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From the Darkness

Posted on 12 Feb 2018 @ 4:08am by Gunnery Sergeant Gaius Sejanus (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, Camp Revenant)
Edited on on 12 Feb 2018 @ 4:09am

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: En route to the U.S.S. Hawaii
Timeline: 65992.5

This seems to have been lost during the server migration.

Darkness. The only light that could be seen was through the cracks of the gate ahead. From the other side Gaius could hear the shouts of the crowd.

Outside, the crowds were cheering and shouting. There was the sound of drums. Everyone stood, anxiously waiting.

Gaius cleared his mind in great anticipation for what was to come, “When gates open, matters not what is behind. We fight as men, we fight as one!” Gaius yells, his voice powerful and commanding, in an attempt to inspire the other men that are with him.

Suddenly, the doors to the arena crashes open and sunlight floods the narrow passageway and momentarily blinds the three men, including Gaius, as they exit out onto the arena floor. There are trained gladiators already in the arena, waiting, their swords and spears ready for killing. The new gladiators ran out, some to their immediate death.

It was not a fair fight. The new men had only one small sword and no armor; the experienced gladiators had much better equipment.

Gaius barely dodges a blow from a gladiator on his left that comes inches from his chest. In one motion, Gaius rotates his body quickly to the right and smashes his opponent with an elbow to the face, breaking his opponent’s nose with a loud satisfying crunching sound. As the gladiator stumbles backwards, Gaius strike a killing blow to the mid-section. The gladiator that had been struck by the fatal blow falls to the ground.

“One,” thinking to himself as Gaius turns to the other nine gladiators trying to press the advantage of numbers. Gaius takes notice that there is only one other gladiator left besides himself from the narrow passageway they both came from.

The other two were cut down instantly as they exited the passage way. The crowd roars in excitement after witnessing the fallen victims of the gladiators lying upon the arena floor.

“Back to me to survive,” Gaius ordered, as the other gladiator helped shore up their defenses and prepared for the next attack.

Together, Gaius and other man with him kill the first pair of gladiators who rush in for what they believe will be an easy kill. It is their final mistake, as Gaius and his comrade makes short work of the enemy. Others quickly took their place, rushing forwards to fight them. Gaius noticed his partner had lost his sword for a moment and pulled him clear of a gladiator’s sword and then struck the attacker hard. His sword point came out of the man’s back. He and Gaius then work together as a team. They were strong and fast, and many of the attacking gladiators were killed by them.

“Now, forward! We hold advantage of surprise,” Gaius yelled, charging towards the six gladiators that remained.

One of the gladiators swung a spear from left to right to stop the wiry Roman dead in his tracks. Gaius leaps and rolls to the ground and in one motion thrusts his Gladius Hispaniensis into the stomach of the other gladiator to the left.

“Now five,” Gaius says to himself, a smirk on his blood-splattered face, as he quickly recovers and gets back to his feet to defend himself.

“AHHHHHH!,” screams out Gaius’s comrade as he is brutally killed. Gaius looks to see his fellow fighter being run through the back by one man, then through the chest by another gladiator at the same time.

Out in the bright sunlight, five fighters waited. Gaius looks at them and decides immediately on his method of attack. He chooses the strongest and most confident man first. When that man went down, the others would know they had no chance. Gaius cuts them down, one by one, his sword striking through their bodies with great speed. It was all finished in a few minutes. The crowd stood and cheered. They shouted, “Gaius! Gaius!”

Gaius looks around. All his enemies were dead. In the arena, Gaius raises his right arm, his sword held high. It was the gladiators’ traditional sign of beating death. The crowd cheered wildly.

Satisfied with the results of his victory Gaius said aloud, “Computer, save program Arenam Moris I.”

“Program saved,” responded the computer, shutting down the program in earnest. First the fallen gladiators, then the crowd and finally, the arena vanish.

“Exit holodeck,” as Gaius turned to walk out into the corridor of the ship that was en route to his new assignment, the U.S.S. Hawaii.


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