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Project Hammerhead - The Idea

Posted on 05 Feb 2018 @ 6:10pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Captain's Ready Room - Deck 1
Timeline: 31 Dec 2388

With her hands behind her head, Deeli looked into the bridge and saw everyone looking a bit at her as she made a peace sign with her left hand "Yo..." Ignoring any response and walked towards the ready room and lowers her hands to tap the chime waiting for a respond.

"Enter!" Came the reply from within.

Walking into the office Deeli saw the Commander sitting at his desk "Captain, I was wondering about a few things, first, my profile has been updated and I think its a glitch... You see its now Lieutenant?" Deeli stops at the front of his desk and looked a bit questionable at him.

"Ah, yes. We put in the orders to take effect 1 Jan. It seems, Starfleet Personnel is actually ahead of things for once. Later at today's ceremony, you are going to be promoted, Lieutenant. Congratulations," Akio smiled.

A silence fell in the room as Deeli looked at him not giving away any emotion "Yea...thats the thing, why would anyone want to promote me? I mean that means more responsibility and interaction with..." Deeli shrugs"...people and I am not that much of ..." She waves a bit her hands "... you know a social person."

"Well, being a Lieutenant is more commensurate with your duties aboard this vessel as our Chief Engineer. Additionally, your assistance during the last mission was invaluable. As far as social concerns, becoming a full Lieutenant does not force you into any additional situations beyond what you were already obligated to attend," Akio explained.

She wanted to counter this and get it reversed, but Deeli could not think of anything 'Damn it...' "Tssh..." She let out and looked away for a second. "Anyway, the other thing I came here to do is to get permission to work on a project that might benefit the joy... assets of the ship weaponry." She quickly recovered, "I got a general idea to design a new design of a torpedo..."

"Go on," Akio wondered.

For a moment she wondered how much she would reveal and started to talk. "The research is focused on nano swarm technology that was researched by the Daystrom Institute. The DI believes that the Borg nanos are programmed on the spot to regenerate what is damaged but is far from perfect. So I like to reverse that idea and use it to remove certain elements."

Taking a deep breath as she placed her arms over each other and continuing, "The idea is to create a torpedo that could bite away Metal, Tritanium, Duranium and that does mean what you think it does, the ship hull or any hull is exposed or heavy damaged."

Akio followed carefully what Kosu was describing. "This sounds very complicated to accomplish aboard a ship."

She waved her hand as if Deeli got complicated and giggled a bit "Oh please Commander, this is a walk in the park for me to do so..." Deeli smiled looking at him. "So I only need some permission to do so and get a torpedo... I mean it is a torpedo."

"Precisely. I want Tactical and Security to sign off on the measures you are taking to protect the ship when tinkering with a torpedo. I do not need you to take the ship with your project if it does encounter... obstacles. I also want to ensure only properly cleared individuals have access. You are now dealing in the realm of research and development and whatever developments you do make must be heavily guarded as Federation secrets," Akio explained.

Pondering a bit on the idea as she thought it over and slowly nodding to herself as if she was discussing it in her head about what was just said, she rolled a few times her eyes. Finally her focus fell onto the Commander. "If it has to be signed off as something secret, sure I'll sign it...But its not rocket science to create a former photon torpedo warhead into an extra hard penetration hull digger with the possibility of nano swarm that removes metallic or other materials within a designated time frame..." She rolls her eyes "I mean its basic 101...but sure."

"I can tell you are dismissive of these measures by your eyerolling," Akio gently corrected the junior officer, "However, what you just said sounded as much like Klingon to me as the next officer not wearing yellow. Additionally, considering the nature of Research and Development, it will be important to keep your project under wraps. I do not need the Hawaii to be an even bigger target for our adversaries."

Deeli put her left hand on her side and her right finger on her lips as she stared a bit outside. "Adversaries...we do need some target practice..." She muttered as she tapped with her right foot on the floor, "I like your thinking Commander..." She pointed her right finger at him, "Did not see you were that cunning, but I approve...I will keep it 'Secret'" She gestured with both her fingers in the air and winked at him. "Well if that is all sir, I would like to get to tactical to get...Lieutenant...Fell..Foll.." She struggled with the man's name and closed her eyes trying to think of it "Filly? No, maybe Fichy..." Deeli opens her eyes and looked at the Commander. "That Security dude? Lieutenant Finky I will get his permission for a torp," she smiled.

"I am serious about the classification of this project, Lieutenant," Akio stressed. "His name is Fallon. You should remember it as he will be in charge of monitoring security protocols, not just handing you a torpedo." Akio paused for effect. "Please, take care not to blow our ship apart. Dismissed."


Akio Tachibana, CDR, SF
Commanding Officer

Deeli Kosu, LT, SF
Chief Engineering Officer


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