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Boarders & Hilo - In the den of dragons Part 3

Posted on 17 Oct 2018 @ 9:42pm by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Captain Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves & Ensign Rora Tai & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey
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Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Arrow Runabout Hilo & Gorn Crusier


[Runabout Hilo]

"Did they tell us how long we're supposed to wait here?" Spencer asked Rora as his eyes stayed glue on the the dramatic space battle before them.

Rora had been avoiding biting her lip as the minutes ticked by, "No they didn't say how long they would be, do you want to try communicating with them to see if they are ready, to get a beam out?" She asked Spencer had beamed them over had their last coordinates.

Spencer flicked a couple of switches and opened a channel to the teams, =^= Teams 2 and 4, are you guys still out there? We're ready and waiting =^=. No response, "I'll try again in a few minutes. Surely they haven't lost contact?!" he thought out loud.

Rora nodded her eyes on the view before them then she looked at the controls before her, the waiting game was rough on nerves but she took a quiet breath because there wasn't anything to do than wait for an update. "Keep trying lets not get caught with our pants down if they're not answering after a bit we will have to think up something else."

[Gorn Cruiser: cargo Bay Corridor - Deck 14]

[2d MSOT]

Bolingbroke looked over to Van Pier. "How's the Lieutenant doing?"

Van Pier looked at the Lieutenant and notice the breathing is getting slower as he made a scan of Deeli "Give or take 5 to 10 minutes is the window we have to get her towards a medbay sir. She has not a lot of time left!"

"Alright, get a hold of the Hilo" Bolingbroke instructed "Lets see if they can beam her out of here"

Nodding towards him as Van Pier tapped on the comm =^= 2d MSOT to Hilo do you read. We got heavy injuries here and need emergency transport =^=

=^= Roger that, hold position please!=^= Rora said as she made sure the ship was ready to get out of dodge once Spencer had them aboard.

"Alright, Van Pier you are going with Kosu and the other wounded." Bolingbroke ordered "And the torpedo! Somebody stick a commbadge on it" He was glad to be rid of that damn thing "The rest of us will stay here and support Team Four as needed"

"Getting a lock on them now!" Spencers hands flicked across the controls and he set the beam to locate and lock on the teams, "I'm locked on, and transporting out in 3, 2, 1..."

The Corpsman, Kosu in the body bag and the three Marines injured when the magazine door opened disappeared.

"Alright let's get set up. We need to hold this location until Team Four returns." Bolingbroke began organizing a defensive perimeter.

[Gorn Cruiser: Enroute to Secondary Command Deck - Deck 12]

[4th MSOT]

Palacio, still on point and at a nod from Hargreaves in the heartbeats they had, swung to the open of the tunnel, rifle shouldered in a way which left him more exposed but his shots more accurate, and aimed a blast at the device. There was no chance he'd get more than one real opportunity before it was on him. And no real telling the consequences for his own safety even if he managed it.

Tolkath could see, between the bodies of the Marines, crammed into the side tube, that one of their number was aiming his phaser rifle up the tube, apparently it was the man's intention to fire at the descending grenade.

His brow furrowed, that the Marine could hit it was not his concern, only that a phaser beam on a lethal setting would probably still detonate the device.

"Switch to stun" He called out "It should repel the grenade instead of detonating it" If he had the physics right, which he did, in a zero gravity environment, the electron flow from a stun beam should have enough energy to push the grenade away and back up the tube.

Cortez braced herself for what was about to follow but followed the instructions Tolkath had given. He was the senior of the two of them and she did respect him for that

Hargreaves' head snapped around at Tolkath's shout. "Do it!" she shouted up to Palacio. Not that she expected a Marine to ignore the Commander, but in a tense situation with a split-second's decision, a backup from the direct superior could only help.

If he was right.

It was unclear for a heartbeat if Palacio heard or processed, but he drifted a foot further and then the beam shot out from his rifle. It engulfed the grenade, and below, Hargreaves unwittingly held her breath as she swung back into cover.

"Clear!" came Palacio's shout, sounding a little strangled, and there was a thud against the bulkhead as the Marine steadied himself with a railing instead of drifting further up. A second later was the blast.

That was enough to send a shudder through the tube, all hands latching wildly to the railings, and with it came shouting from the Gorn above. In all the chaos it was hard to tell if they were hurt, angry, or shocked, but still Hargreaves stuck out a hand. "Hold!" came the curt instruction.

Normally, they would have stormed their enemy while they reeled from such a detonation. But she preferred to give her enemy the slightest chance to rally while shrapnel rocketed around in zero-g. But then came her next gesture, and in smooth movements, 4th MSOT advanced.

Up the tube, with the Gorn faces poking out, and the odd speck of shrapnel still bouncing around at dangerous speeds. But the Marines had the advantage of numbers and the advantage of shock, thanks to Tolkath's quick thinking, even if they were on an open assault against individuals in cover. A few quick blasts at least forced the Gorn back from the doorway, and up they went.

Otero got there first, the best in zero gravity as he was, halting his rise to flank the doorway with only a quick snap-shot while he was out in the open to cover himself. Then Hargreaves herself was on the other side of him, pausing her ascent to grip the rifle with both hands. She chanced a glance on the inside.

"Confirmed it's the target destination," she said in a calm, clipped voice. "Five tangos still up, in defensive positions in command centre. Pillars three metres from doorway, roughly ten and two o' clock. Otero and Knorr provide covering fire while we breach and move to cover. Go!"

They went. There was no such thing as a smooth operation in warfare, and not with an explosion still ringing in everyone's ears, but the Marines had the enemy on the backfoot and, again, the superior firepower. The fire from the doorway brought down one Gorn as the rest of the unit moved to cover; shots from Hargreaves and T'Kalla another pair within seconds.

"Incoming, left flank!" came the warning from Knorr's vantage point, and the Marines shifted fire at one of the Gorn who had tried taking advantage of the chaos to loop around the side. They didn't last long, and Hargreaves' rifle swung back to the wide chamber, a command centre where control consoles made for a warren of cover and shelter, to try to get a bead on the last.

Then there was a roar to her right. Terrifying and, in a way, merciful, because it meant she was spinning to react when the blow hit her in the ribs. That meant it only knocked her to the ground, knocked the air from her lungs, instead of breaking her ribcage and maybe her spine as the haft of the Gorn's weapon slammed into her.

But she was on her back, a Gorn over her, swinging the butt of a rifle down towards her head. She rolled to stop her skull from being staved in, too pinned to rise -

- then there was a gurgle as T'Kalla slammed her combat knife between neck and shoulder of the Gorn from behind, once, twice, thrice. The enemy soldier reeled, and T'Kalla kicked their legs out from under them, raining down blows as they fell, because nobody wanted to take a risk with a Gorn.

Then they lay still. Hargreaves panted for breath, the room above slowly stopping its spin, and took the hand T'Kalla offered to help her up. "Thanks, T. That's my neck I owe you."

Now she could take stock of the command centre as a mission objective, not a place to fight and die. It was a wide chamber, control consoles in concentric circles the Gorn had been able to use for cover and to move about more freely out of the line of fire. Better than that, there was only one entrance, and it was the way they'd come.

"Clear!" came the shouts from the rest of her unit as they finished their work while her head cleared.

"Status?" she called out for them.

Most reports came back fine. A minor burn from Knorr, a blast that had got close but the armour had taken the worst of it. Then -

"Minor impalement, L-T." That was Palacio, out of the lift and in the command centre, pale and holding his left arm, his rifle slung. Where he clutched, an inches long shard of metal, vicious and sharp, stuck through his armour and into his flesh at a depth she couldn't guess. "I didn't dodge shrapnel much."

"Hell. Voothe, get to him," Hargreaves instructed the medic, before turning to the officers they'd been escorting, their work perhaps almost done. "The target is yours, Commander, Lieutenant. We'll keep the area secure while you work."

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Cortez stepped over one of the fallen Gorn and let her boot fall a little harder into his side before making her way over to the computers to do what she was good at. She pulled out her little data PaDD with a specialized cable and began tapping various commands and functions into it

Tolkath follwoed the rest up on to the Bridge deck. He began checking consoles. The first appeared to be navigational and he downloaded data on the Crusiers course and route to Xavier to his tricorder. He moved on looking for a command panel. He went into the inner circle of consoles when a rasping laugh stopped him in his tracks. "A Vulcan, the mental puppets of the Federation!"

There was a Gorn slumped on the floor. It was clearly seriously wounded and bleeding heavily. It spat blood from it's mouth, bared his teeth at him and leveled it's Disrupter rifle at his chest. It gave another rasping laugh and pulled the trigger!


To Be continued...


To Be Continued...

Tolkath, CDR, SF

Deeli Kosu, LT, SF

Eira Cortez, LtJg, SF'

Edward Bollingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC

Rora Tai, ENS, SF

Spence Griffin-Bailey, ENS, SF

Jan Van Pier, PO, SFMC
Corpsman NPC'd by Kosu


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