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This fuzzy warm feeling

Posted on 11 Nov 2018 @ 6:03am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Backlog


Totally not looking around as she was deep in thought about numbers and designs that could work for her upcoming project, Deeli randomly tapped on the replicator and waits for the plate to materialize as she looked a bit outside not paying attention to her surroundings.

"Damn, there you got that chick again... Being in her own world. How can the Captain see potential in her?" An engineering human male said at his table "She is cocky as what... Thinks she knows everything and I think she even hates men in general?"

The Trill man that had his head on the table looking tired nodded slowly, "She made me work overtime because I made a mistake. That woman is a nightmare and has zero leadership skills. How the hell did she become a Chief Engineer...?" Looking at Deeli, who was still waiting for a dinner to materialize. "She is a total introvert who wants nothing to do with other people."

"You do realize that she's a Betazoid who can hear everything you're saying, right? And that talking about other people behind their backs is considered to be the highest point of rudeness?" Cortez had been sitting at a table near the guys and was eating her own dinner when she tuned in to their conversation. Looking over to Deeli, whom she knew nothing about, and decided to take action. They weren't happy she'd cut in though.

The third ping of the replicator finally snapped her out of thought as she looked at the plate and took it. Deeli's mind was not on her spot, that was for sure, as she did not pay attention to her surroundings, bumping into Cortez and falling backwards. “Whaa” She managed to get out as she landed on the ground with her food of well, some orange and yogurt, pouring over her. Deeli rubbed her ass as she looked with teary eyes up, “Watch where y...” Deeli's eyes met that of Cortez' as she mumbled something.

"You okay?" Cortez offered a smile and a hand up. Her uniform had gotten a bit of the yogurt on it but she didn't entirely mind it; it was easy to get out. "Usually you're meant to put the food in your mouth rather than all over the ground." Humour wasn't really a strong suit of Eira's, but she tried.

Standing up with the hand of Cortez, she was blushing a bit "Yea.. I know thanks" Deeli responds as she felt the people around looking at her "Uhmm I better get some new food..." She wanted to step back and noticed that she was still under food "Or maybe a new jacket..."

"Come on, let's get you back to your quarters and get you cleaned up there." Cortez grimaced and helped her up, grabbing a towel from someone who'd been thoughtful enough to get one.

[Kosu's Quarters]

"Come on hun, go have a shower and get your hair washed, it's everywhere," Cortez said gently, sort of ordering her to go have the shower, but with a smile.

She looked a bit confused at Eira and wonders how they ended up in her room "You... can't order me" But seeing the reflection in the mirror and kinda agree with the fact that she was under from top to bottom and took off her jacket "I better get under that shower" She stated not paying a lot of attention towards Eira.

After she quickly disappeared into the shower room, the quarters of Deeli looked a bit chaotic. It had lots of PADDs, schematics, a paper of drawings on the ground. Her bed was a mess as there were schematics of torpedoes on the drawing board in a corner. It was a real engineering officer room, but a bit more messier.

Eira moved a couple of things on the bed and sat down, it was way too messy for her liking and she had to restrain herself from wanting to clean it up. She took a deep breath and called out, "I found this program on the holodecks I think you'd like. Something that would suit you amazingly."

Hearing her voice, Deeli blinked as she let her shower finish up "What kind of program?" Deeli was curious as to what Cortez was referencing to. Thought how does she already know what she might like?

“Just you wait and see.. You’ve got 15 minutes before we leave to get ready.” Cortez responded with a confident tone. Hopefully Deeli did like it, and Eira wasn’t wasting both of their time.

Walking into the room, she closed her uniform jacket as Deeli looked at Eira "Well I am here..." Deeli looked a bit confused and blushes at Eira then looked away "Lead the way"

"By all means." Eira waited for the other woman to go out the door first before heading out herself.


LT Deeli Kosu
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Hawaii

LT(JG) Eira Cortez
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Hawaii


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