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Uneventful but Never Boring

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 @ 7:31pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sebastien Robie, M.D. (TRNSFR - Jan 2389 Before Reporting)

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Transport EnRoute to USS Hawaii

The trip out had been uneventful which only meant that Sebastien Robie, newly assigned Assistant Chief of Medicine to the USS Hawaii, needed to get creative and that had never been much of an issue. He got to talking to some of the off duty crew members over dinner and ended up learning how to play basketball in the ship's gym.

Once the rules had been explained, practice began in earnest. Having played both Geskana and Lacrosse for years, there were some aspects to the game that he picked up easily; dribbling on the other hand, not so easy. Still, it was something to do and it was fun.

When the announcement came over coms that the ship was nearing its destination, he was honestly sorry to see this interlude end. Sighing, he tossed the ball to a runty Bajoran with a penchant for overly enthusiastic blocking. By the end they were both sporting bruises but had become friends. "Try not to dislocate anything essential, B'lial," he said in accented Federation Standard as he used the bottom of his shirt to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

B'lial offered up an evil grin as he caught the ball. "On the court, I'm a freedom fighter and everyone else is a Cardassian."

"You might want to research football, B," Amos said, chuckling. "You take care, Doc. Remember to work on your dribbling. Still a little weak."

"Will do," Sebastien said and then added, a twinkle lighting his blue eyes, "might be an interesting conversation starter in Sickbay, eh?"

"Just don't practice in your quarters," B'lial said, shaking his head. "Doesn't go over well. I speak from experience."

Sebastien, who had grown up sharing a room with five brothers, could well imagine the outcome. Hadn't they used a laundry hamper as an impromptu goal and ended up putting the ball they were passing to each other with geskana sticks through a window? Yes, that hadn't gone over well at all. "Sorry, guys, I got just enough time to shower and change. Wouldn't do to report in looking like this."

((Some Time Later))
Main Shuttlebay, Deck 7, USS Hawaii))

Having showered and changed, he and his carry-on were now standing in the hangar bay of the USS Hawaii. He'd never served on a Sovereign Class before or had even been on one. Still, he'd studied the deck layouts and knew the essentials. After all, he was a doctor and this wasn't much different than anatomy. He learned the bones of the ship.

((Short While Later and One Wrong Turn Later))
((Deck 4, Private Quarters))

"Well, maybe I'll need to do a bit more studying ..." he said, in Kerelian, as he entered his quarters. His eyes were immediately drawn to the pile of shipping containers sitting in front of his desk. The tour would have to wait. He dropped his bag on top of the pile and circled slowly, pleased to see that everything arrived without damage. Some he recognized as his; others were from back home. Curiosity and duty warred within him for a long moment but duty won out, as it generally did.

He patted the top of the pile as he said, "Till later," and then walked out the door. He stopped for a moment to orient himself and then set out for Sickbay. Time to report in.


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