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The New Face in Engineering

Posted on 19 Dec 2018 @ 10:53pm by Commander Juan Zamora & Ensign Edtoto Nar'Sivaro (Jan 2389-POW-TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY)
Edited on on 21 Dec 2018 @ 7:59am

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: 1048 20 Jan, 2389 - After the Battle of XFY

The story of the Wyoming kept growing stranger and stranger. Following this most recent battle, it had gone from being lost with with all hands, to bolstering the crew of the Hawaii. It was something for him to think about at least as he made his way to engineering, he wanted to make sure he spoke with all the new additions from the lost vessel. The documents he had suggesting this could be an interesting meeting, the new engineer was a reptiloid. Given the crew's recent experiences, he wondered darkly if she would have problems integrating herself with the rest of Hawaii's crew. By now his musing had brought him to the entrance of main engineering, time to see what reality had in store. He stepped inside and searched for the new engineer's characteristic silhouette. Once he found the likeliest candidate he approached to a respectful distance and announced himself by clearing his throat. "*A-hem* Ensign Nar'Sivaro?"

The woman sat at a desk, an analogue screwdriver in hand, working on something. "Just Nar, or Edtoto, Sivaro is my clan species," she muttered, not in spite but in thought as she turned around, looking at the Commander. "Hello Commander. I was actually just thinking about you and the other command staff," she said, opening a small black case and placing what she was working on inside. "Though, to further, calling me Sivaro is similar to me calling you Commander Zamora Latino, if that makes sense. This was just the easiest way to translate," she muttered, looking back and forth, seeming to avoid direct eye contact. "I don't mind, however, I just thought you would like to know."

"Ah, my mistake" Juan demurred. He remained impassive as he came around to the front of the desk. "So, Ensign Nar, I know it's only been a short time since you came aboard, but I wanted to ask you how you have been settling in. Have you encountered any problems so far?"

"I have had little sleep," She said, a panel lighting up. She pushed herself into her feet, and under her skirted uniform he could see one of her legs were made of a crude metal and springs. "Work has kept me busy, I'm happy no one has commented on me being here," she added, tapping a few buttons. "I'm not, I don't believe, actually scheduled to be on duty in the first place," she mumbled. "I say that simply so no one will say I am lying..."

Juan's eyebrow shot up on his forehead as he took in the new arrival's injury. "Well, I strongly encourage you to get enough rest, we want our crew to be at their best. No one would fault you for focusing on your recovery after having been so recently trapped in such, hmm, difficult circumstances. Speaking of which, have you met with counseling? For that matter, have you visited the medical department?"

"Not exactly, at least not since I was checked for injuries" Edtoto said without looking up, finishing what she was doing and moving to sit back down again. "I find it difficult to sleep, and I find it difficult to eat," She said, taking a deep breath, smoothing out her yellow uniform. "I can be more useful if I work, speaking of," She said, taking the black case and turning around.

Juan could now see that the leg was exemplary crude, but looked like her other leg. The toes were either articulate, if only in the most basic sense. "I wanted to thank the command staff somehow," She said, holding up the case for Juan to take. "I built it from memory. Federation may consider it crude, but in our current situation, you may one day find it useful," She explained. "I plan to make more for all the command staff. I would appreciate them having a better way to defend themselves."

"Well, I appreciate the thought, and thank you." Juan said reflexively as he took the case, and, curiosity getting the better of him, lifted the lid. Seeing a firearm gleaming dully inside, he felt a strange, unpleasant feeling well up inside of him. He shouldn't have anything to do with guns, he was a man of peace, in a war zone, where one might very well need to have a gun. He snapped the lid closed with perhaps a bit more force than was strictly needed. He kept his expression carefully schooled as he started to speak again. "I can see that you took great care in making it. But I am afraid I must insist that you visit counseling and sickbay. I can appreciate that you may want to be as self-sufficient as possible, but in this case the regulations leave no alternative. All crew members must submit themselves to at least a basic medical and psychological examination when they join."

Edtoto was quiet for a moment, her lips pulling back in a toothy grimace, making it look as if she were about to snarl. "Of course sir. A simple medical and Psychological examination..." She whispered, standing up. "I will start on my way then if you don't mind," She said, starting to walk, struggling a touch as she did.

"The Gorn are an interesting race? Are they not?" She asked as she walked, her hand slowly starting to curl, her tail low, hardly lifted from the ground.

"Interesting, certainly, but in my experience best studied from afar." Juan offered, deciding to accompany the distressed engineer for a little longer.

The Vekimen's head twitched to the side, her eyes furrowing. "Yes, Commander, I whole heartedly agree," Edtoto mumbled, continuing to walk. "I," She started, her arm jerking slightly. "I know far more about them than I did before," She said, continuing to walk. "And they seemed interested in my species's ability to regenerate, and... Angry that I rejected their implants," She commented, looking at the commander.

"I hope you would not be cross if I took some time to build something after my trip to medical. I, would like, to keep my mind busy," Edtoto frowned, looking at the floor as they came up to the medical bay. "I would like to figure out what caused the failure of my Phaser on the Wyoming."

"That is up to you, if it will put your mind at ease, I suppose I cannot fault it." Juan replied.

"Thank you commander, I hope it will put my mind at ease," She said, finally looking him in the eye and nodding, walking into the Medical Bay.


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