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Hawaii - Clearing the Decks

Posted on 13 Nov 2018 @ 1:25am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Major Terrance West & Commander Juan Zamora & Lieutenant Iria Taltos & Ensign Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk (Jan 2389 TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens & First Lieutenant Gregor Goss & Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer Jessica Wilson

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Diplomatic Offices - Quarterdeck - Deck 12
Timeline: Following "Imua - Forward!"


[Diplomatic Offices - Quarterdeck - Deck 12]

West approached the offices on the Marine side, where Goss's men were holding the junction.

"SITREP!" he shouted, spotting Goss.

"Security has engaged the main enemy force through the main entrance to the suite, our team moved to attempt a flank attack and found an enemy egress point." Gregor explained, offering the major a salute. "We have driven them off, but they still have the door covered, so we are attempting to use an alternate entrance." with this he gestured to where one of his team members was using a hand phaser to cut through the wall of the corridor and into one of the offices.

"Don't salute me in battle. I don't need sniper fire to my neck, Goss," West said half-serious as he looked at the progress of the wall. "I like your thinking. Do we know how many Gorn are where? I heard some went down to the brig to grab our Gorn Doc."

"Verdammte eideschen" Gregor cursed quietly at this revelation. "Well, as for numbers, my tricorder seems to be fairly trustworthy, I read 8 intruders in the offices. There are another 4 who we drove off, I show them sheltering close by. We neutralized 2 of them, and security brought down another, for a few casualties of their own."

"Copy, so there's six at the brig," West deducted from the earlier reports.

[Bridge - Deck 1]

Iria looked over her shoulder at the Captain as the Chief Diplomatic Officer called the bridge with his status, he was there with several Gorn the Doctor they had hunted down and was locked in. If it weren't for the Bajoran's presence she would have offered to drop the temperature to make things harder on the Gorn, "Sir do we want to try beaming him out and freezing our unwanted guests?" It would be one way to deal with it but it was also not standard procedure it would be difficult and dangerous.

"Good thinking, Lieutenant. Conduct site to site transport of Lieutenant Radun. Are there other bio scans on that deck besides Gorn?" Akio inquired.

"Readings are fluctuating but it looks like we have some security and others nearby, I can safely do the transport but the temperature drop might not be a great idea if it hurts our own."

"Transport our personnel to sickbay," Akio commanded.

"Aye Sir," Iria said as she narrowed down the lock on their crew and transported them to Sickbay. She frowned as she started to put in the commands to lower the temperature on the Brig area.

"Status of Gorn?" Akio inquired.

"They have moved into the jefferies tubes Sir," Iria said with regret in her voice, she hadn't been quick enough to slow them down, this time.

"Very well," Akio replied, again wondering what the Gorn's next steps were.

"Sir, if I may?" Arthur said, turning his chair around to look at Akio. "I'm no longer security, but I have the training, [and my people have a history fighting the Gorn]." He said, "plus they won't be expecting me."

"Mr. Ruk, we have many security and marines converging on the Gorn. I appreciate your talents and passion, yet I need a capable Operations Officer, much more than another pair of fists in that fight," Akio replied to Ruk.

"Yes sir." Ruk said, turning back to his station in silence. He didn't feel like a warrior sitting here, but he knew his place was where he was needed--this case on the Bridge--and so he'd be there.


Jessica was now scrambling underneath a console with her tool kit beside her, she knew that things had now gone from bad to worse, they now had more Gorn on the ship and now she had to trap them, but to do that she had to get the terminal working again.

"This is weird... we're getting power failure alarms on Deck 14, Chief," a Petty Officer informed Wilson under the terminal.

"What sort of Power loss are we talking about?" asked Jessica as she slid out from underneath the terminal that she was working on, as she pulled herself up, as she looked around the engineering bay, she said, " I want information people."

"Chief, force fields are down on the main brig, cell 2," someone reported.

"Is that not where we are holding the Doctor?" she asked those around her, this wasn't good, she tapped her combadge =/\= Wilson to Stevens,=/\= as she looked back her team to continued to work.

Meanwhile on the bridge, Harry tapped his combadge =/\= Go ahead chief, whats the Problem?=/\=as he knew that this want going to be good news .

Iria frowned as the readings of the power failures scattered across the board she started rerouting as best she could with the hull breach and other various damage reported areas. The Gorn had a number of several sections of Jefferies tubes and the brig, the Diplomatic office to name a few.


As she slipped back under the terminal that she had been working on, she responded, =/\= Sir, they are going after the Gorn Doctor and to try and stop him talking,=/\=


=/\= Roger that Chief, Stevens out=/\= replied Harry as he knew now why they had boarded the ship, as he tapped the commands on his console alerting his teams to both ends of the Tubes to stop them from escaping.

[Jefferies Tubes - Between Decks 13 & 14]

The Gorn Troopers tore into the jefferies tubes while the Starfleet personnel were beamed away.

+ZilGarz, we have the package and are returning,+ Zarkrak reported in Gorn as he slithered along access tube back to Deck 12.

[Diplomatic Offices - Quarterdeck - Deck 12]

Gregor looked through the freshly created entrance and into the empty office, it was dark, and sparsely furnished with standard office items. The was a desk, a few chairs, a landscape hanging on the wall that the marines seemed to have cut in half, he hoped it was just a print.

He stepped through, motioning for his team to follow. "Kord, DiNicolo cover the entrance and make sure no one thinks to move in behind us." He singled out two team members to act as rearguards, then checked his rifle one last time before motioning the rest of his team in to place. "Move quickly once we start, don't let them use that doorway as a choke point." There were affirmations all around, and then they were moving.

The door slid open, and the team immediately fanned out into the small foyer on the other side. In one direction was a corridor leading deeper into the diplomatic suite, in the other, Gregor could see the backs of the Gorn troopers as they clashed with Security. He motioned a few marines to cover the other approach, where reinforcements would likely come through and then the rest lined up their shots and fired on the boarders.

The Gorn shouted as now the squad engaged with Security was being flanked.

The Remainder of Security Team 12, flagging under the withering fire from the Gorn, reacted with almost as much confusion as the boarder as they were suddenly cut down from behind. "It's the marines!" exclaimed the team leader. "Come on this is our chance!" she called to her team. The security crewmen redoubled their attack, striking with newfound ferocity as the Gorn troopers fell under the combined fire.

+Zarkrak, are you close?!" ZilGarz transmitted as he hissed orders to the Gorn around him to start firing on the marines.

=/\= Goss, more Gorn to your 9 o'clock! =/\= West transmitted, taking up a sniper position behind most of the marines, viewing the battle from afar.

"The reinforcements have arrived everyone." Gregor commented matter-of-factly. With the greater part of his team facing the now flanked Gorn defenders, he called out. "Stay focused on your targets, and bring them down quickly!" He fired a parting shot and then rolled over to take up a position with the marines covering the other approach. "We'll have to buy the others as much time as possible, be ready and don't let the intruders advance an inch without paying for it." The marines directed a steady stream of fire toward the oncoming Gorn reinforcements as Gregor activated the interface on his wristguard. "Computer, erect a forcefield in deck 12, section D, corridor 2, subsection 4." He commanded. "Hopefully that will keep them occupied for at least a minute." He readied a shot as he waited for the shimmering barrier to appear.

"Forcefield enabled," chimed the emotionless computer under the din of the firefight.

The Gorn near ZilGarz were visibly angry, yet the forcefield also shielded ZilGarz's command post from the marines' fire. They were totally sealed off from the fight.

Just then, Zarkrak's squad rejoined ZilGarz from the stern.

+Let's go,+ ZilGarz transmitted in Gorn.

+What about our brothers?+ Zarkrak asked, referring to the Gorn that were being slaughtered by the Marines while engaged with Security.

+They have died for the Hegemony,+ ZilGarz responded bluntly as he continued moving towards the raider.

Sithig was being escorted by two of the troopers, suddenly he broke free and tried to run towards the Security personnel but slammed into the forcefield. It threw him backwards and down but he leapt up and waved his claws frantically. "Don't let zem take me!" He shouted " l am loyal to Ztarfleet!"

One of his escorts looked to ZilGarz who nodded sharply. The trooper slammed the butt of his disrupter into Sithig's back. He reached around with an armored fist and dragged the winded Doctor backwards around a corner. With his companion the pair stuffed the groaning Sithig into a large clear bag and sealed it.

They had armored EVO suits but the Doctor would be transported, through the void of space, back to their Raider ship, in a large science specimin collection bag they had brought along for that very purpose.

Sithig beat helplessly against the bag as he was hauled towards the hole in the hull.

West was still observing the battle through his scope and saw the additional Gorn squad join behind the forcefield and the group start to move back to the raider.

=/\= Goss, looks like our friends didn't want to stay for dessert, =/\= West transmitted.

Gregor ground his teeth, and looked to the retreating Gorn. Why was nothing ever simple? =/\= "We're not equipped for EVA sir, I recommend we cut our losses and attempt to capture the remaining intruders alive." =/\=

=/\= Trade one prisoner for another? I like your style, Goss. Make it happen. =/\= West replied as he slung his rifle to start making his way back to the Gorn on their side of the forcefield.

[Marine Command Center - Deck 22]

=/\= Raider One to Command Post, Gorn are bugging out, I say again, Gorn are bugging out, =/\= West said over the comms.

"Nononononono" Juan repeated while dragging a hand nervously through his hair. The Gorn could not be allowed to escape, he hurriedly checked his options for trying to contain them. Hawaii's fighters were engaged with the Gorn cruiser, as were all of the qualified runabout pilots. Perhaps they could attempt to tractor the assault craft as if fled, but that felt too risky. All at once another idea struck him, his movement stilled and an eyebrow quirked, it just might work. "Computer, is the Devonshire in a position to fire on the Gorn vessel attached to our hull?"

"Calculating," the computer replied. After a few seconds, it answered: "Negative. No firing arcs detected."

Juan sighed heavily at the news, and then reached to open a channel to the bridge. "Captain, I'm sorry to report that the intruders are making thier escape with Dr. Sthilg in hand. Our security and marine units are unable to pursue them any further. I recommend recalling our fighters to attempt an interception, and that we attempt to tractor the boarding craft as it departs."

=/\= Make it happen, =/\= Akio's calm, deep voice came through the communicator.

=/\= "Right away." =/\= Juan responded, even as he opened up a channel to the fighters.

=/\= "Flight 801, this is Lieu...This is commander Zamora, break off your attack. A Gorn landing craft is fleeing from the Hawaii, Your orders are to intercept it before it can rendezvous with its mothership." =/\=

[Diplomatic Offices - Quarterdeck - Deck 12]

Gregor wheeled around to face the corridor where the Gorn were still engaged with security, though from the looks of it, they had been almost completely wiped out by now. He opened a comms channel and started to broadcast an announcement. =/\= "This is First Lieutenant Goss to all security and marine response units. Set your weapons to stun and prepare to subdue any hostiles you encounter. All efforts are to be made to capture any Gorn remaining on the vessel alive." =/\=

"Of all the bad decisions..." the leader of Team 12 groused at the announcement. "Damn it, you heard it, set phasers to stun!" She commanded the team.

There were only two Gorn left and one was tending to a fallen comrade, while the hulk of Gorn bodies formed a barricade. The lone healthy Gorn was appreciative that their enemies seemed to switch to stun, which did not have great effect against their armor, and he fought his hardest to keep the ever encroaching humans away from them, continuing to fire disrupter blasts from cover.

"All at once!" The leader of team 12 barked to her troopers. "Focus your fire on the remaining combatant!" The crewmen switched from bursts and fired steady streams at the Gorn, until there were half a dozen shafts of light walking across the alien's armor. The addition of a seventh beam seemed to overwhelm the defenses and the Gorn's armor abruptly seized up. The huge armored form stood still, smoking slightly, before it slowly started to pitch backward, stiff as a board, and landed with a heavy and resounding thud.

"We have you surrounded, surrender yourself now or face the consequences!" Gregor called out to the lone remaining Gorn.

Due to the malfunction in armor, the Gorn could not do anything but wait.


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Juan "JJ" Zamora, CDR, SF

Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk, ENS, SF

Harry Stevens, ENS, SF

Iria Taltos, LTJG, SF

Jessica Wilson, ETC, SF

Terrance "Terry" West, Maj, SFMC

Gregor Goss, 1stLt, SFMC
Team Leader, 3d MSOT, D CO, 3d MRBN


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