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A New Science

Posted on 03 Feb 2018 @ 9:15pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D.
Edited on on 03 Feb 2018 @ 10:52pm

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Timeline: 30 Dec 2388

Doctor Aldana 365 left the shuttle bay and turned left. S/he had in tow two canids. Something like dogs, they looked very much like the Terran German Shepherd Dog, but it wasn't clear whether or not they indeed could be. One of them -- a male with mottled fur of black and tan with a bit of white thrown in for good measure with a relaxed almost playful gait -- had dawdled behind a bit to check a door-frame for markings. He had been confined on the shuttle far too long, and was beginning to get desperate for a place to ‘stretch his legs,’ when just then-

~C’mon Sombra, keep up. We’ll get you both a break very soon, I promise.~ The tall Kazarite reached behind hir to the backpack that was hanging off of hir shoulders. In one of the pockets was a PADD with hir orders on it. S/he pulled it out and checked the time s/he was supposed to check in and compared it to the current time which displayed in the corner. “We have just enough time to make a pit-stop.”

Placing the PADD in its place Aldana reached down and checked to be sure a pointy set of furry ears were right where they were supposed to be. At the Kazarite’s heels -- taking point, her head constantly swiveling left and right and checking corners, ears swiveling the opposite way, nose scenting -- was a female canidae, slightly smaller and a gorgeous black and tan sable compared to her brother.

~Yes Alpha.~ The Canid responded.

The trio encountered a short sleek male beastinoid of a sorts with a strong sleek tail. He seemed to be perpetually wet, and his fur was brown. “Excuse me sir, is there an arboretum aboard?”

In Donald Duck fashion, the small Lutrinaeoid wore only a science department blueshirt uniform top. He chittered ( and pointed the way as Luuna investigated him using her nose. ~He is safe.~

The Kazarite veterinarian nodded hir head in thanks to the mammal as he disappeared over the horizon and into the sunset, perhaps for good.

As they headed for the arboretum to give the canids a break Aldana spoke up, “Computer, current whereabouts of the incumbent Chief Science Officer?”

Lieutenant Commander Tolkath is currently in Holographic Research Lab One, on Deck Six Came the reply.

“Great!” Aldana activated the call button for the turbolift s/he’d just arrived at. A car arrived, and once Luuna checked the ‘all clear’ the triad boarded it.

--Several moments later--

The triad of canids and “Alpha” departed the arboretum leaving the spring-like setting of the luscious park behind them. “Computer, one pet clean-up.” The door closed behind them, and Amiri stopped for a moment to crouch and pet on her companions. “C’mon let’s get checked in.” Turning left the hermaphrodite doctor headed for the CSO’s location.

Located not too far from the park-like environment, the three beings quickly did just that.

[Holographic Research Lab 1]

Tolkath was stood in the center of the holo lab, surrounded by several scale replicas of Gorn ships. He was with the Captain, they were reviewing known designs and specifications of the Gorn Hegemony's craft.

Some of the holo ships were blurred and indistinct. Only a few scans were available for modelling of the latest designs, many were still very much a computer estimate.

"As we mentioned yesterday Captain," Tolkath said, "There does indeed appear to be a significant improvement in their designs."

"It is curious then how we weren't shown these models initially, Commander," Akio chose to reveal a key item, or rather a lack of one, from the initial mission brief.

"I created these this morning Captain," Tolkath explained, "l fed in all known data and sensor scans on Gorn ships. The newer ones were incomplete and so there is some extrapolation. Further data is needed to improve the simulations. I trust we will be able to acquire that in due course."

Akio was impressed. Salmon had been aboard the ship for months and Tolkath had been on the ship for a day. This was the difference in a ship-experienced CSO versus an academic CSO.

"This is very good work," Akio complimented Tolkath. "Please share these with Intelligence so they can work on putting out an Assessment Report."

There was a chime from the Holo lab door, a portal appeared and opened.

"I apologize, gentlemen, I didn't mean to interrupt..." Aldana started to turn back.

"Computer End program," Tolkath shut off the display immediately. "How may we be of assistance Lieutenant?"

~Luuna, these two are ok,~ Doctor Aldana unsealed and reached into a pocket in a pack on Luuna's back. S/he produced a PADD, and held it out to whomever wanted it. "Assistant Chief Science Officer Aldana 365, reporting as ordered sir."

"It looks like you have a new Assistant, Commander," Akio said as he glanced over the orders, ensuring they were authentic and memorizing the name so he could read the dossier later, before handing the PADD to Tolkath.

"I will let you two get acquainted," Akio said before bowing as he turned to leave.

"Captain" Tolkath nodded as the CO left. He perused the PaDD and looked up "Greetings Lieutenant Aldana. You are Kazarite?". Tolkath was aware of the species, but they were not often encountered.

Many referred to them as Shepherds due to their ability to make telepathic contact with most forms of faurna. As he saw from Aldana's two companions.

"Half Kazarite, yes sir. I don't have anywhere near the abilities that my father did." Each of the canids nuzzled for Aldana's attention in turn, nudging each other playfully, and Luuna nomming Sombra's ear. "But at least I still get to talk to animals." S/he looked at them affectionately, "Isn't that right?"

Tolkath nodded, pets or animal companions were not unknown on Vulcan. he recalled feeding wild chkariya's pieces of fruit on a family trip to a wilderness region. "And what is your particular science specialism Lieutenant?" he asked.

Luuna inserted herself between 'Alpha' and the Vulcan, she didn't detect a threat, but she still wasn't sure of this stranger. She sensed that maybe Alpha wouldn't want her to full on take control of the situation, so she tried to relax a little about this 'sir' as s/he kept on calling the other, but part of her was still just ready for anything.

Aldana picked up on the subtly of hir companions movements and it best to give her soothing mental comment. ~Easy girl.~

"Well I'm a veterinarian by trade sir, but the Hawaii didn't have need of one specifically (except for my guyzos here) so I guessed I'd be serving in the capacity of... a biologist? I guess?"

"Xeno-Biologist and fauna specialist would seem appropriate" Tolkath agreed. "Come, we will find a laboratory on Deck 6 for you"

Aldana and the canids rose and followed their commander.


Akio Tachibana, CDR, SF
Commanding Officer

LtCmdr Tolkath

Lt Aldana 365

PNPC - Aldana

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PNPC - Aldana


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