, he had to suck it up and deal with it. The edge of his lip curled into a small smile at the memory.

He closed the book he had been reading, a horror novel called The Exorcist, as he heard a transporter whine behind him. He placed the book on the top of his camping kit, all packed as this was his last day here, and stood as the form of a Vulcan woman solidified in a shimmer. Her name was T'rel. She was the administrator for excursions in the Forge.

"Live long and prosper, T'rel," he offered the Vulcan salute.

"Peace and long life, Nicholas Hunter," she replied, stoically returning it. "I trust you had no difficulties while here?" She surveyed his camping area and nodded approvingly. No litter. Nothing to disturb the Eco-system.

"None at all. In fact, were it not for my duties with Starfleet, I would stay longer."

She nodded. "A starship arrived an hour ago. You are departing with the USS Lexington?"

Hunter shouldered his camp kit and nodded. He fell into step beside the tall woman and they walked for a moment back towards the trail that Hunter had hiked. The gleam of the transporter control stand and pads were a stark contrast to the wilderness they provided access to. T'rel gestured towards the pads.

"Safe journey, Mr. Hunter," T'rel said as she swept the controls that would beam him to the Lexington.

Deck 3, Officers Quarters
USS Hawaii
Orbiting Planet Bre'el IV

Hunter hated being late. Well, not that late, but he still would have preferred more time to stow his gear, get a shower and a clean uniform and chow before he met the senior officers. Word about the ship was there was going to be a formal. Hunter detested such things, but when in Starfleet, one made adjustments.

He stopped in front of the door to his new quarters. He had been aboard Sovereign class vessels before, but never assigned to one. Two things happened when tapped in the lock code to the LCARS panel. A gust of refrigerated air hit him in the face and he gasped audibly as it did. He shook his head to clear it and then stepped inside causing the door to slide shut behind him.

"Computer. Raise temperature to 39.1 degrees Celsius."

=/\= Acknowledged, =/\= the mechanical voice chimed.

He immediately felt the room warming up. Grozit, it was cold. He dropped his bags where he stood and took a moment to take his surroundings in. These were the biggest quarters he had ever seen. Granted, he had been senior staff before, but Hawaii's accommodations were mind blowing. A full couch and love seat, computer desk and terminal view screen. This was only the entry. The bed room was another room entirely.

He pulled his uniform top off and headed for the shower. The gear and chow would have to wait until later, but a shower was a necessity.

On the terminal was a flashing red light, indicating Hunter had a message waiting. He was to report to the CO upon his arrival.

A few minutes later...
Deck 1, CO's Ready Room

Akio heard the chime and he paused his reading of reports. "Enter!"

Hunter entered Captain Tachibana's office shiny and new. He had seen the flashing indicator on the comm panel the moment he emerged from the shower. He had dressed quickly and lit out of his new quarters like a Targ with its tail on fire. He was still a little chilled, but he managed to force down the urge to shudder.

"Lieutenant Nicholas Hunter reporting as ordered, sir." He snapped to attention as he stopped in front of Tachibana's desk.

The purple eyes of the new officer struck Akio the most. They were quite mesmerizing. Akio figured he was the new Chief Operations Officer as he was not expecting any other Lieutenants in yellow to be reporting to him.

"You are our new Chief Operations Officer?" Akio confirmed.

"Yes, sir." Hunter nodded.

Akio pulled up Hunter's file on his terminal. Quite an impressive record.

"You have some big shoes to fill," Akio said flatly. He wasn't happy to lose Nimh, yet it had happened. She was quite an experienced and astute officer, yet there were some irregularities that were noted in the wrap-up reports.

"I appreciate the opportunity, Captain. I've always wanted to serve aboard a Sovereign-class ship."

"Well, enjoy this one while it is still quite new. I also see you're Xenexian. That explains your eyes," Akio noted, softening his tone.

Hunter nodded again. He was worried his new captain would think his neck was broken with all of the nodding he was doing. Still, the man seemed to have a quiet earnestness about him. An air that confirmed the power he wielded and the realization of that responsibility.

"As far as the Operations Department goes, we are still quite understaffed in many departments. Currently, Flight Control is probably our biggest problem area, so do not be surprised if some of your personnel are also filling the CONN. We do have crew transfers underway as you know, yet with the Federation Diplomatic Mission standing up on Bre'el, many of our crew are being re-assigned to various duties at that station," Akio explained the current department's status report.

"Very good, sir. I'll review the duty rotation schedule and see if it's possible to improve upon it somehow."

"I am not sure about your previous experience in combat, yet we do have a Combat Information Center or CIC on Deck 2 that works across departments to manage the battle space. Your department largely oversees the CIC. Otherwise, you will find the rest of your department on Deck 10," Akio continued.

Hunter thought once again of Vincent Kane. He had learned much from his former commanding officer about combat, the need for it and when the proper time for it presented itself...not to hesitate.

"Do you have any questions for me?" Akio asked, realizing Hunter may have already heard this spiel from another crew member.

"No, Captain."

"In that case, welcome aboard, Mr. Hunter," Akio said before dismissing the Lieutenant.

He stared at the officer's file afterwards. It was a very brief meeting, yet someone who had impeccable military bearing, Akio thought.


Akio Tachibana, CDR, SF
Commanding Officer

Nicholas Hunter, LT, SF
Chief Operations Officer


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