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You have me at a disadvantage

Posted on 04 Feb 2018 @ 2:01pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Radun Dran & Commander Juan Zamora

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Diplomatic Offices, deck 12
Timeline: 12/27/2388

Juan brought a hand up to massage his stiff neck as he rode the turbolift up to deck 12. This day was already one for the record books, Swapping ships at warp speed, analyzing secret messages, sitting down to negotiations, and to top it all off it was positively criminal how early he'd had to wake up this morning. And there was still more to do before he could rest, this diplomatic decathalon was still far from over. Now there was a thought, He allowed himself a chuckle at the thought of a diplomatic gold medal in the moment before the lift's doors whooshed open. There would be time for jokes later though, for now, he had to check on his staff, he ran through what he could recall of his transferal checklist as he rounded the corner to the diplomatic offices.

Dran was standing off to one side of the room, it was easy to pick him out of the many people in the room. His uniform was severely out of regs, since the uniform jacket was open, and the commbadge affixed to the front of the undershirt.

One look at him said a man used to the finer things in life, he held himself not like an officer, but like an Ambassador aboard a visiting ship.

Rounding the corner, Juan stopped short as he took in the sight of an unexpected stranger among his staffers. This day was just packed full of surprises. No one was acting strange around the new officer, so Juan guessed that he was supposed to be there, even if there'd been no forewarning.

He approached the officer and extended a hand. "Hello, I am Lt. Zamora, Hawaii's Chief Diplomatic Officer. What brings you on board?"

Dran blinked momentarily. "Lieutenant Radun Dran. And I guess that would make me your assistant." He said as he shook hands with the other man, hoping he could figure out the Bajoran name scheme.

"Welcome aboard then Mr. Radun. Or would you prefer I called you Dran?" Juan offered, there had been enough faux pas with the Bajorans over the years that the correct etiquette was well known in certain circles.

"Radun is fine formally, however behind closed door Dran is perfectly acceptable. I half expect most of the crew to call me that anyway."Dran shifted topics seamlessly, "I heard about negotiations on the planet. How did those go?"

"Better than expected, given I only had minutes to prepare," Juan replied. "Aside from a minor incident at least. The locals are fairly cooperative, tough unhappy with their position on the political food chain. Which actually leads me to your first assignment, I'm going to need you to reach out to any contacts you might have in the political arena while I do the same. I had to promise the locals a high level discussion for one of their projects, so we'll need to get the ball rolling if we want that to happen by the time this conflict should be wrapping up. I'll see to it that the staff gets you the full details."

"If you need contacts in high places you've come to the right Bajoran. I met quite a few high level people in my years as an Ambassador." Dran said with a smirk. "Quite a few members of the Federation council, a couple Admirals, and some others who I'm sure could help."

"Well, that certainly sounds impressive" Juan replied. "Hopefully that means we can get things moving along faster than I thought. A quick response could certainly, help make sure the government here fully commits to assisting our operations." He concluded. "Now, have you had a chance to coordinate with the rest of the staff? Got the office assignments figured out?"

"Not yet sir, barely just arrived myself, have barely had a chance to get here." Dran rolled his eyes, "I hope I'm not just here cause of my connections."

"It could be worse" Juan noted, raising an eyebrow at Dran, "you could know it for a fact."

"I'd have done everything I could to decline the assignment." Dran said, "besides, they don't like my connections."

Juan raised an eyebrow at this, it looked like there was some digging he might have to do. "Well, such is life" he said, "we can't always choose where it takes us. However, the work of this department contributes directly to the security of the Federation, keep that in mind, and I will expect your best effort, even if this posting wasn't your fist choice."

"Nothing but my best, sir." Dran promised.

"Excellent" came the response. "So let's get these office assignments figured out?"

"Yes sir." Dran said, nodding.



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