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GORN: Dealing with thieves

Posted on 29 Oct 2018 @ 3:18pm by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Gorn Cruiser & Near space
Timeline: Current


[Battle Command Deck – Gorn Hegemony Combat Cruiser: Rend with Teeth]

"Talon! We have been being boarded! Transporter signals on Deck Fifteen!" The Tactical Master called out "It is that shuttle craft!"

Szt-Thalz pounded the arm of her chair and glared at the Tactical Master. The Gorn had her head down at her panel. She knew the Talon was in no mood for I-told-you-so.

“Where and how many?” Szt-Thalz demanded.

“I have detected at least four transports. That could be as many as forty of them. They are somewhere in the Deck Fifteen cargo compartments” The Gorn worked her controls. “I cannot narrow it down further. The internal sensors are effected by whatever that damage is from the torpedo impacts.

“Send out an alert. I want them located and mobilize Second Phalanx to engage and destroy them!” The Talon ordered

The Battle Master prepared to make the announcement but was interrupted.

“Wait!” The Tactical Master interjected. “Command and Control Devices Ninety Seven and One Hundred Twelve have gone offline!” Each crew member carried a C&C Device. It was a communicator, tracker and bio-monitor. If they were offline it meant the two Gorn who carried them were dead!

“Where?” Szt-Thalz demanded.

“They were assigned to maintenance crew. Their battle station is Deck Fifteen” The Battle Master replied. He had pulled up the Device owners on the communication panel. “Although, one may only be injured, Device Ninety Seven is reactivating.”

There was a high pitched squeal from the speaker, then a humanoid voice could be heard saying “"It is now connected with ours to eavesdrop and translate. But only this one...I don't want two way intra-connection"

Szt-Thalz snorted “Shut it off! But can we track them with it?”

“Possibly, if we can get internal sensors back on” The Battle Master said. “Both the lost Devices are isolated. I am informing the crew to search out the intruders. Second Phalanx is ready to deploy!”

“Very well. Continue the attack” Szt-Thalz ordered, “Prepare another salvo of Venoms. Target both ships”

The command staff hustled to obey.

"Talon, a second Federation shuttle craft is closing!" The Tactical Master called out, "Attempting to lock point-defense disrupters. It came from the Insignia class vessel”"

“Destroy it!”

The Cruiser's defensive disrupters began tracking on the Runabout, firing a series of blasts as the small ship ducked and jinked through the debris field, narrowly missing it several times until the craft stopped behind an especially large piece of rock.

The Tactical Master kept the point defense weapons trained on the rock but slaved in one of the main disrupter arrays. She let the weapon fully charge and aimed it at the center of the rock. She set the beam to maximum and fired. The rock shattered and she had a brief glimpse of the shuttle rolling backwards before a cloud of pulverized rock covered it from sight. She fired the point defense disrupters in a wide pattern, sure that at least one would score a hit.

She looked down as an alarm sounded, her jaw dropped. They had been boarded again! She turned to tell the Talon. Szt-Thalz had heard the alarm and was glaring at her. “What is it now?”

“Talon… we… we have been boarded again” The Tactical Master kept her eyes down and waited for her commander’s wrath.

“Again?” Szt-Thalz asked, her voice was quiet but her claws raked the arm of her chair. “Where?”

“Deck Nine Talon, only one wave. I’m sure I hit the shuttle, there cannot be many of them.”

“Then since it was you who let them aboard I suggest you go and find out! Take Second Phalanx and destroy them all” Szt-Thalz ordered, eye locked on the Tactical Master. ‘You will lead them, from the front!”

“Yes Talon, I obey” The Tactical Master went directly to the transit tube.

Once she was gone Szt-Talon turned to the Battle Master. “If she survives, demote her and reassign her. I will not have incompetence on my command deck”

“I obey Talon”

“Now find those Federation skum so she can get rid of them!”

A few moments later he reported. “The damage from the torpedoes is still spreading but has slowed. Maintenance crews report it is some kind of nano-technology which is breaking down the molecular bonds of our hull!

He continued “It has severed several conduits in the ventral saucer strut. Internal sensors will be offline for at least three days and we will need a shipyard to make full repairs.”

The Talon pounded her chair in frustration.

“I have found the intruders though. There are three groups. One on Deck Nine, one on Deck Ten and the other is in the transit tube moving towards the ventral saucer Command Deck”

“Inform the Phalanx and their new leader” Szt-Thalz ordered. "And alert Third Talon on the secondary Command deck"

“First Phalanx has landed on the Sovereign vessel” Another officer reported “They are making entry to the hull”

“Good” Szt-Thalz smiled, finally some better news.

It was short lived as there was a flare on the viewscreen and the ship shook as it took another wave of phaser strikes from both of the Federation ships.

“Forward shields are at twenty one percent!” The Battle Master called “Six generators are off line! Recharge is delayed”

“Hold course. Emergency power to shields!” The Talon ordered “We are not turning from this fight!”

It was not going as well as she had expected. The two enemy ships were putting up unexpected resistance and she herself had been boarded. Still they were yet combat effective and she had her own Phalanx aboard the Sovereign vessel. She wanted to destroy the station but even if that was no longer possible she had to retrieve the Phalanx and their prisoner.

“Talon! The intruders on Deck Ten are trying to breach the torpedo assembly compartment!”

Thoughts whirled through her mind, what were they doing there? Was it a suicide mission to detonate their own torpedoes? A chain detonation of their supply of Venoms would surely destroy the cruiser and all aboard it, including the Starfleet personnel, but the Federation did not have the mental strength for such an action. What then? What did they want?

“Thieves!” Szt-Thalz screamed suddenly as she realized the intruder’s intent. The rest of her command crew looked at her uncomprehendingly. “They are thieves! They have come to steal the Venom technology! They must be stopped!”

“I have crew in the transit tube and members of Second Phalanx are on their way” The Battle Master called.

“Tell the Torpedo Specialists, the Venom is worth more than their lives! If they let the intruders take one, it had better be over their corpses!”

“Yes Talon” The Battle Master kept his head down as he relayed the Talon’s instruction. “They will do what is necessary Talon.”

“I expect nothing less.” She did not remind him that the Torpedo Specialists were under his command.

The cruiser continued to fight its way doggedly towards the Station, exchanging heavy fire with both of the Federation ships.

"Talon, the First Phalanx reports package secured; however, our shields are failing," reported another Gorn on at the terminal.

"Continue the attack!" After a few more minutes Szt-Thalz turned to her Battle Master. “What is happening on Deck Ten?”

The Gorn was examining his screens, then looked up towards her. She knew from his demeanor that it would not be good news.

“Second Phalanx has cleared Deck Ten” He began. “They report there has been a leak of the bio-toxin payloads.” He looked down, unable to meet her gaze.


“The Torpedo Specialists are all dead. They remained at their posts” He licked his lips. “But Talon, I regret to inform you that it appears the Starfleet boarders may have taken one of the Venoms” He said nervously but then rallied. “The Phalanx is following them into the transit tube. They will retrieve it!”

“You had better hope they do” Szt-Thalz snapped “What of the crew who were in the tube already?”

“I… er…I… have lost contact with their C&C devices Talon” The Battle Master replied “I believe they may be dead. However, the Phalanx is now in the tube and pursuing.”

He tapped his controls and an image of the transit tube appeared on the viewscreen. The armored Phalanx were rapidly descending. Then there were two explosions which tore through the cluster of armored troopers, followed by a third as one of their fuel tanks ruptured and a fireball filled the tube.

The Command crew watched in horror as the image cleared to show burning lifeless bodies floating in the tube.

“This incompetence will not be tolera-“ Szt-Thalz began but was cut off by an image on one of the secondary viewscreens.

“Secondary Command Deck to First Talon” Her Third Talon was reporting from his station on the ventral saucer. “We have intruders in the transit tube. We are using thermal grenades!”

The Gorn turned and looked off screen, there was a flash and a loud KRUMP! Then the Gorn was thrown backwards as a phaser beam struck him in the chest, right across the disrupter he had slung around his neck. He slumped down to the floor appearing lifeless. The sound had vanished leaving only the silent images.

For a moment nothing else could be seen, just the odd flash of disrupter or phaser fire. Then humanoid figures appeared. Most were wearing dark green combat clothing, with helmets and body-armor. Szt-Thalz knew these were the Federations own Phalanx troops.

The sound was gone but she watched as a Vulcan in a teal Starfleet uniform approached the slumped form of the Third Talon, who opened his eyes and raised his disrupter at the Vulcan.

The First Talon leaned forward. “Ahh…. a Vulcan! The frigid walking computer puppets of the Federation!” She spat. “My Third Talon is about to roast that logical brain of yours!” She watched as her officer pointed his weapon at the Vulcan. “Fire!” She screamed in rage “Kill him!” even though she knew she could not be heard.

But the Third Talon did not fire. Instead, after glancing at his weapon, he threw it at the Vulcan who caught it out of the air. The Talon dropped his head and apparently died.

Szt-Thalz jumped to her feet in fury and approached the screen, growling deeply in her throat. A humanoid female now appeared and was apparently connecting some device to the Command Deck panels.

“Lock them out!” The First Talon ordered “Lock them out now! And get the Phalanx to the secondary Command deck! I want these thieves dead! All of them!”

“Talon… I…. I regret….” The Battle Master trailed off

She whirled on him, stabbed out a clawed hand and grabbed him by the throat. The tips of her claws sinking deep enough to draw blood.

“What is it you regret?!” She screamed in his face, her teeth inches from his snout.

“The Second Phalanx… they…they are gone…” He stammered. “Some in the Transit Tube, the rest…. The rest on Deck Nine”

She glared at the Battle Master for a long moment. Then threw him away from her, her claws tearing scratches in his neck as he fell to his knees. “Incompetent fool!” She raged.

The Gorn cowered, knowing full well the First Talon might kill him. “Talon…please… I… I beg permission to lead a counter boarding action. I will kill these intruders for you… please”

Szt-Thalz stood over him, breathing heavily, her fist still open ready to retake his throat and rip it out. The battle master waited, hardly breathing. Instead the fingers of her hand slowly closed, the claws clicking against each other.

She smiled thinly, her voice was low and filled with menace.
“Very well. You will gather all crew in the ventral saucer. You will hunt out and kill the intruders and you will recover My Venom torpedo. Is that clear?”

“Yes Talon, I obey!” The Battle Master replied, gingerly getting to his feet.

Further conversation was interrupted by another incoming round of phasers and torpedoes. “Talon…. We must break off the attack. We have lost all frontal shields and generators!” The Propulsion Master called out.

The First Talons’s head whipped around, about to denounce the suggestion. The Propulsion Master was pointing to the viewscreen, he was displaying the shield energy levels and the damaged systems.

She looked at the screen, her eyes tracking over the data. She realized his was correct. If she pressed onward the ship would be destroyed. But to leave the battle would bring humiliation. She through for a moment then turned to the Battle Master

Szt-Thalz stepped close to him, bringing her face near to his again. He winced and looked down. “You will go directly to the secondary Command Deck and to ensure you are suitably motivated we shall detach the ventral saucer, sending it on a collision course with the station. I suggest you hunt the intruders down quickly, then you will have time to abandon the saucer using the two Raider ships in the hanger.”

The Battle Master gulped, the blood ran down his neck from the scratches, staining his tunic. “Yes Talon, I obey” He bowed and backed away, turned and fled the Command deck.

"There was a leak of the bio-weapon warheads?" Szt-Thalz checked. The substance had been carefully created, it did little to Gorn-kind but was deadly to Humanoid species.

"Yes Talon"

"Very well, recirculate the atmosphere from the Torpedo Compartment." She ordered "Pump it onto Deck Nine where those boarders are!"

"I obey Talon"

Szt-Thalz smiled thinly. That would teach those Federation scum to board her ship. She gave another order.

“Propulsion Master! Stand by to separate Ventral Saucer on my command!” Szt-Thalz ordered and returned to her chair. “Then lay in a course away from the station. Maximum available speed!”


To Be Continued…

First Hatched Szt-Thalz
Talon of the Rends with Teeth
Gorn Hegemony

NPC’d by Tolkath


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