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Science - I come to serve

Posted on 03 Feb 2018 @ 4:46pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: USS Hawaii Captains Ready Room
Timeline: 1930, 29 Dec 2388


[USS Hawaii: Transporter Room 1]

Tolkath beamed aboard his new assignment some ten minutes after his wife and her team. While a married couple they were careful to keep their careers separate. Lesai's meeting with Tolkath's new Captain was strictly a Diplomatic matter and would not involve the Hawaii's Chief Science Officer unless Tachibana chose to bring him into it at some future time.

He presented his identification and transfer orders to the Transport Tech and on duty Security Officer.

Once cleared aboard, he was left to find his quarters on Deck 3. Declining an escort, as he had already memorized the Sovereigns Class deck layout.

"I'll contact the Captain's Yeoman" The Tech informed him as he left. "She'll set up an appointment for you sir."

An hour or so later he had unpacked and settled in when his comm badge beeped "Commander Tolkath, please report the to the Captain's Ready Room."

He acknowledged, collected his transfer orders and personnel file PaDD from the desk and made his way to the nearest turbolift.

[USS Hawaii: Captain's Ready Room]

Tolkath stepped off the turbolift on the Bridge, moved to the port side and tapped the chime on the Ready Room door.

Entering when called, he moved to the desk and presented himself.

"Lieutenant Commander Tolkath, sir. Reporting as ordered." He had long ago stopped providing his full given name. Few other species could pronounce Vulcan names and it seemed Humans had especial trouble.

He handed over his PaDD, stood at ease and waited.

"Please, have a seat. It is interesting that Starfleet chose to transfer our Chief Science Officer, although it is refreshing to have some more senior officers aboard," Akio remarked.

"Thank you Captain" Tolkath took the seat "l trust their skills and experience will be of service on their new assignment.

"I understand that we will be involved more in tactical operations than exploration for the moment. Myself and the science division will strive to support the mission as best we can sir."

Akio wasn't certain the otter-like humanoid was best cut out for space duty. While it was his first posting, he was probably of more use planetside.

"Indeed," Akio confirmed. "Yes, we will need your expertise in working with Engineering and Intelligence to estimate Gorn sensor capabilities while also focusing on Gorn centers of gravity so we can seek a quick and hopefully peaceful end to this war."

Tolkath nodded "A particularly aggressive species, although Humans have beaten them in combat. My understanding, from the reports I have seen, is that the Gorn have developed highly effective disruptor weapons. Furthermore their ships have robust shielding. A peaceful solution would be preferable, but doubtful. I will endeavor to provide all assistance Captain."

"Any assistance is greatly appreciated," Akio said, unsure how much more he should reveal about his suspicions of something political underfoot. "Intelligence is assessing the Gorn have advanced further. No more boxy vessels and much more on par with our starships. We need to secure peace as I am not sure how much conflict this region of space can endure. Bre'el IV is about 20 lightyears from the Gorn Front, yet they were very spooked by the Gorn incursion."

"Those are empty light years; it is likely the Bre'el are concerned they could be the next target. From what we know the Gorn have few trade links with other species, it maybe they acquired or were given advanced technology specifically to attack the Federation." His wife had heard such theories through her diplomatic colleagues. So far there was no evidence, it was possible the Hawaii would be at the forefront of Starfleet's efforts to learn the truth.

"Picking up Diplomatic cues from your wife?" Akio mused, remembering that notation in Tolkath's file. "I think you've hit on precisely Starfleet's concern. We're going to need Science, Engineering, and Intelligence working together to determine if there has been any technology transfer."

"I will review the data records on Gorn shipping tomorrow morning Captain," Tolkath replied, avoiding a direct reply about where he had heard the information and not wishing to disrespect his new Commander, who might not have been briefed yet. "I will endeavor to collate the information in to a form we can use when we encounter the Gorn in person."

"That would be most helpful," Akio said, giving a curt nod. He hoped he did not offend the junior Commander with a comment about his wife. Akio was unsure about Vulcan customs.

"Do you have any questions?" Akio asked realizing that they had been mostly talking about Tolkath's duties.

"Not currently, sir," Tolkath replied "Possibly after l have had an opportunity to review the science department and laboratories."

"No worries," Akio replied.

"May l enquire as to when we are expecting to depart Bre'el?" Tolkath asked.

He also did not know if the Captain had yet been informed of the other passenger on the Detente but was also not at liberty to tell him either.

"Well, there are some items we do need to take care of on Bre'el in conjunction with the Detente," Akio said, smirked. He was surprised Tolkath didn't know. "We will be holding an All Hands Call in a couple days where I will allow the crew 48 hours of liberty planetside. So if you are settled in, please feel free to enjoy yourself. Who knows the next time we will get to relax since we are heading towards the Front."

"Thank you Captain" Tolkath replied "A short trip to the planet would be... of interest. If there is nothing else sir, I shall take my leave."

"Very well, dismissed," Akio replied.

He looked out the window, thankful for experienced officers. Tolkath would be quite an asset aboard the Hawaii. In some enigmatic way, he reminded Akio of the heroic Admiral Spock.


Akio Tachibana, CDR, SF
Commanding Officer

Tolkath, LCDR, SF
Chief Science Officer


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