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To Rip The Scales From Our Eyes

Posted on 08 Mar 2019 @ 10:18am by Major Terrance West & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens & Lieutenant Jinn Tevran & First Lieutenant Gregor Goss & Lady Sif

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Detainee Interrogation Room
Timeline: XFY II+4, 21 Jan, 2389


[Medical isolation Ward - Deck 11]

S'Char'thr lay on the bed and glowered at the two Marines stood by the door.
He had been conscious for about a day now, he was unsure what the Federation Healers had done to him. He had dressings over his left arm and shoulders where he had been hit by a phaser; another on his head where one of the green clad Troopers had hit him with a rifle butt and his left leg was encased in some kind of splint device.

He was sure they had been doing unpleasant things to him but he was not in much pain, although he hissed and snarled anytime one of the Healers tried to give him drugs. Although alarmingly they did not seem afraid of him and he found himself speaking with them more than the guards. The only thing he had accepted was another covering, since this ship was so much colder than he was used to.

He was sure they would interrogate and torture him soon enough and was determined not to be drugged up when it happened. Since he had not been fortunate enough to die in battle it was his duty and honor as a Phalanx Trooper to resist any such attempts.

Preferably he would like to get free to kill some more of these murderous Humans and their allies.

He had grown bored with trying to unsettle them. He had rattled the restraints at his wrists and ankles, hissed and spat at them, even snapped at them when one came over to check the restraints but the two green Troopers did not respond.

He was starting to feel hungry but he would never ask this scum for food.

The door opened and two more of the green Troopers entered along with one of the Healers, they spoke with his guards then moved over and began to check his restraints. He was going to try to bite one of them but a guard leveled his weapon at S'Char'thr's head and he decided to bide his time. He could wait to taste their flesh again.

The check over, they began to move his bed out of the room. They pushed it down a corridor into a lift and then out, down another corridor into another room.

[Interview room 1; Main Brig - Deck 14]

This one was different. It was brightly lit, there was no furniture besides two chairs and he blinked in the bright lights. They moved his bed over to one wall, then all four left him alone.

He looked around, it did not look like a detention cell, nor a torture cell. he could not see any signs of monitoring equipment, just bare walls, ceiling and floor; all in a sort of shiney gray colour. Perhaps this was where they would interrogate him he wondered.

[Interview room 1 - Observation room; Main Brig - Deck 14]

Gregor waited in the observation room, watching as the Gorn prisoner was brought in. He silently observed as the alien took in the new surroundings. He looked for anything that would give away what his subject was thinking. Soon the others would arrive and things would begin in earnest.

Juan made his way through unfamiliar corridors, headed to a room he preferred not to visit. Though he had certainly benefited from information gained through interrogation, it remained very much on the "other side" of Starfleet's activities for him, "peace-keeping" rather than peaceful. Now he was expected to help bridge those two worlds. So he made his way to the interrogation room, to watch a prisoner being interrogated. He wondered if they would learn anything of value from this grunt, or just variations on Gorn bayonet drill. He stopped as he reached a pair of doors, and stepped through the first, entering a shadowy box that looked through one-way transparent aluminum into a brightly lit, sterile room beyond.

West had received notice that the XO was to view the interrogation, so he marched up to provide top cover. Arriving shortly after Zamora, West kept a straight face as he entered the room, yet noted the same security set up that was in place for Sthilg. West made a mental note to put more guards on duty, marines, if needed.

"Commander," West nodded.

"Major," Juan returned the greeting. "Are you optimistic that we'll learn anything valuable from this?"

"Considering we did not have a chance to interrogate our own Gorn Doc, I would say yes," West answered candidly while glancing at Stevens.

"Thank you Major, I hope you are right." Juan replied, crossing his arms as he peered through the barrier at the new 'subject.'

Jinn strode down the hallway with a casual attitude. He hadn't been on the Hawaii long and he was already getting into the fun stuff. He knew the ship had captured one of the Gorn from their previous engagement and he'd been hoping he would get a crack at the interrogation, at least as an observer. Although he was taking over at CIO, he didn't quite want to step on any toes yet. You caught more flies with honey, after all, and there were potential intelligence leaks at every turn.

The door to the interrogation room slid open and he put a stern expression onto his face. Three men had arrived before him, two Marines and the XO.

He didn't delve, but picked up varying surface thoughts from the men, almost a hesitance from the XO and an intense neutrality from the Marines. He enjoyed working alongside Marines, they almost always had "quiet" minds on the surface, repressing so much in the name of duty.

He gave them all a nod. "Gentlemen."

Harry stood against the wall with his arms folded as he waited to get started in finding out what the prisoner knew, he said, "we ready to get this show on the road?" as he had other pressing investigations running like the missing crew. as he looked over at his roommate as Sif lay down by his feet, he asked Cortez "Are you alright?"

Cortez leaned with her back against the wall too, one foot on it for balance, and stared straight ahead. "I'm doing good. I want to get this interrogation done. I've still got another report to finish off."

"As do I hon," replied Harry as he looked back at her, he continued," I just hope that this does not go pear shaped," as he knew that both he and the XO had to make the reports. as he looked back at Cortez who still was not happy with the living arrangements.

"Alright everyone, shall we begin?" Gregor questioned.

"If I may make a suggestion?" Jinn began. "While my ability to read a mind as alien as a Gorn is more limited than say, a humanoid, I can still get a sense of his emotional state with regards to your questioning."

He shrugged. "I may not be able to read its exact thoughts, but unless it's had a tremendous amount of training to counter a telepathic reading, I can certainly let you know if he's lying or deceiving you, to help guide you down the right line of questioning."

"Thank you," Gregor replied. "I'm sure that would be very helpful." He fished in a pocket for a second before holding up something small and black. "I'll have you in my ear, so tell me whatever you can," he explained, placing the receiver in his right ear.

"Will do," Jinn replied. "This will work best the less agitated we can keep it. If it starts to get worked up and aggressive, it'll be harder to glean anything without trying to blunt force my way in and that could overwhelm both of us."

"I'll keep that in mind," Gregor replied solemnly as he stepped out the door.

[Interview room 1; Main Brig - Deck 14]

S'Char'thr looked up when the door slid open. It was another of the green Federation Troopers, not one of his guards, but he thought he had seen it before, at the fight. It might be a Talon of some sort he thought, no doubt come to gloat over him. He set his jaw and sneered at it.

"Alright, to begin with, I want you to tell me your name, rank, and number," Gregor directed, voice even. He wasn't familiar with interrogation techniques, so he tried to use the same brusque, authoritative tone he would when giving direct orders.

S'Char'thr hissed at the Human making demands of him "Why?"

"So that we can inform your next of kin that you are alive under our custody, as well as for keeping records. And, most importantly, because I want to know them." Gregor explained evenly.

"My Next of Kin?" The Gorn asked, puzzled, "If you mean my Nest-Mates, they are already aware, I am taken in battle. I care not what you want to know

"Tell me the name of your vessel, and of the unit it is attached to," Gregor ordered.

"So, you did not defeat her" The Gorn sneered "Else you would already know"

"Tell me your vessel's mission in this region of space," Gregor asked.

"I will not" The Gorn closed his snout and looked away from the Human.

Jinn furrowed his brow as he concentrated on the thoughts behind the Gorn's answers. "Apply a bit more pressure on the fate of the vessel. There's a lot of pride there. Implying there was a lot of damage will start to throw him off-balance."

Gregor quirked an eyebrow as he digested the message. "No matter, the objectives of a failed mission are only of historical interest after all. And, futile though it is, I have to commend you for trying to keep your ship's name off the list of our kills." He replied to the prisoner.

The Gorn shrugged "I do not care what you commend. The Victors write history and the Hegemony will be the Victors. We will have what is ours, and our own list of kills."

"Victors? When the best you can send at us was that pathetic sagging garbage scow? Don't delude yourself, we opened it up to the vacuum so easily, such thin skin, I shudder to think that such inferior work could be considered an improvement." Gregor needled back.

S'Char'thr listened as the Human Talon yelled at him, the insults were outrageous. But so far that was all the Human had done, yell and shout demands, clearly they were an inferior species, unable to even handle prisoners.

He had also seen the damage the Rends with teeth had taken and survived during the flight in the raider craft to board this ship. It was unlikely they had managed to destroy it, even if they had he knew the First Talon would have made them pay a dear price.

He snarled back "We rammed your sister ship, tore it's belly open and took prisoners for our sport! While this vessel ran away! Then we sliced open your hull and boarded you!

"You Humans are cowards! You left your own comrades to fall to our Talon while you saved yourselves! I know who is inferior here!"

"I see, and we're such inferior cowards that we killed your comrades, and forced your 'Talon' to skulk off in disgrace. Or that's what they must think, they can't know that we're following them, reeling them in to finish our job," Gregor bluffed. "And we inferior cowards would be happy to educate you in the benefits of being like us, starting with the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Then perhaps, after you've had some time to 'appreciate' our way of life, you might be more open to answering a few simple questions."

S'Char'thr snorted loudly. Partly in derision at the Human's lies and partly in relief. It was as he had thought, the Human had been lying to him about destroying the Rend's with teeth, but it had been unnerving to think of the ship falling to this fool.

And now this so called Talon was going to torture him by changing his meals?!

These creatures were truly weak, however had they managed to hold back the Hedgemony in the past?

Then he remembered the ruins of their capital after the Federation had exploded an atomic device. They were weak and used such weapons instead!

"I have tasted the flesh of your comrades Human" He snarled "And I shall do so again!"

"You're losing him," Jinn said into the communicator. "Computer, lower temperature in interrogation room by 5 degrees Celsius. Continue lowering temperature at a rate of 1 degree per minute. Gorn are cold-blooded, this should give you an edge, Lieutenant."

"So I've heard," Gregor replied to both statements, giving a nod. "And you will, of course, stand trial for that. I am here offering you a chance to help yourself, cooperate with us, and we might see fit to grant you a few comforts in your imprisonment. Make life difficult for us, and we'll see to it that you live a very long, meatless, life in a penal colony on Andor, or somewhere similar. You'll serve out the rest of your days on an ice world, nearer to Cardassia than Gornar, or perhaps it might suit us to send you to one of our holdings in the Delta Quadrant. You call me weak because I won't hurt your body here and now. You lack so much imagination, real torment takes decades, and neither I nor anyone else will ever lay a finger on your perfectly healthy body. You will feel a pain of the spirit so profound that you cannot even fathom it yet, when every day is misery for decade upon grinding decade, when you haven't seen another member of your species, and you know in your heart that you never will again, then you will understand how truly tiny a fleeting physical pain is by comparison."

"Stand Trial?" The Gorn repeated the phrase slowly, tipping it's head to one side. Then it gave a wide leer, showing it's many teeth and the talons on it's hands clicked.

"Undo these restraints and I will stand any trial of combat you wish! And there will be no use of chemicals and shiney rocks this time Human!

"We will never forget the petty tricks of your Talon Kirk!" The Gorn began to tug on the restraints around it's wrists, snapping it's jaws in frustration.

"You are weak!" It spat at Goss "You talk of trial but are too afraid to face me!"

"You misunderstand me, we do not acknowledge trial by combat, instead you will be brought before a military tribunal, they will see the evidence of your crimes, and pass judgement accordingly. I wasn't lying when I said you should look forward to spending the rest of your days as our prisoner. So, again, I am offering you a chance to ease your coming suffering."

"Crimes?!" S'Char'thr hissed, becoming enraged at the gaul of these creatures. "Crimes?! How dare you speak of crimes! When you and the Federation are the criminals! You invade our space! You steal planets that are ours! You cannot defeat us in combat so you detonate atomic weapons on our home world! You seek to destroy the Hegemony! You are thieves and murderers!"

The Gorn still struggled in the restraints and snapped out at Goss, some of his wounds opened up and pale brown blood seeped out as the creature seethed in fury. "I will be liberated when the Rends with teeth returns! And you will kneel before the First Talon to beg for your life!"

Gregor grit his teeth at the sight and turned away slightly, activating his earpiece. "Subject is becoming too agitated, recommend sedation, interrogation will have to continue in later sessions."

[Interview room 1 - Observation room; Main Brig - Deck 14]

"I don't know how far we want to push regulations," Jinn began on the comm. "But it may be a wiser decision to leave him conscious in the ever so-slightly cooling interrogation room. Eventually, the physiological effects will be akin to us doping him and may weaken his resolve whether he wills it or not."

"I vote not, we're veering dangerously close to torture as things stand right now," Gregor hissed,struggling to keep his voice low. "Medical will not be pleased, and I don't want to add a reprimand or worse to my record."

It wouldn't do any good to pursue the matter over comms, so Jinn simply replied with a "Roger that."

Torture? West thought. He was livid this Gorn was eating Starfleet personnel. Yet what they were doing to him was definitely not torture, at least in his book.

Jinn's mind was already expanded outward, so he caught the disappointment from Major West. They were aligned on this. He filed that away.

[Interview room 1 - Observation room; Main Brig - Deck 14]

The Interview room door slid open revealing Master Chief Petty Officer Nurse Mary O’Halloran and two other Nurses. She pushed past the two Marines outside the door, marched straight into the room and up to Goss. The big Marine towered over the short Irish woman but completely undaunted by his size she got in close and looked him right in the face.

"Just what do you think you're doing to my patient laddy?!"She demanded, her brogue thick with indignation. "This is Starfleet, not the Spanish Inquisition! Just look at the state you've got him in!"

Without waiting for an answer from Goss she turned on her heel and marched over to the bed. Taking a small case from one of the other Nurses, she opened it and took out several pads of dressings.

"And as for you!" She fixed the Gorn with a steely glare "Didn't I be telling you about pulling on them restraints?! Look what you've done, opened up your wounds, so you have!"

The Gorn hissed, thrashed around and snapped at her, it's large teeth inches from her face. O'Halloran reached out and slapped the Gorn hard across the snout. "And we'll be having none of that either my lad!"

The Gorn flinched back, blinking in astonishment. Then a low growl began in it's throat.

O'Halloran wagged her finger in it's nose "You'll lie there quietly while I tend to these. And don't be giving me any of that nasty growling and hissing either!"

She took the pads, began mopping up the blood and applying pressure to the wound on it's left arm.

"Nurse Palin, tend to the other arm please" O'Halloran instructed. The Nurse hesitated. "Come on now, he won't hurt you" O'Halloran fixed the Gorn with a hard stare.

The Gorn looked wide eyed at her and the other Nurse but stopped growling and then over at Goss almost in embarrassment.

Gregor could only stand still and look on as the Nurse took masterful charge of the room. He bit his tongue, and tried to take in what he could of the situation, in case it should be useful later.

"Nurse Michael, tape" O'Halloran said holding out her hand to the third Nurse, who handed some over and O'Halloran began fixing a pad in place.

"Now then, why don't you just tell the...gentleman... here" She gave Goss a look indicating she was only being polite. "What you told me about that Commander of yours?"

The Gorn shook it's head and looked away. It shivered, noticing the room had gotten colder now that it was calming down.

"Ah come on now, what was her name? Sad Salt? something like that? "O'Halloran continued. "And you'll be turning up the heating now laddy, 'tis like 'Derry Bay in here on a winters night! " This last to Goss.

"Yes Nurse," Gregor affirmed, going over to a section of mirrored wall that changed to show an LCARS screen. He tapped out a few commands, and kept his ears pricked to listen in on the others.

"You were telling me how brave she was, fighting her way up to a command" O'Halloran spoke in a relaxed conversational tone as she bound up the Gorn's arm."And how you were proud to serve with her, although Sad Salt seems a bit of a strange name, so it does"

"Szt-Thalz" The Gorn corrected her "The First Talon's name is Szt-Thalz"

"Ah that's right" O'Halloran replied, going around the bed to check Nurse Palin's work "And she's high up your society, 'cos she was first born?"

"First hatched" The Gorn corrected again "She was in the first ten of her brood to emerge from their eggs. But then they must still compete to show worthiness for promotion and she has risen quickly to be a First Talon." Pride evident in his voice now.

"First Talon?" O'Halloran repeated the term, still keeping the tone relaxed "So that's like Captain? And what did you say her ship is? The "Chews with teeth?"

"Rend, Rends with teeth" The Gorn replied "And she will be back for vengeance!" Starting to get worked up again.

"Now now laddy, don't you be getting yourself all worked up again" O'Halloran patted the Gorn's arm. "I think that's enough for now, we'll be taking you back to sick bay." She activated the anti-grav lift on the bed. "Nurses, take our patient back to his room."

Palin and Michael maneuvered the bed out of the door. The Gorn flicked a last look at Goss, it was hard to tell if it felt safer in the interrogation room or with O'Halloran. The two Marine guards shrugged and fell in behind.

O'Halloran turned to Goss "Maybe next time, Mister Marine, you'll come ask those of us who've been looking after the beasty for the last four days if we've been speaking with him..."

"Perhaps I should, thank you Nurse," Gregor replied. "Um..." He started to say something else, but decided to keep it to himself.

O'Halloran was about to leave then stopped "And just so you don't get the wrong idea Lieutenant. I do know exactly whose side I am on.

"But right now that beasty, whatever he's done, is still my patient."

"Yes, naturally," Gregor said as he nodded stiffly back.

O'Halloran gave him a nod and followed on after her Nurses.

[Interview room 1 - Observation room; Main Brig - Deck 14]

Jinn listened to the exchange with a bit of a smirk. Not asking the nurses for any information they had gleaned from the prisoner was certainly an oversight. He made a note to perhaps find an excuse to visit sickbay to talk up the nurses and perhaps even the prisoner, on his own.

West looked over at the Intelligence Officer and could not help smiling. "Well, shoot, next time we should've just sent the damn nurses in to interrogate 'im. Gonna have to talk to our new CMO about borrowing 'em in the future."

"Yes, perhaps we ought to," Juan commented uneasily.

"Oh boy," replied Harry this wasn't good news that they only got a small amount of information, as he tapped his hand on the side of his leg to call Sif.

As Lady Sif looked up from her spot and walked over to Harry as she knew that it was time to go with her master, as she could sense that the female who shared their home was upset and would try and help her.

"I will be posting a squad of marines in sickbay. We don't need another Gorn hunt aboard our ship," West glanced at Stevens.


S'Char'thr; Line Leader; First Phalanx
GHS Rends with teeth
NPC'd by Tolkath

CDR Juan J. Zamora, SF
USS Hawaii XO

LTJG Harry Stevens, SF

LTJG Jinn Tevran, SF
USS Hawaii INT

LTJG Eira Cortez, SF

Maj Terrance "Terry" West, SFMC
USS Hawaii

1LT Gregor Goss, SFMC
USS Hawaii
NPC'd by Zamora

MCPO Mary O'Halloran SF
USS Hawaii Head Nurse
NPC'd by Tolkath


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