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Coming Aboard

Posted on 26 Feb 2019 @ 3:18am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander Juan Zamora & Lieutenant Jinn Tevran

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Shuttlebay / Ready Room
Timeline: One Day After the Second Battle of XFY


Jinn Tevran came aboard the USS Hawaii to very little fanfare. There was some hustle and bustle around the shuttlebay, to be sure, but it was all directed toward maintenance and repair. The ship had clearly been involved in an engagement recently and it showed.

It had been a long shuttle ride to get to the Hawaii and he had kept busy, going over personnel files. There were almost 700 souls aboard his new posting and while he couldn't possibly go through everyone's file, he did spend a fair amount of time on the department and assistant department heads.

He hadn't had a shipboard assignment before, so this would be new to him. He was used to operating either on his own in deep cover, or with a very limited team. He understood the logic behind it, too much Covert Ops for too long was draining, and so he had accepted the recommendation, if a little begrudgingly. He had enjoyed the autonomy, and not to mention the excitement, and would miss it. Now, having a chain of command both above and below him, people he was responsible for and to, would be a change.

He left the shuttlebay behind and made his way to a turbolift. He passed a few crew members along the way, subtly analyzing each one as he passed. There was a certain... Anxiety in the way they were moving. This wasn't surprising, considering the ship's recent engagements.

"Bridge," he said as he stepped into the turbolift.

He had called ahead a short while ago and the Captain and XO were both awaiting him in the Ready Room for a briefing. Both men's personnel files had intrigued him. Neither one struck him as very much of a tactician, the Captain coming from an Ops background and the XO from a diplomatic background, and yet from all accounts, the Hawaii had handled itself fairly well in its engagement with the Gorn. He would have expected that combination of senior officers posted to a less... Aggressive front than the Gorn one.

The turbolift stopped and the door opened revealing the bridge. He made his way over to the Ready Room doors, having studied the layout of the ship during his trip over and waited for an acknowledgement of his arrival.

"Enter please," Juan invited, looking over to the captain for disapproval before turning his eyes back to the mug of dark-roasted Colombian coffee in his hands. He turned around to face away from the window as the new arrival entered. "Ah, Mr. Tevran, thank you for joining us."

The doors opened and Jinn stepped through. He stopped just inside the doors, his eyes taking in the Ready Room and the men inside. Both were taller than he was, but he was the stockiest of the group. The Captain cut an imposing figure with his shaved head.

Jinn didn't purposely probe either of the men's thoughts, but couldn't help getting a general reading off of either. Both were strong-willed and while he respected that, it also meant that a certain amount of that will bled through.

"Sirs," Jinn nodded. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Jinn Tevran, reporting."

Akio observed the Lieutenant. He seemed studious and a bit judgmental. He had not offended the Captain on his entrance though, so he seemed well-versed in protocol.

"Please, have a seat, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard and e komo mai to the Hawaii," Akio said, utilizing some Hawaiian. "I see you join us from a covert ops posting?"

Jinn sat across from the Captain. "I did, indeed, sir. Nasty little affair, that last one. I was recommended for a rotation shipboard once the assignment was done."

Akio wondered whether nasty was good or bad. "Well, hopefully we are not a consolation prize," Akio mused with the junior officer. "What is your opinion of the Gorn War?"

Jinn shrugged. "I'm very good at what I do, Captain. I'll miss Covert Ops, but this will be an interesting change."

He crossed one of his legs over the other and leaned back a bit in the chair. "As for the Gorn War, it could be going better. I've read reports and was briefed by Starfleet Intelligence before making my way out to the front. I'm known for my candor, Captain: There may be some serious Intel breaches in the task force, and I'm hoping to... Patch them, for lack of a better word."

"In that case Mr. Tevran, let me ask directly, what would you do if you had reason to suspect one of your crewmates was passing information to the enemy," Zamora asked.

"I'd use them," Nick replied, evenly. "I'm a Betazoid, Commander. If I suspected someone, it wouldn't take me long to figure out their motives. I'm a also great actor. And on top of that, I'm trained at intelligence and counter-intelligence work. Passing along disinformation, tracing the network to its source that sort of thing. A traitor can be an extremely valuable tool, if used properly."

"I think you will fit right in, then, Lieutenant. Your department is fairly light. Lieutenant Cortez will be your assistant. She was running the department before your arrival, yet based on your experience, clearly you are senior. She has done well, yet her assessments have been light. She has also been on house arrest since she tried to mutiny against us when we rendezvoused with the Wyoming. It is a bit of a long story and it was not her idea, yet for whatever reason, she took the Wyoming's side," Akio paused, seeing the Steamrunner ram the Gorn ship again.

"Anyways, she has been under the supervision of Lieutenant Stevens, and they have been residing in a double cabin in Diplomatic Quarters. As for intelligence breaches, we do assess our former Gorn Doctor had something to do with communicating information to the Gorn, potential shield frequencies. You did have another Ensign assigned to your department, yet he is being transferred out to XFY shortly. I think that covers everything under your purview. Do you have any questions?"

Jinn raised an eyebrow. "Mutiny? And she's only under house arrest? I don't suppose all of the details from that are in the official logs?"

"They are," Akio answered neutrally, although this was what he worried about after that incident. What would Starfleet think?!

"Do the terms of her house arrest preclude any duties?" Jinn asked. "I'd like to meet with the lieutenant to make my own determination."

"Negative. She is cleared for duty, yet if she goes off ship, she is to be supervised," Akio mentioned. "I would encourage you two to meet. You will be working with her, afterall."

"Perfect," Jinn replied, slapping his legs. "And here I was worried that I'd be a department of one."

He stood. "If there's nothing else, sirs, I'd like to get to it, then."

Akio nodded at the new Lieutenant, "Dismissed."

"I suppose I have nothing else for now. I will reach out if I need anything else. Captain?" Juan remarked.

Akio waited until Jinn left to answer. "Keep an eye on him, Commander. I do not mean to sound paranoid, yet in my extensive career, I have not worked with so many crew with classified backgrounds until this one."

"Neither have I," Juan admitted. "I'll keep tabs on him, and tell you what I find out."


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Juan "JJ" Zamora, CDR, SF

Jinn Tevran, LTJG, SF


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