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Tensile Strength

Posted on 28 Feb 2019 @ 7:50pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Eriksson (Jan-Feb 2389 - TRNSFR to USS Adelaide)

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: USS Tower Bridge
Timeline: After the second battle of XFY

There was a palpable sense of tension on the USS Tower Bridge. The Akira class starship had been heading to Xavier Fleet Yards before the fighting broke out, but they were too far to get there in time to help with the fighting. Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson was technically just a passenger, having hitched a ride to his new assignment aboard the USS Hawaii. As it happens, some kind of lab accident just after he'd come aboard meant that half of the ship's science staff were in quarantine for something the medical team were calling Targ flu and Marcus had ended up taking a couple of bridge shifts to help them out.

In his short time on the Tower Bridge, Marcus had gathered that her Captain, Adam Gamble, was not a man who took well to being sidelined. He had ordered them to make best possible speed to the fleet yards, and took in news of the battle with a frustrated hunger.

When they finally arrived at Xavier, it was all over. Captain Gamble did what he could, sending out medical and engineering teams to help, but Marcus caught a glimpse of the casualty report on his console and it was clear that he wished the Tower Bridge had been there to help. "Looks like the Hawaii came through in one piece." Gamble said to Marcus. The older man was an intimidating figure, a former security officer who had risen through the ranks, he wore his background on his sleeve, and clearly still felt the need to protect his fellow Starfleet officers. "Medical says our science team should be clear to leave quarantine in a few hours, so I'm releasing you to the Hawaii. Thanks for your help Lieutenant."

"Happy to do it sir." The young science officer replied. "I'll get my stuff beamed over now."

"Good luck." Gamble said with a weary smile before going back to the casualty reports, the smile disappearing immediately.

Marcus hadn't unpacked anything but the basics, so he was ready to go within the hour. As he energised in the Hawaii transporter room, he suppressed a smile. He had been looking forward to this assignment, doing science in the field, a less sterile environment than his old ship, the Tesla. But the Hawaii had just gone through a tough fight, and it showed on the faces of the crew. He was just a science officer, but maybe he could help.


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