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"A Meeting of Medical Minds"

Posted on 11 Feb 2018 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Sthilg, M.D. (Dec-Jan 2389 - MIA after Battle of Canterra)

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Chief Medical Officer's Office, USS Hawaii

Dr. Emerson smiled at those who caught her eye she made her way to the senior medical officer's office. Not for the first time, she wondered if she should've brought something with her as a gift, but even though her diplomatic training would suggest she try to bridge the gap between their species by offering something simple, she decided the best approach would be not to overthink it and to get to know the doctor as an individual first. It was important to her to get to know people and their cultures, but it was also just as important to her not to treat others as simply representatives from their home worlds.

Still, she'd never worked directly with anyone like him before, and she found herself excited by the prospect of learning something new. She pressed the panel outside his office, announcing her presence.

" Come in." Replied the gorn from inside the office. He was working his way through the always growing reports he needed to check and store away int he ships medical database. Looking up he put on the best smile his reptilian face he could manage. " Wyndsor Emerson isssn't it?"

Wyndsor entered as directed and smiled as she realized the physician already knew her name. "That's correct, Doctor. I thought it best I come by and introduce myself. I would expect us to be working quite closely together... and to be honest, I've never worked with a Gorn before and was eager to get to know you."

" Pleassse call me Sssthilg." The doctor said as he held out his hand.

Wyndsor took the doctors hand and took note of its feel, automatically noticing the difference in temperature and sensation. "Thank you. Please call me Wyndsor ."

"Very well Wyndsor would you like a drink? We just got the replicators working?" the gorn responded.

"I'd love an iced mocha raktajino, thank you," Wyndsor answered. Initially, she had been concerned her natural instincts would lead her to be afraid of the medical officer, not on a conscious level, but on a primitive level. She was relieved to realize, however, the more time passed, the more comfortable she was becoming.

The gorn smiled before walking over to the replicator " One iced mocha raktajino and one protein shake with reptile supplement 0345. " He said before the two drink appeared and he carried them over. " So how the Hawaii treating you?" he asked politely.

Wyndsor smiled her thanks as she accepted her drink. Considering the doctor's question, the counselor answered, "So far things are going well. Truthfully, I haven't spent much time getting to know the ship per se, but I'd like to get to know the crew better. I suppose it's a hazard of the profession that perhaps you can relate to?""

" True I've been getting sssickbay ready for operationsss. Haven't had much chance to meet my ssstaff. " The doctor replied as he sat opposite the councilor.

Wyndsor wondered if any of the staff had worked with a Gorn before. "I'm curious, is it difficult meeting new people? I'll admit, I've never worked with a member of your species before and I wasn't sure what to expect. I know intellectually, I have no reason to fear you, but as you know, we can't control our primitive fear response."

" I'm ussse to it by now. I'll admit i'm not a very good gorn ssso I just let my ssskillss and actionsss ssspeak for me." The doctor replied politely.

Emerson found the doctor"s last comment intriguing. "Not a good Gorn? I'm not sure what you mean by that."

" I grew up on a colony in the middle of nowhere. We had very little time to learn about gorn culture and after it's collapse al i had was the federation. What i learned about my people'sss culture wasss from the federationsss databassse and i'm bad at most of it. " the gorn explained.

"It's interesting that you would characterize yourself as a bad example of your people because of circumstances that were out of your control," the counselor remarked.

" Just consssider it the ramblingsss of an old doctor who'sss lived long enough to bump around the universe and meet my own people. Mossst consider me mad for working in ssstarfleet. " Replied the reptile.

Wyndsor laughed. "You're certainly not the only one who's been accused of that. I say you're quite interesting, Doctor, and I thank you for the chat. I won't keep you from your work any longer, but I'm wondering, might you want to get lunch sometime? I'd love to hear more about your people and experiences in Starfleet."

" I would be happy to. I have....." The gorn replied for his combadge bleeped. " Doctor can you please report to engineering. "

" Well I'll see you later." Sthilg said standing up from his desk.

Wyndsor nodded as she stood. "I look forward to it, Doctor."


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