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Meet The New Boss, Not The Same As The Old Boss

Posted on 15 Mar 2019 @ 3:11am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Eriksson (Jan-Feb 2389 - TRNSFR to USS Adelaide) & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Deck 18, Chief Science Officer's Office
Timeline: After 'Tensile Strength'


[Chief Science Officer's Office - Deck 18]

Marcus had dropped his things off in his quarters, which were fine but he had no real desire to unpack at the moment. He had decided to introduce himself to his new boss as soon as possible, he had projects that he wanted to get up and running. He entered the Vulcan's office and placed his transfer orders on the desk.

"Lieutenant Eriksson reporting for duty Commander Tolkath." He introduced himself formally, which was usually a good start with Vulcans.

Tolkath was working at his terminal, reviewing the latest data on the Gorn Bio Weapon when Eriksson entered his office.

He ignored the interruption, leaving the Lieutenant standing before his desk while he continued reading the report.

Several minutes later he finished and turned, looked up to see a young blonde Human mal. He reached out and took up the PaDD, activated it and perused the man's service record.

It was short, only one previous assignment. Still, that was an improvement on the last candidate who had never left Earth's orbit.

He looked up again "Tell me Mister Eriksson, did the Captain on the Tesla encourage junior officers to march into senior staff's offices unannounced?"

"Well... yeah. The chief science officer had an open door policy Commander." Marcus replied sheepishly. He had become accustomed to Lieutenant Commander Turner's management style. She saw science as a collaborative endeavour, and on the rare occasions she was in her office rather than a lab, her door was always open. Captain Thevis had always encouraged the same attitude. Marcus had been expecting more formality here but he had clearly miscalculated. "I apologise sir. I'll be sure to knock next time."

"Thank you Lieutenant, please do so. You may take a seat" Tolkath gestured to a chair. "And what field is your specialty?"

"Cybernetics." Marcus replied. "At least that's probably the closest description. Throw in some exoskeletal prosthetics, some general tech... I'm a bit of a tinkerer I suppose. I've got a project I'm calling the survival suit, needs a better name. Anyway, it's a combination of automated first aid systems, sensor webs and exoskeletal cybernetics. The idea is to boost away team survivability in hostile or combat situations."

"Cybernetics?" Tolkath's eybrow rasied "That may be of immediate use Lieutenant. A nunmber of the prisoners we rescued from the Gorn crusier had devices surgically placed within their bodies. We are still investigating their purpose."

Marcus tilted his head slightly, his curiosity was piqued. "I can certainly take a look. It's unusual to implant devices into prisoners, not an efficient was of restraining them compared to traditional methods, too much effort. I suppose it could be an experiment on unwilling volunteers, I mean, it's harsh even for the Form but it's possible. But then, it'd probably be fairly obvious what the purpose was..." He realised he was rambling as he threw ideas around. "But I'll do what I can to help."

"Good, I will arrange that." Tolkath nodded "And what is your sceondary speciality?" Tolkath asked

"Biology." The younger man replied. "I know it's kinda vague, but I tend to bounce around biological subject matter. I'd almost say xenobiology, but then there are things that don't quite fall under that... umbrella, I suppose."

"I would suggest you focus some research time on our Gorn advesaries, physiological factors in particular. Anything that will assit us in the upcoming conflict." Tolkath replied.

"I can't say I'm all that familiar with the Gorn as a species, but I'll see if I can familiarise myself with them and their tech."

"Please do so. And now on a more general topic. While we are nominally an exploration vessel, for the forseable future we will be on a combat footing. As Scientists we are not directly involved in the physical aspects of combat, but it is immperitive that this department provides all of our available resourses to support the operations this ship will be involved in."

"The Captain, officers and crew will look to us for guidance, information and insight. Our knowledge is the weapon we bring to this fight" Tolkath explained

"Okay." Marcus replied, a little unsure of how to react to what felt like an inspirational speech from the Vulcan. "In terms of admin and responsibilities, what would you like from me as the assistant chief?"

"I expect you to fulfill your position, carry out your responsibilities, lead and motivate the members of the Science division with dedication, commitement and respect. Support the work of the division at all times, hold those below you accountable for their actions and yourself equally so.

As an Assistant Department head you are never off duty; we are never too busy to assist other divisions or the command team.

I expect you to have weekly crew rosters, reports and work schedules completed and on my desk ahead of the required time. Where there are numerous demands on our personnel I expect you to prioritise and assign resourses as appropriate.

I will delegate certain resposnisibilites to you, outseides of those I expect you to consult me before making important decisions."

Tolkath sild over a PaDD. "Your duties and responsibities are contained. What questions do you have?"

Straight out of the book. Marcus had been expecting a fairly standard reply from the Vulcan, and he was, of course, already familiar with the standard duties of the assistant science chief. "Any projects I should be aware of? Is anyone tampering with the fundamental forces of the universe in a way that could unleash a power we can barely comprehend?"

"All current science projects are related to our combat operations. Research into the Gorn sheild-pentrating torpedoes; the Gorn biogenic weapon and the Gorn implants into Wyoming prisoners" Tolkath replied evenly.

"I take it your other comment was flippant, Lieutenant?" One eyebrow raised.

"Well, only kinda." Marcus replied. "On my last assignment, there was an officer working on a project about subquantum chromodynamics, interesting stuff with the potential to affect practical tech on everything from warp drive to replicators, as well as increasing our knowledge. Anyway, he put together an experiment, built the equipment and was getting ready to turn it on when we identified a potential... problem in a simulation. Long story short, the device could've torn a hole in the fabric of space."

"Very well. I shall endeavour to see that you are amongst the first to be informed, should that event ever occur. Until that happens, perhaps you could find the time to inroduce yourself to Doctor T'Lara and offer your services on the implants. Carry on Lieutenant" Tolkath nodded and returned to his work.

"Thank you sir." Marcus stood. "Good to meet you." He had some adaptions to make, there was clearly going to be a very culture around the science department on the Hawaii.


Tolkath CMDR SF

Lt. (JG) Marcus Eriksson


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