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Federation Mission Opening - Security Briefing

Posted on 02 Mar 2018 @ 12:13pm by Major Terrance West & Captain Jason Kage (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, Camp Revenant) & Lieutenant Jake Winchester (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, XFY) & Director Lesai Tolkath & First Lieutenant Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor & Lieutenant Junior Grade Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde
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Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: USS Hawaii - Marine Command Center - Deck 22
Timeline: 2200 Hrs, 30 Dec 2388


[USS Hawaii - Deck 22 Marine Command Center]

After the conclusion of his brief tour and dinner on the Hawaii Secretary Temple had returned to the Diplomatic Courier Detente.

At 2150 hours all senior Security and Marine personnel were summoned to a Security Briefing in the Marine Command Center. The reason for the meeting was not given.

Kage arrived, saluted and took his place at the briefing table. He pulled a PADD out and immediately began consulting something on the screen.

First Lieutenant Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor entered. He'd only recently joined the ship and this was his first briefing. He found a seat and waited, quietly expectant for a chance to do something operational after spending the last eighteen months working his way through one special operations training course after the other.

Walking in, Winchester just nodded. Being a bit too tall for the chairs, he instead stood off to the side of the room, in the shadows, waiting for the meeting to start.

The rest of the marine and Security officers and senior non-coms filed in and took seats.

This was certainly a novelty, it wasn't every day that Jenny was summoned to the bowels of marine country without explanation. She concluded that something interesting must be going down, and made her way to the command center at a brisk pace.

The doors to the briefing room slid open, and Jenny found that she was (one of) the first to arrive. She trotted over to one of the seats with the best view of the screen and sat down, waiting attentively.

Shortly after everyone had arrived the door opened and a tall Hispanic human woman entered, probably in her late thirties. She was wearing a formal gray business suit, but anyone who knew anything about military or security matters could see from the way she walked and the cut of her clothes this woman was carrying concealed weapons and was highly trained.

She was accompanied by the Vulcan Director of the Federation Mission to Ber'el, Lesai Tolkath, who took a seat at the back, while the woman walked to the front and turned to address the meeting. Major West flanked them and stood at the back.

At the sight of the Major, it was evident who the principals were and the room snapped to attention before West put them at ease.

Bolingbrook leapt to his feet with the rest, coming to a ridged attention, until waved to stand easy by the Major, when he retook his seat and leaned forward to listen to what this apparent civilian had to say.

"Good evening, thank you for coming on such short notice," she began, her voice displaying a soft Cuban accent. Her eyes moved around the room, alighting briefly on all present, openly making an appraisal of each, before moving on.

"I am Agent Constanza Alverado-Montero. I am the leader of Secretary Temple's Close Protection Detail, while he is away from the Palais de la Concorde. His safety and security is the job of myself and my team. There are four of us, we are good at what we do. There is no limit to what we will do to ensure he is safe." There was no boastful tone in her voice, just a simple statement of fact. This was a woman who would step in front of disrupter blast if necessary.

"There is, however, a limit to the area four of us can cover. Which is why I am here. On the first, at eleven thirty hours, the Secretary will officially open the Federation Mission to Bre'el.

"The Mission is located here," she turned and activated the briefing room's view screen. A satellite map of the area surrounding the Capital city was displayed, it then slowly zoomed in to the base of a small range of mountains, some fifteen kilometers east of the Capitol.

The image refocused on a village laying in a valley, then moved some two kilometers up a hill slope to rest on large house. Built into the hill side, it consisted of a very spacious and well appointed home, complete with several other ancillary buildings.

A large, well planted and picturesque garden, ornamental pool and fountain and a small grove of fruit trees, were all cut into terraces below the house. Along with a private shuttle pad and hanger.

The entire property was encompassed by a modest but secure perimeter wall. There was an entrance gateway, with a roadway up to the buildings. Up on the hill, above the house, there was an overlook point, from which the entire compound and surrounding terrain could be easily surveyed. The whole site covered around four acres.

"This is the site for the new Mission. It was purchased yesterday and was previously the private residence of a wealthy merchant family." Alverado-Montero continued. "Normally the Corps of Engineers would complete the renovation and conversion to diplomatic building prior to the opening ceremony. However, since the Secretary is here, he has decided to open it personally, 48 hours from now." There was a slight tension in her voice, the Secretary's decision was perhaps not one she wholly agreed with.

"We have until then to secure the site; prepare for the Secretary's arrival; ensure his safety while there and until he leaves; scheduled departure is thirteen hundred hours. I will give you a few bullet points to begin:

1. The guests, mostly Bre'el leaders and prominent citizens, have already been invited. Only a few government officials know the location. The rest will gather in the Capital and be transported to the Mission, starting at ten-thirty hours.

2. There are caterers for the event. They too, do not yet know the location, and will be brought there at oh-eight hundred hours, to set up

3. Bre'el media and Federation News reporters will also be in attendance, again they do not yet know the location.

4. One of my team and I did a walk-though of the property this evening. It has been vacant for some time, with just a caretaker and his wife taking care of the place. They have been been vetted and cleared and will be staying on to work for the Mission.

5. I envision the Marines will be responsible for the perimeter of the property and Security will handle the interior of the compound, while I and my team will be with the Secretary.

6. Director Lesai is here for any questions on the event and diplomatic protocols.

I know this is not an ideal situation but it's what we have been given. I am ready for your questions and suggestions..."

"Well, if I can ask" Jenny piped up...

"Sure, go ahead," Alverado-Montero nodded to the woman in the Flightsuit.

..."What's the flight's role in all this supposed to be? Are we the transportation?"

"Not this time, as much as l'm sure the Secretary would enjoy a ride in a space fighter," the Agent replied. "He will beam to and from the event by transporter.

"However, as Bre'el does not have a combat capable fighter force. We would be looking to you for top-cover during the event. And if required, an escort for back-up travel, which will be via one of the Detente's shuttles. Does that answer your question pilot?"

"Yes it does," Jenny replied. "You can count on the Knights."

"Thank you," Alverado-Montero replied. "And next?"

Bolingbrook raised a hand. "Good evening Lieutenant Bolingbrook, Special ops Team leader," he introduced himself. "Is there intel or reports on any kind of credible threat to the Secretary?"

"No, not at this time Lieutenant. There has been an upturn in anti-Federation media, but mostly this is focused having Bre'el become neutral.

There has not been any form of threat or actual attack on Federation assets or personnel. We do not have any information the Secretary would become any kind of target, but we are obviously cautious." Alverado-Montero replied honestly. "Other questions?"

There were a couple more about the area to be covered and possible interactions with locals from the village as well as some on actions to be followed in the event of an incident.

Then seeing no further questions, West wanted to insert his piece.

"Listen, I know this sounds like a babysitting op, yet we've been called to duty and marines always answer that call. We're not going to have a dead Federation Cabinet Official on my watch. If you see anything suspicious, you up-channel it, is that clear?" West asked rhetorically.

There was a "Sir, Yes sir!" from the Marine contingent, nods and affirmations from the Security crew.

"Thank you Major" Alverado-Montero said to West "And thank you all. I am confident the Secretary will be well protected. Good night, I will see you at the Mission compound"


Terrance West, Maj, SFMC

Jason Kage, Capt, SFMC

Edward Bolingbrook, 1LT, SFMC

Genevieve Lassonde, LTJG, SF
FLT 801/CO

Jake Winchester, LTJG, SF

Lesai Tolkath, UFPDC
Federation Mission Director - Bre'el IV


Constanza Alverado-Montero
Close Protection Team Leader for Secretary of the Exterior
United Federation of Planets


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