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Project Hammerhead - Request

Posted on 13 Mar 2018 @ 8:17pm by Lieutenant Deeli Kosu
Edited on on 13 Mar 2018 @ 8:18pm

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Security Office
Timeline: 31 Dec 2388

The idea was itching in her head for a while and she was going to look deeper into the possibilities. Walking into the office she saw a lot of yellow shirts as Deeli eyes stopped at Tyler and walked towards him. Tapping on his shoulder "Yo? You the big security fellow right?"

"I'm Lieutenant Fallon, yes." He said as he turned to face the woman who'd tapped his shoulder. "What can I do for you Lieutenant?" Another Betazoid? As if the black eyes weren't enough of a giveaway. At least he wasnt the only one on the senior staff!

She smiles "Can you give me a photon torpedo or the permission that I can take one?" Deeli said with a grin "I need it for a project that I am doing" Deeli shrugs "Well going to do..."

"We can talk about it in my office." He said cautiously. "We don't just give those things out to anyone who asks."

Blinking at the Lieutenant as she points at her own pips "I swear these meant something in getting stuff..." She followed him towards the office as she enters "I mean I am the Chief Engineer...right?"

"That might be, but I don't casually pass around high yield explosives. Not when they can blow ships to bits, especially if they detonate inside a ship when I happen to be on it."

Rolling her eyes "Alright you can take out the high yield explosives, its anyway overrated in my engineering work" Deeli pointed out "I mean I will only make a more dangerous torpedo anyway.."

"That doesnt exactly bolster my confidence in giving you a torpedo." Tyler commented as he sat down behind his desk. "Have a seat and explain your research you want to do."

Looks at the seat and then back at the Lieutenant "Sorry I rather stand" Deeli replied with a bit of a shrug "The research is focused on nano swarm technology that was researched by the Daystorm Institute. It is focused on the programming part of the nano's that was used by the Borg to make their improvements by creating things. I'd like to program it to remove certain elements"

"Which elements would those be?" He asked as he pulled out a Padd to take a few notes on.

This was going to take a while, she just wanted a torpedo...why do people be so pain in the ass about a small thing like a photon torpedo. It is not like she was going to blow up the ship or something "Metal, Tritanium, Duranium and maybe some other materials..." Deeli pointe out the basic metals of a hull.

"And what fail-safes do you have for if there is an accident? Since you want to reprogram them to essentially eat the hull of ships. An accident could jeopardize the safety of the crew."

"Fair point" Deeli spoke and looked a bit around "But I have force fields around it, this is AI programming and it will not involve any explosives" Deeli pointed out and looked back at him.

"We will have to institute strict safety and security protocols," Fallon said.

"Sure sure...I am open for that" She stated looking at him "Anything else I need or can I have that torpedo?" Deeli said with a fake smile.

"Just one," Fallon allowed.


Tyler Fallon, LT, SF

Deeli Kosu, LT, SF


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