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Opening the Mission

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Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Federation Diplomatic Mission - Bre'el IV
Timeline: 1 Jan 2389
Tags: Luuna, Sombra


[Mission Compound]

There had been a choice of three locations for the site of the Federation Diplomatic Mission. Two had been located within the central city, near to the planetary government complexes.

The third was some fifteen kilometers outside of the city, near a small village in the foot hills of a range of low mountains. Built into the hill side, it consisted of a very spacious and well appointed home, complete with several other ancillary buildings.

A large, well planted and picturesque garden, ornamental pool and fountain and a small grove of fruit trees, were all cut into terraces below the house. Along with a private shuttle pad and hanger.

The merchant and her family had valued their privacy, so the entire property was encompassed by a modest but secure perimeter wall. There was an entrance gateway, with a roadway up to the buildings and up on the hill there was a an overlook point, from which the entire compound and surrounding terrain could be easily surveyed.

The property had been for sale for some time, the owner having moved off planet. A Starfleet Corps of Engineer's report had deemed it the most suitable of the three sites available; requiring the least modifications to change it's purpose from large family home to diplomatic residence and offices.

After only a short period of haggling, mostly for the sake of merchant tradition, the owner had agreed on a price and the compound was now the property of the Federation.

The renovations and conversion would begin in the next couple of days, but for now the Diplomatic staff and Starfleet personnel were busy preparing the property for the imminent arrival of Secretary Temple.

A pseudo brass plaque of dedication had been swiftly produced by the Hawaii's Engineers and a technician had bolted it to the wall near the entrance doors, complete with curtain and draw string.

Inside the house, the formal dinning room had been converted into an adhoc buffet table, with a selection of hors d'oeuvres, canapes and local delicacies. Uniformed waiters stood ready with trays of champagne and food.

Lesai walked through the ground floor, accompanied by her aides. Her Vulcan calmness and quiet nature bringing a sense of order to the hurried preparations.

"it seems we are ready," she said. "Let us join Captain Tachibana and his Officers in the garden, Secretary Temple should be here in a few minutes."

[Outer Wall, Entrance gate and hill over-look]

"Raider one to Bravo & Delta Actual, how copy?" West asked as he looked down at the gate. He didn't enjoy these ceremonies and was all too happy to be in battle rattle with his men.

"Delta Actual, we copy. All squads report all is quiet and secure. Gunny Melota and her shadow team report all is green, sir." Kage reported, his bored expression hiding his watchful eyes.

Bolingbrook and his 2MSOT marines were on the opposite side of the ridge from the house. They had started at the Overlook point, climbed up and over the ridge and were now slowly patrolling along the hillside. So far there had been nothing out of the ordinary. Bolingbrook was enjoying the quiet mountain environment while keeping his focus on the task in hand. His team were spaced out, moving tactically along the hillside. So far they seemed a competent group. He was aware as the new leader he had to prove his own worth to them.

"Copy, Delta," West replied as he looked down, his grimace both a judgment of the ceremony and symbol of his boredom. This wasn't marine work, yet the Security Department needed to be augmented and the DV needed protection. It was almost criminal how he had two companies of special operations marines pulling guard duty.

It had been a crazy few days after his graduation and waiting for his first assignment, Harry had been asked whilst waiting to be one of the Security officers at the Gala for Secretary Temple this gave him such pride to be asked to do this so early in his career as he stood watching the guests enjoy themselves whilst he and the other Security detail worked. Harry tapped his commbadge " Stevens to Jefferson, how are things your side?"

=/\= All quiet here Harry, =/\= came the gruff Scottish voice of his friend from the academy Sean Jefferson as he had brought his Security team from the Academy as his team for this assignment, He knew that he could trust them and them trust him which was a good thing.

"Copy that, everyone keep an open com-link," replied Harry as he continued to keep his gaze upon the crowd, he continued," if you see anything that looks remotely suspect mention it and we will get Secretary Temple out of here," as he knew that the President -elect was a major target for those who wanted to destroy the Federation and all that it stood for.

=/\= Understood,=/\= came the various replies from his team members, However, Harry knew that things could go wrong and he didn't want it to go wrong not on his first days out of the academy and in uniform.

[Compound Garden]

The large lawn terrace had been designated as the transportation site and Secretary's arrival point. The weather was warm and pleasant and the area could accommodate the most people.

There were a large number of government officials and prominent citizens gathered there, waiters passed through the group with trays of food and drink.

Lesai moved to join the Hawaii's Officers. "Good morning Captain," she greeted Tachibana and nodded to her husband Tolkath who stood near by. "I believe we are ready."

"I think that may be up to the Secretary," Akio smirked. "I am amazed at the presentation of the house and the protocol staff in putting this all together on such short notice."

"It will have been worth it if we manage to retain Bre'ella goodwill and support" Lesai replied, not showing the real concern she had for the tensions building on the planet.

Almost as if on cue, Koper, the Bre'ella official that the Hawaii crew negotiated with appeared in the garden.

"Director Lesai and Commander, this is quite a marvelous facility you have chosen," Koper said.

"Thank you" Lesai responded graciously "There were many examples of Bre'ella architecture to choose from, it was not an easy decision. But this does appear to be an appropriate site for the mission."

"Quite appropriate. We were surprised the family finally decided to sell," Koper said, bowing.

[FDC Détente]

Standing in front of his mirror in the Détente's guest quarters, Magnus was finishing tying up his black bowtie. He was wearing his favourite suit - navy with black lapels, and this time his proper dress shoes, not runners.

"Ko-per. Koooper." He trilled his tongue over the name. "Ashra, is it Ko-per or Koo-per?"

His assistant Ashra was seated nearby, scrolling through a PADD with a sigh. "The first one."

"Koper." He repeated, then finished with his tie. He turned around to show Ashra, "Ta-da!"

"Fabulous." Ashra replied listlessly, standing up. "Absolutely worth keeping the Security team and opening ceremony waiting."

Magnus raised his eyebrows and shook his head, "Your subtlety is razor sharp as always. Come on then, let's go."

[Mission Compound]

The Secretary, Assistant, and two-person Federation Security detail appeared in the Mission's transporter pad in the usual swirl of blue lights. They were greeted by the Hawaii's own security members and together the group headed out to the gardens where the rest of the party were waiting.

Juan materialized a moment later, resplendent in his dress uniform and moved over to join the others. He moved easily and with confidence, a career in diplomacy had made the gala event into his natural environment.

Akio nodded to Zamora who looked quite charming. He knew he chose well in selecting him for Second Officer. There was no doubt, he would be instrumental in some command. He knew how to craft words to play politics.

Speaking of politics, Akio saw the Secretary who was dressed in a tuxedo. He stood out in the sea of Starfleet uniforms.

"Mister Secretary, welcome!" Akio said, extending his hand. One good thing about these functions were despite the formalities the military protocol was lessened. "May I present you one of the Chief Representatives of the Bre'el Government, Koper."

"You flatter me, Commander," Koper said even though his lips didn't move. There was a hooting type noise that Akio took to be a laugh. "Our people remain in your debt, Secretary Temple," Koper said bowing.

Magnus bowed as well, "It is an honour to meet you, Koper. And it is our strongest priority to ensure your people are fully represented in the Federation, and that your planet is protected from any incursion into our territories."

"I was just telling the Commander the other day how we have not seen a Starfleet vessel in months, yet after the negotiation, we suddenly have a Federation Mission posted on our planet. It would seem the words of your Chief Diplomat were quite true," Koper said, glancing at Zamora.

Magnus put on a trained smile, "Things move quickly in the Federation. You are in capable hands with Lieutenant Commander Zamora."

"Naturally," Juan replied. "The concerns of our member worlds are of great importance to us, But I can hardly take credit alone. I am just one part of something much larger, and if you are seeing positive change, you should thank the Diplomatic Corps."

Dran nodded, "the Diplomatic Corps is the whole reason we're able to do this."

Lesai stepped in "It is also a beneficial coincidence, the Federation Diplomatic Corps has been planning the placement of this mission for some time. We recognized that Bre'el has an important role to play in this sector's future. It is our sincere hope that the Mission will support your government, help to improve relations with the Federation as a whole and demonstrate that we value your membership."

Juan nodded emphatically at this.

The press was eating up the interaction.

"As we value your assistance," Koper replied, playing to the media, "especially in the face of the Gorn threat on our border."

"The Federation is built on mutual support and cooperation" Lesai responded. "I know Commander Takibana and his crew are looking forward to working with Bre'el's freighter and transport personnel so that we can face this together"

Akio smirked at the Vulcan's pronunciation of his name. He didn't have a heart to correct her publicly.

"Indeed. The sooner this war is over with, the better for all of us," Akio added.

"I would tend to agree--" Koper started.

At that moment there was a soft rushing noise as a flight of the Hawaii's fighters passed over high above the hillside.

[801 Flight]

Perhaps that last pass had been a little bit low Jenny silently admitted to herself. And, of course, somebody had to confirm that the sensor readings they were getting really were just from a flock of local ornithoids. spending hours in a cockpit ready to spring into action at moments notice could build up an awful lot of stress, so a bit of variation in the flight patterns would help keep her flight more alert, or something.

As the flight wheeled back up to standard altitude, she took just a moment to admire the lights of the valley floor below her. The settlement looked like scattered jewels from up there, and the mission compound itself was lit up like a Christmas tree, it made for quite a sight all together.

[Bridge Hawaii]

While the senior staff were at the Mission opening, down on the planet, the Hawaii's remaining Bridge crew monitored events from orbit.

Nicholas Hunter was bored. It wasn't that he would rather be at the Embassy, far from it, in fact. Lassonde's flight group was in the groove now, so to speak. Everything was proceeding normally, the ship itself, was even sliding into a routine.

Nothing on the sensor feedback was cause for alarm as far as Hunter could tell. To tell the truth, nothing was refreshing.

[Mission Compound grounds]

Aldana tugged at hir irritatingly irritable dress uniform. S/he hated it. S/he didn't see why this dumb opening had to be a dress occasion. S/he wiggled hir digigrade toes, at least they couldn't make hir wear foot coverings. S/he reveled in the one comfort s/he did have at the moment. S/he and hir pleasing pair were making great use of the pet friendly off-leash gardens. Aldana was enjoying the feel if the grass between hir toes, and at least Sombra was in a similar perdicament with hir. Who'd've ever guessed, Starfleet made a dress version of the canidae's service vest. It was white too with teal trim to match the teal parts of the Kazarite's dress uniform.

Presently Aldana was enjoying a small plate with a sample of Hors d'oeuvre while watching Luuna frolic and play in the guarden. She was happy just to be running and scampering around in the open air and real fresh green grass where she could frolic and be free.

A Bre'ella approached Aldana after observing the curious creatures.

"Hello," the Bre'ella said innocently.

Seeing Alpha approached by a curious female, Sombra dropped his end of the stick he and his sister were playing tug-o-war with and joined hir side, sitting casually.

Subconsciously the doctor began fidgeting with Sombra's collar. "Oh hello there, thank you for inviting us to your planet."

"Thank you for saving our planet 20 years ago," the female Bre'ella replied. "These are your animals?" she asked, although her face did not indicate any emotions beyond the question.

Aldana nodded, keeping an eye on Luuna.

"A curious concept of ownership," the Bre'ella said. "In ancient times, we had such a concept, yet technology freed our work animals. What are their purpose?"

"Oh, OH! I don't own them. They're fully sentient. They choose to be with me; we have a mutual relationship. This one," s/he gazed down at Sombra and shared a look as s/he smiled at him, "is Sombra, he helps me in ways indescribable. He is my psychological service animal. He can also provides assistance to councilors, licensed therapists and the like."

~Bring the stick, I will throw it again.~

Luuna went to Aldana and presented the stick. "This one is Luuna, she doesn't get to do it often, but she enjoys helping with search and rescue." Aldana knelt down to one knee, and stroked Luuna's cheeks, then held her head gently. "Nonetheless we have a special relationship too."

Luuna stood again and squirmed bumping Alpha's hand, and trying to get hir to take it. S/he acquiesced and threw it as hard and as far as s/he could in the confines of the accursed dress uniform, and being sure stay clear of beings and plants the gardeners may prefer to remain undamaged.

The Bre'ella's expression did not change, largely because the Bre'ella simply didn't have expressions.

"Curious indeed," she said looking between the dogs and the Kazarite.

Doctor Aldana felt the Bre'ella was uninterested in hir; s/he wasn't sure if this was unintentional however. S/he squirmed unsure what to do or say next.

Tolakth noticed the Shepherd with the two canines in the gardens. He crossed over to them "I see your companions are making use of the open space Lieutenant" He said. ""It may be sometime before they have another opportunity."

Luuna was alerted to the new presents approaching Alpha. She forgot about the stick and returned to position herself between hir and the Vulcan.

~It's okay girl go back to the stick. Enjoy it while you can, we may not get fresh air and larger open spaces nor real sunshine for quite some time.~

Luuna gave the Vulcan a look before bounding off after the stick again.

"Yes, sir though we have an Arboretum it's just not quite the same."

"I understand there may be some other canines coming aboard to assist Security and the Marines?" Tolkath noted "Your veterinary training will prove beneficial I'm sure"

"Other canines sir?" Aldana cocked hir head, a gesture s/he sort of picked up from hir own canines. "Please elaborate?"

Tolkath raised an eyebrow "Elaborate Lieutenant? As l said, l understand there may be some other canines coming aboard to assist Security and the Marines. There is little to elaborate on."

"I apologize sir, I'm not fully familiar with this crew yet. Could you please point me to whom you received this information from so I might inquire further details?"

"I would suggest you make your inquiries of Security and the Marines Lieutenant" Tolkath replied dryly, having now mentioned the two departments concerned for the third time. "Good afternoon" He turned and walked off back to the Mission building.

[ Mission lawn ]

Back in front of the compound, after the flyby, Koper turned to Temple.

"Quite the display of force for such an auspicious occasion," Koper surmised. "I will let you do the honors, Mister Secretary."

At that, the gathering moved to the sidelines to allow the Secretary the floor.

"I thank you," Magnus replied with a nod.

Temple's close protection agent leaned in "There's a plaque by the door for you to unveil too, Boss" Alverado-Montero whispered through lips that did not move, as her eyes scanned the area for any possible threats. Even with the Hawaii's Security and Marine teams present she did.not let down her guard.

"Friends, colleagues, honoured representatives of the Bre'ellan people," Magnus began, "It is with great hope and an auspicious foundation that we gather here today to witness this important milestone. The inauguration of this beautiful and significant facility, which will provide an integral link between the Federation and the Bre'ella for generations to come. It gives me great joy, that my first act as Secretary of the Exterior is to share this fantastic moment with you all; and to have had the opportunity to personally meet with the proud and resilient Bre'ella."

There was a polite round of applause from the gathering who looked on attentively.

Koper took his place and while his mouth could not smile, his eyes were beaming. In the span of a week, the government had cemented relations further with the Federation and heightened the importance of the faraway planet. With a Federation cabinet minister even, Bre'el IV had become quite the important destination beyond a trade hub on the outskirts of the Federation.

"However, we are not just here to celebrate the opening of a building." The Secretary continued. "We come together today in celebration of new and exciting possibilities. The agreements made between our gracious hosts, the indomitable Mr. Koper, and the crew of the USS Hawaii will provide a pivotal role in the protection of this region and the Federation's sovereignty. I believe that when our relationships are built on trust and honesty, we can work together for the betterment of our peoples and for peace and stability in this region."

Moving over to the plaque, Magnus gave a signal to the waiting crowd. "Let us not wait any longer. I hereby declare this, the Federation's Mission to Bre'ella IV..." He paused, and smiled broadly. "Open."

There was now a loud and sustained round of applause from the assembled Bre'ella, some hooting and cheers from the more exited ones who had been enjoying the aperitifs.

There were abundant flashes from new-age cameras.

A number came forward to congratulate and thank Temple and to have their pictures taken with the Secretary and the plaque.

The media recorded every moment and several reporters gave live updates on the occasion, enthusing on the ceremony, the reaction of the Bre'ella and lauding Temple's statesmanship.

[Mission Compound grounds]

Once the opening ceremony was completed Tolkath and Lesai found a few moments of peace and quiet to walk in the grounds together.

"It is a well laid out residence" Tolkath commented as they walked through the small grove of trees. "The gardens are not unaesthetic."

"I believe I will find time to mediate out here", Lesai responded. They had been separated many times since their marriage, both pursuing their own careers, they had a strong bond and the partings were not easy, no matter their emotional self control.

"That would be agreeable," Tolkath replied.

"The Hawaii will be patrolling the front line," Lesai stated quietly, looking at the grass.

"Yes," Tolkath studied a nearby tree trunk.

"It is important to be careful and diligent," she said, still looking at the grass.

"Yes, I will endeavor to be so," he replied, looking up at the branches.

"I trust you shall," she turned to her husband and reached up to lay her hand on the side of his face.

He laid his hand over hers and lowered his head until their foreheads touched. "I shall," he said quietly.

They spent a moment lost in each others presence, then Lesai lowered her hand, curling her fingers around his, she gave his hand the slightest squeeze. "I know." Then after a moment, "Shall we rejoin the others?"

"Yes" Tolkath replied and the couple returned to the busy group around the Mission building.


Akio Tachibana, CDR, SF
CO, USS Hawaii

Juan Zamora, LCDR, SF
2XO/CDO, USS Hawaii

Tolkath, LCDR, SF
CSO, USS Hawaii

Nicholas Hunter, LT, SF
COO, USS Hawaii

Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde, LTJG, SFFC
CO, FLT 801

Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D., LT, SF
ACSO, USS Hawaii

Radun Dran, LTJG, SF
ACDO, USS Hawaii

Harry Stevens, ENS, SF

Terrance West, Maj, SFMC

Jason Kage, Capt, SFMC

Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Visc. Creedmoor, 1stLt, SFMC
Team Leader, 2d MSOT, D CO, 3d MRBN

Melota, House reHDep, GySgt, SFMC
First Sergeant, D CO, 3d MRBN


Luuna & Sombra
Service Animals to LT Aldana 365

Guest Starring:

Hon. Magnus Temple
Secretary of the Exterior
United Federation of Planets

Lesai Tolkath
Federation Diplomatic Mission to Bre'el IV


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