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Posted on 04 Mar 2018 @ 7:50pm by Lieutenant Tyler Fallon (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, Bre'el Dip. Msn.) & Lieutenant Jake Winchester (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, XFY) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & Ensign Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jula Danz (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, Bre'el Dip. Msn.)
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Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: USS Hawaii, Security Office
Timeline: 28 Dec 2388

Fallon restarted the video footage from the Bre'ella starport. This sort of behavior, especially from Starfleet officers was unacceptable. He shook his head and pressed the comms button on his desk. "Lieutenant Cortez and Ensign Jones report to the Security Office immediately." He ordered before stepping out of his office.

Eira tucked her hair behind her ear and checked her clothing was good before she stepped out go down to the security offices.

Arthur quickly made his way to the security office, trying to keep his heart rate steady, the nerves starting to get to him.

"Danz," he said upon seeing his number two in the main room. "I've got Jones and Cortez coming in for questioning about that fiasco in the spaceport. Whoever get's in here first goes in room one with me. You take the other one into room two. We'll take their statements and check it against the video evidence. Don't let on that we've got the video."

"Yes, sir," Danz replied, nodding. Internally, she really didn't care about this mess. She was set to transfer off this ship in a couple days, yet she still had a job to perform.

Arthur entered first, coming to attention just inside the door. "Reporting as ordered."

"With me Ensign." Tyler said flatly and pointed to interrogation room one. "You've got a lot of explaining to do."

Arthur followed Fallon into the room. "It won't take long."

Danz saw Cortez enter and pointed to Interrogation Room Two.

Interrogation Room One

"Sit." He ordered and leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest. "Now, enlighten me as to why one of MY officers pulled a phaser on not only a fellow officer, but a superior officer at that. And it better be a damn good reason."

"She insulted my honor." Arthur said, "I'm a Klingon, and she insulted my honor. I admit I know I did wrong, and honestly that's why I didn't already shoot her when the security showed up, that would be Grethor for sure."

"I don't care if she insulted your honor, your mother, or your whole damn family." Tyler stated flatly. "Your behavior was unacceptable. Your honor is secondary to Starfleet rules, regulations, and orders from superior officers. If you can't keep yourself under control over a trivial matter like being insulted, be it actual or perceived, how am I supposed to trust you in the field? And before you decide to try getting high and mighty about Klingon honor, I'm going to remind you this isnt the KDF. If you can't control yourself and follow Federation standards, you may wish to leave Starfleet for the KDF where such behavior is deemed acceptable."

Arthur bit the inside of his lip, before speaking, "understood." He filed away the comment in the back of his mind to file a complaint about.

"Since you seem to have nothing else to say in your defense, we'll move on to your punishment. Extra duty at the XO's discretion, wherever he feels you may be useful onboard the ship for the next two weeks. You're also confined to quarters when not on duty, also for two weeks."

Arthur scowled. He was being confined like a war Targ during peacetime. It wasn't something he liked--not that he liked any sort of punishment--but it was better than some of the the other options. "Yes sir."

Interrogation Room Two

"Please have a seat," Danz told Cortez. "So I am sure you know what this is about. There was an incident at the starport on Bre'el that gained the attention of the local press. The Commander ordered an investigation. No charges are being levied against you at this time; however, you are not obligated to speak with me and can request the presence of an attorney. Are you willing to answer my questions at this time?"

"I am fully aware of all my rights." Eira nodded and smiled politely, crossing one of her legs over the other. "And yes, I am willing to answer your questions at this time."

Danz nodded, "Just a requirement we have as Security Officers." She was thankful Eira was being cooperative.

"First, can you describe what happened in the Starport and explaining why you pointed a phaser at another Starfleet Officer?" Danz inquired gently.

Danz realized that Eira was the same rank as her and didn't want to lord over the fact she was investigating something. Honey was generally more attractive than vinegar.

"To be completely honest, I don't trust him." Eira leaned back on the chair and folded her arms, "He's going to claim that I insulted his honor, and I ended up pointing my weapon at him in self defense. See this cut along my throat here?" She pointed to the dark pink line across her throat. "That was from his knife after he got aggressive and launched to attack me. If the altercation hadn't been broken up, someone would have been killed. Just saying."

Danz leaned in to look at Cortez's neck. Sure enough, there was a slight line that was visible.

"Do you mind if I take a picture of your wound?" Danz asked.

"By all means, go ahead." Eira tilted her head upwards so the other woman could take the photo. "It really doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it should though."

"Technically, this is assault with a deadly weapon. However, as the victim, you can decide whether you'd like to press charges or not. Yet, if you do decide to press charges, he may press charges against you for whatever actions he alleges," Danz explained.

Really, this was an interesting case, yet the Hawaii didn't need such a distraction. Danz wanted this case over and done with so she didn't get bogged down in additional paperwork.

"If I was to press charges, how long would proceedings take with it?" It was more out of curiosity that Eira wanted to know. She had a mission to finish and there wasn't a whole lot of time left, especially if what she heard was true.

"Well, there's definitely going to be a Captain's Mast under Article 15, that's nonjudicial punishment, or if the Ensign doesn't take the 15 and requests a court-martial which is also his right. If it's the former, pretty quick, like a week I'd say. If it's the latter, which I would be fairly surprised if the latter route was chosen, it could take 6 months to a year," Danz explained the procedures under the UCMJ.

"Continue with your questioning and I'll have a think about it, if that is fine by you?" Cortez responded with a nod.

"Sure," Danz said before she was interrupted by yelling outside.

Just Outside Interrogation Room Two

Walking in, Jake shook his head. One of his first days aboard ship and now this happens. Seeing nobody around, he raised his voice just loud enough to be heard and said, "Would somebody care to explain exactly what in the sam hell happened?"

Danz heard the newly arrived Lieutenant shouting. Guess the grapevine was in overdrive. She exited the interrogation room into the general office area.

"Who are you?" Danz asked.

"Who am I?", Jake chuckled. "I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Jake Winchester the Incoming Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer, and I want to know about the incident occurred, especially since there were phasers pulled and pointed at and by fellow Starfleet Officers".

Oh, splendid, Danz thought. She could barely hide her smile. Her replacement was... interesting.

"How do you know about that?" Danz inquired, genuinely curious.

"I make it my business to know about such things", he said smiling. "Now do you care to explain this, or do i have to get a higher ranking officer down here to get me the answers I need?"

"Do you have a copy of your orders?" Danz asked, ignoring Winchester's question for now.

Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out the PADD containing his orders and handed them over to her. His smile disappearing, he said, with a steel edge in his voice, "Now as I was saying, I want to know what happened, and I want to know now".

Danz checked to ensure the orders were authentic, and they were. Oh boy, Fallon was going to have fun with this one. The Department was about to turn into bad cop and bad cop. Hawaii beware.

"Well, it sounds like you don't know the full story," Danz said turning her head slightly in jest. "You're replacing me by the way. Glad you're here. I am interviewing one of the officers involved at the Starport, Lieutenant Cortez. There was an altercation of sorts that ended up going viral on social media. The two pointed weapons at each other. You can come observe if you'd like, but not with that attitude," Danz paused like a schoolteacher.

"Well after you", Winchester said, losing some of his anger.

Interrogation Room Two

"This is Lieutenant Junior Grade Cortez, one of our new Intelligence officers. She was involved in the altercation planetside, although she has a cut on her neck from a bladed weapon. She pointed her weapon in self-defense. Do you have any questions?" Danz asked Winchester, all too thankful to let him take over.

"First, Starfleet Officers do NOT draw weapons on each other. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "Secondly, your conduct is disgraceful, and I am seriously considering filing charges on the both of the of you, so, what have you to say yourselves???"

Danz closed her eyes and rubbed the bridge of her nose, contemplating whether to intervene.

Eira mentally summed the new guy up in a few moments, smirking at her own little deductions. Oh this is going to be fun! she thought to herself. "So essentially you're saying that next time I get attacked by someone, I'm meant to just stand there and let it happen?" She lent forward and folded her arms on the desk. "Because as far as I am aware, it is a basic right to be able to protect oneself from harm, even if it is from a fellow officer."

"No, I am saying back off and call Security, is that understood, or do I need to make myself more clear?"

"If I knew where Security was, I would've called for them, see?" Her tone was on the verge of matching his own. "But given that the guy who attacked me is Security, that's a little hypocritical isn't it?"

"Lieutenant Winchester, I know for a casual outsider, it may seem like Lieutenant Cortez here committed a wrong, yet from her statement and the mark on her neck, it really sounds like she was a victim and her actions were in self-defense," Danz explained. "I don't think we should encourage victims not to defend themselves."

Danz paused, waiting for a reaction after giving a slight nod to Cortez in a way to say she understood her plight.

"Im not telling her not to defend herself, however, two wrongs do not make a right". Calming down a bit, he asked slowly, "Ok, where is the other idiot that was involved in this?"

"He's in the other room with Lieutenant Fallon," Danz replied, hoping Winchester at least knew the Chief of Security & Tactical Officer's name.

"Well then", he said, "By all means lead on." Turning to Cortez, Winchester said, "Stay here, i'll have more questions".

"Well I've got nothing else to do at the moment, so I guess I'll have to stay here." Eira responded.


Tyler Fallon, LT, SF
Chief Tactical & Security Officer

Eira Cortez, LTJG, SF
Chief Intelligence Officer

Jula Danz, LTJG, SF
Outgoing Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer

Jake Winchester, LTJG, SF
Incoming Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer

Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk, ENS, SF
Security Officer


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