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The last thing...

Posted on 14 Mar 2019 @ 1:12am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Sickbay - Quarantine room
Timeline: 2 weeks after the Second Battle of XFY

Soundtrack - Monochrome no kiss by Sid from Black Butler


The sickbay was occasionally busy, people went in and out, yet Deeli had barely woken up a few days ago and was still getting used to the idea of what just happened. Dr. Amur did explain it in big lines, but still. Her whole nerve system was rebuilt on various parts of her body due to the extensive damage the toxic had done. She should be dead. Sitting up on her bed, Deeli stared at her hand that felt weird.

Akio rushed immediately to sickbay as soon as Amur informed him Deeli was awake. He had been in his ready room, yet that was probably the fastest any one had seen him move.

"Kosu?" Akio asked, seeing her conscience.

Hearing a familiar voice, a voice she did not want to be facing right now. Deeli laid her hand down as her eyes diverted to Akio "...Captain Tachibana" She wanted to stay formal, confused as to how to react to him. Why does he always see her in a weak condition, a position that she was ashamed off as she looked away after meeting his eyes, struggling with the idea of being in the bed.

"How are you?" Akio asked, feeling sad for seeing Kosu in such a weakened state, yet so happy she was awake.

'Is that all you have to say two weeks after that...kiss' Deeli blushes and turned her head the other way "I...I guess I am alright, had better days" She shrugs a bit "We won the battle... congrats" Deeli mutters a bit.

"Someone told you?" Akio wondered how long Kosu had been awake.

Shaking her head slightly and carefully looked at Akio "The ship is pretty much intact, that tells me enough as Engineer" She pointed out and shrugs " are you?" Deeli looked down to her hands "I mean I heard a lot got wounded from Doctor Amur."

"Always an engineer," Akio gave a weak smile. "Yes, the battle was tough. We thought we lost you..." Akio let the words hang in the air.

She felt her heart bounce in her chest when he said that "Really...I did what was required to succeed the mission," Deeli tried to get out of it.

"You did more than what was required, Kosu," Akio said softly.

She still wondered how he felt, "But you have not answered my question, how ...are you?"

She confirmed she wasn't awake when Akio visited her earlier. He had to turn around or he would have lost it right there.

What was he supposed to say?

"I was... worried," Akio managed to say.

That made her heart skip a beat as Deeli felt her face getting warmer "Damn it Akio" She muttered and balled her hand into a fist as she looked with uncertainty to him " sorry that I was reckless. I... I should have checked the torpedo in the rack. I disappointed you" Deeli was confused, why did she say that? What would she care if another person would feel disappointed in her, her family was it already. But for some reason, she felt sad that he was worried about her. Her eyes were getting watery.

Akio turned around. He was frowning, yet not by what she was saying. He had to keep it together.

"You did not disappoint us at all," Akio stroked her hair. "You are very brave."

Feeling his hand in over her hair, Deeli wanted to protest but felt frozen, not uncomfortable frozen, but warm frozen? That did not make any sense in her mind " the fuck am I brave Akio" She shrugs not looking at him, she felt ashamed and felt like her emotions were letting go again "I cursed the whole time...I did not want to be there" She lets her head hang a bit "I...I desired to be here. With you....I got no idea what is going on with me"

Akio returned his hand to his side at Kosu's outburst.

"You saved our crew. You brought back an enemy torpedo. You can kick and scream, yet that does not change what you did."

She suddenly lets her hand go out to his uniform jacket and held it "Don't..." Deeli felt her underlip shake "I did what you ordered me to do. The last thought that went through me...was you" Looking with tears now rolling down her cheeks at Akio "You are the last thing I remember before I woke up here"

Akio couldn't hold back any longer. He embraced Kosu into his chest and felt tears fall from his face.

Getting onto his chest, Deeli looked shocked if not surprised and didn’t know how to react to this “A..kio?” Feeling her own tears as she could feel his emotions and he could feel hers “You.... are worried?why...”

Akio looked at the curtain to make sure no one was around.

"Ever since that kiss... I do not know what is going on. We cannot be together, yet..." Akio looked into Kosu's eyes.

“Together...” She felt confused and yet his words reaches her, it felt different as if warmth cane over her. But at the end of his sentence she felt an intense sadness as more tears rolled over her cheek “Mm eh yea I get it” She didn’t know how to process this, She was an anti social person that hated any interaction and here she was being... rejected?

Akio felt her push away. "I do not think you do," he rubbed her two pips on her collar. "You are a Lieutenant. I am a Captain. The heart wants what the heart wants, yet think of the consequences. Not to mention I am over a decade older than you," the Captain looked away, lest more tears would escape to the surface.

“I don’t understand any of this, my whole life I have been rejected by society because I was different Akio” Deeli sighs at that “I would give it all away, I don’t care about ranks or positions or even people... but somehow I ... care for you” She made a fool out of herself “If you asked me to do the mission again with the same result... I do it without any doubt. Not for Starfleet but for you.”

Akio turned back to Kosu. It was as if he was on autopilot. His hand brushed up against her check and he brought his head down, slowly, until their lips touched.

Letting her body go over to him as she closed her eyes feeling the lips of her Captain touch hers. The warm feeling, the softness of it was a jolt of joy going through her body as Deeli placed her hand on his face.


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Deeli Kosu, LT, SF


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