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Which Doctor?

Posted on 19 Feb 2019 @ 8:23pm by Commander Juan Zamora & Lieutenant T'Lara

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: Morning, 21 Jan. 2389

Juan sipped from his now seemingly ever-present mug of coffee as he perused a checklist of departure preparations. In no time at all they would be leaving for the front, Hawaii would once again be the tip of the spear, and it fell in part to him to ensure that the ship and her crew would be ready when the time came.

Overall there hadn't been too many Surprises, and it looked like they might not be grossly underprepared when they shipped out, things were just about settled. So, it was with a note of incredulity that he read one of his newest messages and saw that the new Chief Medical Officer was coming aboard along with the last batch of supplies and materials.

"Computer," He began as soon as he had finished swallowing, "Inform the new CMO when she comes aboard that I want to see her in my office as soon as possible."

T'Lara boarded the impressive ship. After serving on a base this was a change. Her bag over her shoulder she looked around at the people walking around getting her back in to shape. The last report she read they have been in a heavy battle. Lost a lot of people and many people in sickbay.

She asked for her stuff to brought in to her quarters, so she could go to sickbay right away. She had a report it was in some kind of disarray when the casualties came in during the battle. She walked in to sickbay and one of the nurses rushed over to her immediately seeing her uniform and rank she was immediately handed a pad.

"Doctor the woman said, this the status report for sickbay. There is no time right now, even though we could use you here right now, the first officer would like to see you immediately," She said.

T'Lara took the padd and handed her bag to the nurse. "Put this in my offices please." She looked to the padd. "Have all the current patient's record on my desk, I will come to assist you as soon as I spoken to the commander." She then walked with the padd in her hand out of sickbay.

She was wondering why the commander would want to speak with her. At first glance of the status report, she would think her time was better spend in sickbay at the moment.

As she found her way with the help of the computer she came to the office and rang the chime and waited for the XO to let her in.

"Ah, Doctor, thank you for coming so promptly" Juan welcomed her. "Please take a seat." He gestured to the chairs in front of his desk. "I wanted to make sure I spoke with you, given that we are due to be leaving for Canterra so soon."

T'Lara nodded and sat down in the chair. "I understand that. I can tell I have a lot of work ahead of me." She held up the padd that was handed to her by the nurse. "I glanced it briefly, so I hope I you will not keep me here longer than necessary."

"That is my goal." Juan agreed. "By the time we reach Canterra, this ship must be battle ready. It appears that you grasp some of the urgency of our situation already, but I want to make sure it is impressed on you, we need everyone possible fit for duty as quickly as possible. So, your first duty will be to review your supplies and make sure to request anything else you expect to need. Our window to bring in new supplies is about to end. Next, or concurrently, you will need to transfer any of the wounded, at least those who are not absolutely essential, and who will not be fully recovered by the time we reach our destination over to XFY. "

T'Lara nodded and said, "Of course, sir. Is there anything else you need from me? I'll most likely have a full medical report for you by the end of the day. I also have to read in to the patients medical records."

"Other than that, I need to know what cooperation you might need from any other departments, and then I will leave you to your work."

T'Lara had to think about that question a moment. "Well to be honest, I just arrived on the ship, and aside from the report I got from my head nurse, I think she is, I haven't looked over the needs of the department yet, or anything we might need from the other departments. I will have to make an assessment of that first. I could make a list before lunch, would you like it, or should I send it to the appropriate department head?" She explained and then inquired.

"Thank you, you can send that report to me, and to the ops chief once you have it," Juan answered. "I apologize that it's such short notice, but you'll soon come to understand that things happen quickly on the Hawaii."

"It is quite alright, commander, it has been a while, but I used to be accustom to things happening quickly." She said assuming he had read her file.

"Excellent, now, if you would be so kind as to wait with me a few minutes, I will bring in our Current CMO to help you get started.," Juan affirmed.


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