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Sailors fighting in the dancehall, look at those cavemen go

Posted on 02 Feb 2018 @ 4:35pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander Juan Zamora & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Lieutenant Junior Grade Radun Dran

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Reception Hall - Deck 3
Timeline: 29 Dec 2388

David Bowie - Life on Mars:
Sailors Fighting in the dance hall
Oh man!
Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man!


[USS Hawaii: Reception Hall - Deck 3]

The conference room door opened, Lesai, accompanied by two of the Mission Staff, a female Batezoid and a male Talarian entered, their Security Officer escort saw them in and waited outside.

"Captain Tachibana," She greeted the ship's commander, recognizing him from his file, "Thank you for meeting with us on such short notice. I am Lesai Tolkath, Head of Mission, Federation Diplomatic Corps. This is Hessana Kloy " Indicating the Batazoid. "And Trendar" The Talerian. The two aides nodded.

"Pleasure to meet you. This is Lieutenant Juan Zamora, our Chief Diplomatic Officer, and his Assistant, Lieutenant Radun," Akio introduced the Hawaii's diplomats.

Lesai gave each of the Lieutenants a graceful nod "Gentlemen"

Juan inclined his head in return, "ma'am."

Dran nodded.

"Perhaps we should go straight to the matter of my request for a meeting," Lesai continued, with typical Vulcan directness and moved to take a seat at the conference table. "Are you aware of the broadcasts coming from Bre'el, concerning your brawling crew members, Captain?"

"From what I am aware of the situation, none of our crew were brawling. I am aware of an incident at the Capitol Starport where two of our crew were involved in some type of disturbance. Lieutenant Fallon, our Chief of Tactical & Security, is investigating," Akio explained.

"I see" Lesai replied "I was initially unsure if the incident did actually involve your personnel, since they were not in uniform. Unfortunately it would seem they are indeed Starfleet officers."

Lesai nodded to her aide "Please have the broadcasts relayed here" The Talerian spoke into his commbadge and a few moments later the room's viewscreen displayed the Federation Diplomatic Corps logo, which faded to a grainy image of what appeared to be a Bre'elian space transit station.

There was a voice-over to accompany the images.

" - is what Starfleet and the Federation brings to our planet. Violence and destruction! They cannot even control their own personnel, who fight each other with knives and weapons in our streets!

The image began to play. A male human, with unusual braided hair and a short blonde human woman began to scuffle, pulling first knives, then phasers on each other. In the background a couple of Bre'el scuttled quickly away from the confrontation.

This is not a peace-loving organization but one of violence! They do not care who they fight, even each other! They glorify death and disharmony. Even their ship is named after an island where a terrible battle took place!

While Starfleet try to kill each other on our planet, the central government is intending to provide these thugs with Bre'elian ships and crew. Do not let that happen! Drive these enemies of peace away!

The video of the fight repeated on a loop as the voice over continued for another few seconds, then the whole thing began to repeat.

Lesai signaled her aide and the broadcast paused. She raised an eyebrow at Tachibana. "Captain?"

Akio was a bit perturbed. He knew there was an incident, yet it was clearly being blown up out of proportion. Deciding best not to speak right away, he looked at the Hawaii Diplomatic Officers to see if they had a better response.

Dran chewed at his lower lip for a few moments. "Let me talk to them. I have plenty of experience from Bajor. As you may know, I was a proponent of Bajor joining the Federation, and an ambassador afterwards. I've had to talk to media from similar...situations...involving personnel from Deep Space 9. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?"

Kloy, the Betazoid narrowed her eyes "The worst that could happen? Well the dissidents here can push this out to effect Bre'el public opinion, which could be swayed against the Federation, putting pressure on the Central Government. Who could then decide not to provide us with the transport ships, that you in Starfleet, urgently need to help repel the Gorn incursion.

"That then leads to a prolonged conflict that we are not currently able to deal with effectively. This then makes the Federation look weak and defenseless, prompting other hostile species to consider similar incursions.

"Beyond that, this could potentially bring down the Central Government. The dissidents will undoubtedly make as much propaganda from this as they can, most likely increasing the dissention and negative opinion of the Federation among some of the citizens here, regardless of the Central Government.

"Which leaves the Federation in a precarious position. A fundamental element of membership is a united and unified planetary government. We do not choose fractions or take sides in internal conflicts. Whenever that has happened in the past the outcomes have never been good, for the planet or the Federation as a whole.

"So the worst that can happen - the foolish actions of a couple of Starfleet personnel have the potential to take Bre'el out of the Federation completely and lead to further attacks on this sector..."

Lesai let her aide speak. She added "While I am not quite so passionate in expressing my opinion, I share my colleague's concern about the potential seriousness of this incident."

Dran forced himself to keep his voice, tone, and actions even, as the last thing he wanted was to anger anyone. "And last time I checked, none of you have any experience preventing evidence of incrimination from getting out to the public. Unlike you people, I do. Therefore, the best course of action is to let me try."

Hoping to head off the brewing argument in front of him, Juan cleared his throat and injected himself into the conversation. "Ahem...Regrettable as this incident and the ensuing fallout may be the situation is still very much fixable. It may be important to consider worst case scenarios, but I do not believe we are in one at the moment.

"We can still count the local government on our side, they will have to defend their decision in order to maintain their credibility. And if need be, we can lean on them to produce a stronger counter-narrative. Everything that they want, they gain by cooperating with us, and refusing will leave them with nothing. We have them between a rock and a hard place right now, it's still us or the Gorn.

"So, I propose we do put out a short prepared statement on the incident, and leave it at that. I have already taken measures to placate the government by keeping them in the loop of our investigation, and even if the causes of the incident are, less than compelling, I am certain they will turn out to be benign, so the authorities will drop the issue shortly. And we can focus coverage on everything else we are doing in the region and even elsewhere, drown out the opposition and let this whole mess die as the news cycle moves on."

The Talarian looked rather surprised at Radun's tone. "Lieutenant, I've never met you before, neither do I believe have my colleagues. I'm really not sure quite where you've been checking on the experience of any of us. We are all here to try and resolve the incident that has come about due to the actions of member's of this ship's crew. Not to trade insults about who has done what. "

Trendar turned to Zamora "I've seen the reports and I understand you were instrumental in securing the agreement for the provision of their ships. That that the government initially accepted the fight being handled within Starfleet's own discipline. I also note they had some concerns about previous dissident transmissions, but were unwilling to take too much action against them.

"I agree that we need to counter these negative broadcasts. I had the "Detente's communications officer track some of them. It appears that there are several transmitters in operation, but they seem to be highly mobile. They beam signals for just a few cycles, then shut down and relocate, making them very difficult to track."

Akio perked up at the mention of similar broadcasts. The Hawaii had only pinpointed the one transmission to a certain location. The fact they were mobile was something new that the away team didn't find.

Trandar continued, "This is possibly something we can help the government with, once we have the Mission established on the planet.

"In the meantime, how then do we show the general citizenry that Starfleet officers do not regularly try to murder each other, has there been any findings from the investigation yet on what caused this fracas?

"Furthermore what is the proposed punishment? Any statement we put how needs to assure Ber'el that we take such matters very seriously and that there will be consequences for the two individuals involved?"

Lesai nodded in agreement "Anything less and we will appear to be covering up or even countenancing such behavior. That is unacceptable."

"Naturally" Juan assented. "We are an organization that respects the rule of law, and we must look the part as well. As for the particulars of the investigation, and of any disciplinary action, you would have to ask the Captain or Lt. Fallon. Though I am to understand that it all boils down to a case of cultural misunderstanding.

"Your own mission will, in the course of filling out their day to day duties, provide a perfectly workable counter example for the locals to see. Add to that some coverage of our humanitarian activities in the region, aid and shelter for conflict refugees, reconstruction assistance, and so on. with such a package I suspect we could equip ourselves rather well.

"And...I had been meaning to raise the issue of these dissident groups with you, I find them deeply concerning. there are a few pieces of information that lead me to believe that one or more of them may have been infiltrated by hostile actors. As you no doubt know very well, their M.O. is unusually sophisticated for a collection of simple opposition groups. The local society is open and peaceful, there is no reason why a political opposition should not air its grievances openly, and engage with the marketplace of ideas. The local government reports a recent uptick in their activities and apparent radicalization. And their activities are designed to cause as much operational dysfunction in the region as possible.

"It may be nothing, but the signs are worrying, and they certainly bear investigation. This is, of course, purely hypothetical but, if they are revealed to have any 'untoward influences', or even just homegrown ill will against the government, we can discredit their efforts completely.

"Now, Mr. Radun, you say you have experience when it comes to, 'sweeping things under the rug', is there anything you would like to add?"

Dran felt his jaw tighten. He had let too much slip, but in proper diplomat fashion he was ready. Without missing a beat he responded, "I was the Bajoran Ambassador to the Federation. You tell me."

Akio was impressed with both Zamora and Radun, yet he was again reminded why he did not join the Diplomatic Field. So much talking and droning on. It felt Akio was caught in some sort of class or stuck at a less-than exciting staff meeting with the Admiralty.

"Lieutenant Zamora is correct," Akio confirmed, trying to cut the tension. "As I said previously, our Chief of Tactical & Security is investigating the incident and I will not be giving out punishment or passing judgment until the conclusion of that investigation. For the time being though, the officers in question have been confined to the ship."

Juan looked from his group to the visitors and said, "Alright, any thoughts?"

Lesai summed up "The key is to be open and truthful. Bre'el is a member of the Federation, one we particularly need at this time. Regardless of that, they are deserving of a full and frank disclosure of what occurred.

"I think a statement acknowledging the unfortunate actions of these two individuals and that we do not tolerate such behavior will go a long way to calm the Bre'el citizens obvious concerns at seeing such things.

"We can build on that with the Mission and begin to counter the voice of the dissenters. It will not happen immediately but l believe steady progress can be made."

"That sounds like a plan, then. I will leave such a statement to you experts. Is there anything else we need to resolve?" Akio asked Lesai.

"I believe we have covered most things. If possible, I would like a moment with you in private, please Captain," the Vulcan diplomat replied. She looked to her two companions. "Please work with Lieutenants Zamora and Radun on the wording of a suitable statement. I will see you back on the ship."

"Of course," Akio said, curious what other surprises this new diplomat had up her sleeves.

The two aides nodded and moved out to await the Starfleet officers in the corridor.

Dran got up, and gestured for Juan to go first, following him out of the room.

Juan set his shoulders and turned to move out of the room. "Very well, let's go and arrange some commas, shall we."

Once the rest had departed Lesai spoke again. "Captain, myself, the mission staff and your personnel were not the only passengers aboard the Détente. The vessel is also carrying the Federation Secretary of the Exterior, Magnus Temple," she revealed.

Akio pressed down on the edge of the table. What was Starfleet Command thinking? This ship is heading to war and now they were doing some dog and pony show for the Secretary of the Exterior?!

"You are full of surprises," Akio smirked.

"The Secretary is currently undertaking a tour of this sector. In light of the Gorn incursion, and for understandable security reasons, his travel arrangements have not been made public. He would like to meet with you, perhaps tour your ship and then he will be present for the opening of the Mission on Bre'el," Lesai explained.

"Did the Secretary bring his own security?" Akio asked. Security was paramount these days. If the Secretary came to visit and something happened, Akio knew it would be his head just because he was the senior Starfleet Officer present.

"The Secretary has his diplomatic close protection team as usual, plus the low profile nature of the tour Captain" Lesai answered "l'm sure your Security Chief could liase with the Team leader for any further needs they may have when on the planet. Until our next meeting, l will bid you goodnight Captain."

"I will have our Chief of Tactical and Security coordinate with the SECEXT's protection team leader," Akio confirmed and nodded at Lesai's statement.

It had been quite a long day.

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Akio Tachibana, CDR, SF
Commanding Officer, USS Hawaii

Juan Zamora, LT, SF
Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Hawaii

Radun Dran, LTJG, SF
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Hawaii

Lesai Tolkath
Federation Diplomat
Head of Mission Bre'el


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