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Head 'em off at the pass

Posted on 04 Dec 2018 @ 3:58am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander Juan Zamora & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Lieutenant Junior Grade Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: USS Hawaii, Near Space
Timeline: Immediately after "Clearing the Decks."


[Deck 12 External hull - Gorn Raider Ship]

ZilGarz clambered out through the hole he had breached into the Federation ship's hull. He felt a momentary tug as he passed through the forcefield they had put in place to seal the hole. Out on the deck were the remainder of his Phalanx, only five of them had made it out. Two of them had the specimen bag containing Sithig. The traitor was pressing his talons to the inside of the bag, it's mouth was moving but no sound could be heard in the cold vacuum.

One of his Phalanx pointed over ZilGarz's shoulder. He turned around, his boots clamping him to the deck plating. His breath caught in his throat at the sight.

There was a saucer section from their ship passing over his head. It was under full power and appeared to be heading directly at the Federation station. It had clearly been damaged, plasma was venting from the part side and there were numerous burnt and buckled plates from phaser hits.

+Where is the rest of our ship?+ One of his Phalanx asked

ZilGarz heard the fear in the trooper's voice. He too wondered if only the saucer had survived the battle. He scanned the debris field, then with relief he saw the Rend with teeth

The ship was moving away. For some reason it had discontinued the attack. he did not think the First Talon would have chosen such an action, she was not the type. But for whatever reason their ship was leaving and they would have to hurry to catch up to it.

+Back on the Raider! Now!+ He snapped +We have to leave!+

His Phalanx members hurried back to the open clam-shell doors. The two gunners who had stayed on the hull began to dismantle their heavy disrupters.

+Leave them! No wait, point the barrels at the hull and set them on full!+ ZilGarz ordered +Hurry!+

The two gunners complied, seconds later the paint began to blister and burn in two circles under the downward pointed disrupter barrels. Soon the hull plating was exposed and began to glow a bright orange.

ZiLGarz followed the two gunners up the ramp pf the Raider ship and the doors began to close behind him. +Pilot! Lift off! Get us back to the ship!+

There was a lurch as the magnetic lock was released, the ship lifted up, turned and accelerated away.

[Near Space]

=/\= "Flight 801, this is Lieu...This is Commander Zamora, break off your attack. A Gorn landing craft is fleeing from the Hawaii, Your orders are to intercept it before it can rendezvous with its mothership." =/\=

"Roger commander." Jenny replied tonelessly, banking her valkyrie around to fly away from the increasingly beleaguered Gorn cruiser. "Come on Knights, looks like we have a new target." Annoyed she looked at her instrument panel, searching for this missing lander. The Gorn ship was on the ropes, what idiot was having them break off to run this errand.

The remaining knights formed up on her wings and they flew together on the shortest path toward the Hawaii, falling back into search mode. Jenny felt a small sense of relief, being away from the nerve-frying intensity of direct combat, but she worried the lull would dull her senses and allow fatigue to set in. It felt almost as though she had been flying for weeks at this point, and she had an inkling that she would be a long time recovering.

She glanced back down at the instrument panel and saw a blip appear, in the distance. "Target acquired Knights, let's move in and catch them, standard floating box formation." She instructed.

The Gorn transport was flying at a good clip through space with its precious cargo. Seeing converging fighters, the transport called to the mother ship for protection.

+Phalanxsss to Rendsss with Teeth. We are inbound with fightersss trailing,+ The transport warned.

[Gorn Combat Crusier - Rends with teeth Battle Command Deck]

Szt-Thalz looked around, her command crew were frantically directing repairs and restoring power. An hour ago she had been preparing for the biggest victory of her life, imagining the rewards and power that would be hers. But now she was skulking away in a ruined ship.

Still the call from ZilGarz improved her mood a little. +You have our wayward one?+

+He is aboard Talon+ The Phalanx leader confirmed +Although unwillingly+

+This is of no matter!+ Szt-Thalz sanpped +We will rendevous with you immediately. Stand by for corrdinates+

+I obey Talon+ ZilGarz replied, nervously watching the closing fighters

"Propulsion Master, set course to rendevous with the Raider. Maximum speed!" Szt-Thalz ordered "I want all available disrupters to provide cover against those Federation fighter craft. The Raider must be brought aboard! I will tolerate no more failures!" She glared around the command deck as her staff hurried to obey.

[Near Space]

Aboard the Raider the pilot's panel lit up as the new flight plan was received. He turned on to the vector and accelerated up to cruising speed. It would be close with the fighters behind them, but if they could get within the Cruiser's weapons range they would make it. "Gunner, keep them off our tail!"

The rear gunner swung his turret about and began firing at the closing fighters.

The fighters adjusted as the Gorn transport switched headings and shot off.

"Okay Knights, this is it, this is going to be our only chance to catch them before they're back under the cruiser's guns. Fly hard and don't get sloppy!" Jenny called to her flyers, hearing whoops and affirmatives in return. "Three and Four, match their speed and advance in tandem, looks like they've only got one rear gun on that thing, I want you to engage tractor beams as soon as you're in range got it?" she instructed.

=/\= "Got it Jenny!" =/\= the flyers replied in unison.

"Great! Knight Five and I will target their engines." The four remaining Knights screamed up behind the fleeing raider, two of them sped up moving to flank it on either side. Meanwhile Jenny picked her targets and let loose with her valkyrie's weapons, trying to disable the raider's propulsion.

The Valkyries were closing and the turret disabled one of the fighters before the raider entered the flak screen of the cruiser. Heavy disrupter fire started targeting the Valkyries, yet not before one of the engines of the raider was damaged.

=/\= Knight One, Knight One, this is Hawaii... you are in their flak zone, disengage. I say again, you have entered enemy flak zone, disengage. =/\=

"Damn you lizards!" Jenny yelled as she pulled back and turned for safer territory, sending out one last micro-torp as a parting gift. "Break off and re-form, we've got to collect three," she ordered in frustration.


Juan "JJ" Zamora, CDR, SF

Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde, LTJG, SFFC
CO, FLT 801

Gorn Played by Tolkath & Akio


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