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Pomp and Circumstance - Piped aboard

Posted on 11 Feb 2018 @ 12:48pm by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander Juan Zamora & Secretary Magnus Temple

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: USS Hawaii & FDC Détente
Timeline: 1945, 29 Dec 2388


[FDC Détente - Office: 1830 hours]

Having ensconced himself in the traveling office of the FDC Détente since leaving Earth, Magnus Temple found himself in a familiar position. He was sitting at his desk, finishing a conference call between interplanetary delegates. His clothes were wrinkled, his hair becoming a tangled mess from the sheer amount of times he'd ran his hand through it, and the usual five o'clock shadow was getting noticeably more like midnight.

"Honoured guests, please." Magnus sighed into the screen, trying so very hard not to lose his patience. "I think we have the foundations of an understanding here, and I don't believe it benefits any of us to continue to go round in circles."

"Our opinion must be heard." Retorted one delegate.

"As must ours!" Another responded.

We've done nothing but hear your opinions. Magnus thought to himself. Instead, he put a smile on his face, "My office will draw up a list of points to which we can all agree, those we can compromise on, and those which we can leave for another conference. Let's not lose sight of the goal here."

Reluctantly, both delegates finally replied, "I agree."

"Well wishes to you both." Magnus quickly responded as he ended the call and his screen reverted back to the Diplomatic Corp symbol.

Stretching out his long legs and letting out a deep breath, Magnus heaved himself out of the chair and started to walk around. There were pins and needles in his right leg and he hobbled slightly until they faded away. He noticed at this point that the Détente had stopped moving and now appeared in orbit of an unfamiliar planet.

Leaning over his desk and touching the comms button, Magnus called for his assistant. "Ashra, where are we?"

"Bre'ellian System, in orbit of Bre'el IV." She replied listlessly.

"We're there already?" Magnus cried, "I thought we had more time!"

The conference call had gone for so long, he hadn't noticed that the Détente had arrived at their location, the whole purpose for Magnus being away from Earth. This was the first stop in his tour as the new Secretary of the Exterior and he had hoped to be a little more prepared before disembarking.

"Call the ship, the Hawaii, let them know I'm still coming." Magnus asked as he rushed around trying to collect his belongings, smooth out his hair, and possibly find a new shirt.

[USS Hawaii]

Akio was on the bridge in his dress uniform along with everyone else. Today was the expected day the Secretary would come aboard for a tour.

"Sir, Détente reports Secretary Temple arriving shortly," the Ops Officer reported to Akio.

"Very well. I am heading down to Transporter Room 1. XO, you have the bridge," Akio said.

[Transporter Room 1]

Tolkath, in dress uniform, with Vulcan Science Academy sash, was stood awaiting the arrival if the guests. The Bosun had a couple of practices with his electronic pipes and the rest of those assembled made sure their top buttons were fastened, creases were straight and boots shone.

When Tachibana arrived he approached and said quietly, "Captain, l believe l owe you an apology. I was not at liberty to inform you of the Secretary's plans earlier, that was not my decision."

"I understand," Akio said smiling. "You did the right thing and showed you could be trusted with sensitive details. I can see now how you are a Lieutenant Commander. It will be important to impress that sense of duty on the junior officers."

"Thank you Captain" Tolkath acknowledged "I shall endeavor to do so."

Juan wore his dress uniform with practiced ease, after a career spent working in one He'd taken to calling it his 'Fighting Suit.' He took a deep breath as he waited, readying himself for what was to come.

A moment later Lesai appeared on the transport pad. She stepped down and crossed to join Tachibana and her husband. She made brief eye contact with Tolkath then addressed Tachibana. "Good evening again Captain, the Secretary is on his way."

Akio bowed to Lesai. She had proven to be an able diplomat and someone who truly had the Federation's interest in mind. "It is good to see you, Director. Thank you."

[FDC Détente - Corridor]

Temple and Ashra marched down the corridor at a busy pace, quickly undoing his old shirt and throwing it over to his assistant while he pulled on a fresh one.

"...The Hawaii. Captained by Commander Akio Tachibana." Ashra was reading off a PADD while she struggled to pass the Secretary his change of clothes.

"Ta-chi-ba-na." Magnus repeated, sounding out the consonants as he walked.

"First command of a Starship, currently completing the Hawaii's first shakedown cruise." Ashra added, handing Magnus a navy velour jacket.

"They negotiated with the Bre'ella for use of their transport and supply vessels to assist Starfleet's efforts to repel the Gorn invasion." Magnus replied, pulling on the jacket and straightening up the collar. "After this, I believe they're off to the Gorn front itself. I don't envy them for that."

The two arrived at the Détente's transporter room and Magnus gave a warm greeting to the Transporter Officers in attendance, as he often liked to do, before stepping onto the awaiting pad.

"I will be back later this evening," Temple said to his assistant, "I hope to dine with the Hawaii's crew, so tell Chef I won't require dinner. We will make formal arrangements to view the Bre'el Diplomatic mission tomorrow."

Ashra nodded and jotted this down in her PADD. "Yes, Mr. Secretary."

Magnus smiled and nodded to the Transporter Chief, "Energise."

As the Secretary disappeared into the usual swirl of blue lights, it was at that moment Ashra noticed he was still wearing his running shoes. "Oops." She sighed.

[USS Hawaii - Transporter Room]

Magnus Temple appeared on the USS Hawaii and was surprised to see a large delegation awaiting his arrival. He gave a friendly laugh and exclaimed, "Wow, what a greeting!"

The Bosun took a deep breath and piped the Secretary aboard. First Still calling the crew to attention, followed by the traditional Away Galley for an officer being hoisted aboard.

"Mister Secretary, aloha and e komo mai to the USS Hawaii," Akio bowed. He had been practicing the ancient Hawaiian words of welcome.

Magnus bowed in return, "A pleasure, Commander. I thank you for having me on board at such short notice. I hope I haven't inconvenienced your ship's operations too much?"

"We do have a short tour for you before we sit down for dinner," Akio informed the Secretary of the plans.

"Excellent." Magnus nodded, "Though, please, don't make too much of a fuss. I'm really here to congratulate the Hawaii on your successful negotiations with the Bre'ella and the establishment of the Diplomatic Mission. The Department of the Exterior is thrilled with the news and I wish to convey our appreciation to you all in person. You are the VIP's today."

Akio almost had distaste for the political side of Starfleet, yet he knew that these visits were also crucial to conveying command leadership, or if you messed them up, that could be an end to your career.

"Well, Lieutenant Zamora here actually led those negotiations with the Bre'el," Akio turned to Zamora. "I am glad you wore your running shoes, as it will be quite a quick tour," Akio smiled.

Magnus furrowed his brow at the Commander's comment, wondering if it was another colloquialism from the ship. But then he looked down, briefly, and saw that was indeed still wearing his dirty trainers underneath his neat black dress pants.

"Oh." He murmured, before flashing Tachibana a smile, "I do like to stay comfortable."

"A bit of practicality will take you a long way in space." Juan noted. "But things certainly move quickly aboard the Hawaii."

"Our first stop will be one deck below, the Quarterdeck, where we house any visiting Ambassadors or Guests. It is also where our Diplomatic Detachment is housed," Akio informed the Secretary.

"Wonderful." Magnus replied with a nod before clapping his hands together. "Please, I don't wish to take up any more of your time. Lead away, my friend."

"Of course Mr. Secretary, right this way" Juan said with a sweep of his arm as he turned toward the door. "There is a great deal to see."

To be continued...



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