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Imua - Forward!

Posted on 22 Oct 2018 @ 2:20am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Major Terrance West & Commander Juan Zamora & Lieutenant Iria Taltos & Ensign Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk (Jan 2389 TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens & Lieutenant Junior Grade Radun Dran (Dec - Jan 2389 TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY) & First Lieutenant Gregor Goss & Senior Chief Master-at-Arms Isabella Kelly & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson & Lady Sif
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Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Bridge - Deck 1
Timeline: Following "GORN: Raider Phalanx"

Soundtrack - Cheb Khaled - Alech Taadi (Fifth Element soundtrack, Taxi chase scene)


[Bridge - Deck 1]

Akio watched as the ships continued to exchange torpedoes between themselves, with the Devonshire keeping station between XFY and the Gorn Cruiser.

"Status report?" Akio asked.

Arthur was a bit overwhelmed, though he was doing his best to not let it show.

"Sir, we have been boarded, Security teams and Marines are exchanging fire, " replied Harry as he looked back at his console, He continued, " Bridge is under lockdown conditions, K9 division has been deployed as well," As Sif came out from her spot and moved towards the Captain, Harry said, "Sir, as of now Sif is going to guard you," as she knew that the Captain was important to the ship.

"If it was only that easy," Akio murmured softly. "Status of Gorn Cruiser?" the Captain asked louder.

Iria wished the hammer heads had done more than make some impressive holes in the Gorn cruiser, the one that got to their side and had Gorn on the ship was she had no data on at the moment and kept her eyes on their ship and trying to keep the shield up and the power going properly, "Far as I can tell Sir the big one is still floating but has some nice holes in it." Iria commented evenly, though truth told she was worried, she really hoped Kosu and the others were not near those big holes.

Harry replied, "The Gorn Cruiser is badly damaged with massive holes in her sides sir," replied Harry, as he looked at the ship on his screen, He continued," Her weapons systems are offline and her shields are at 12%."

Akio appreciated the more exact report of Ensign Stevens. He also found it interesting how some officers coped with battle. Humor often found its way in the most interesting of circumstances. Resisting the urge to smirk, Akio turned to Taltos.

"Damage report, Lieutenant?" Akio asked, trying to keep the young officer to the task at hand, hoping the Hawaii did not have too many holes herself.

"Besides the hull breach on deck 12, mostly minor problems; there's reports of some consoles exploding from feedback surges, working on narrowing down the source and trying to reroute to avoid further console issues." Her tone was soft but her expression was worried. She knew the damage a close call explosion from console could do. It wasn't fun or pretty and frankly really sucked. With as long as ships had been in service they still hadn't completely solved the way to avoid console from overloading and going to pieces that usually ended up at the least burning the hell out of someone, to leaving numerous colorful shrapnel embedded in a person's body along with the burns. It made treatment tricky in a not fun way.

"Very well. Focus fire on the target's shields. Alert our boarding party on the Gorn Cruiser's status," Akio directed.

"Message has been sent Sir," replied Harry as he looked back at his commanding officer, as he looked at Sif who sat next to the Captain, He knew that Sif would not shy away from her duty and would protect her charge.

"Team has been alerted." Arthur said, his voice shaky, despite his best effort. He mentally cursed himself, this was unlike a warrior.

[Diplomatic Offices - Quarterdeck - Deck 12]

Meanwhile, on the Quarterdeck, the Gorn started to engage with the Security Team.

Two yellow garbed crewmen stood flanking the double door to the diplomatic suite. The rest of the team held their collective breath in the agonizingly long moment it took for one of them to reach for the control panel and key the command to open the door.

As the doors whooshed open, two slim canisters went sailing through, trailing purple smoke behind them. The smoke quickly filled the corridor, in addition to obscuring normal vision, it was formulated to confound thermal sensors. After a moment to let their cover build up, the security crew moved in. Phaser beams lanced out from the cloud, targeted with the aid of the ship's internal sensors. The responders surged forward, firing rapidly, attempting to overwhelm the first of the Gorn defenders in a single furious onslaught. once they had this area locked down they could proceed to cut off the Gorn raiders from their escape craft.

+SMOKE!+ came the alert over the Gorn comms as the troopers prepared for battle.

The armored suits absorbed most of the phaser blasts and the Gorn started to march forward. A crewman in yellow was struck by a disruptor blast and crumpled to the floor, another was slashed down with a heavy armored fist.

=/\=Matthews is down!=/\=

=/\=Koova is down!=/\=

Gregor heard that the security team had engaged the boarders as he ran with his team through the corridors. He quickened his pace to try and ensure that he would arrive soon enough, his caution at the turbolifts had cost him precious time. He threw up a hand and he and his team stopped short as they drew toward section D, there were unknown signatures on his motion detector. Coming up to the corner that would lead to the secondary entrance to the diplomatic suite, Gregor once gain extended the camera from his wristguard, and peered around the bend. He saw three raiders guarding the entrance, and the backside of another disappearing down a corridor. They were moving deeper into the ship, not good.

He turned around and signed to his team: Three hostiles, more might be close by, execute attack pattern delta on the signal, shoot to kill. The team silently affirmed their readiness and prepared to spring. Gregor unclasped an object from his belt, the size and shape of a baseball. He set the device to go off on the first impact, and then took aim and hurled to at the far wall next to where the guards were standing.

The small, gleaming sphere arced out from his hand, passed quickly in front of the raiders' vision and struck the wall of the corridor. Upon impact the device activated, sending out a flood of electromagnetic radiation across the visible spectrum, as well as UV, infrared, microwaves, and even radio waves. At the same time a chemical reaction in the device's core caused a thunderous bang as volatile reactants came in contact with one another, a flashbang for the 24th century. The burst of light and sound would be enough to leave almost any unprotected humanoid temporarily incapacitated. With helmets protecting their hearing and vision though, it was likely to belittle more than just a distraction for the Gorn, that was fine, an instant's distraction is all that Gregor needed.

The instant the sound first reached his ears, Gregor dove into the corridor. He smoothly transitioned to a roll as he landed and in a flash was up on one knee. He took aim dead center at the chest of the nearest Gorn and let loose with a full power blast from his phaser rifle. In the same moment the vanguard of Hawaii's 3d Marine Special Operations Team opened up with their own weapons.

+We are being Flanked!+ ZilGarz shouted pointing to the other side. "What is the status of the terminal?"

"We are locked out of the systems. I am ill-equipped for this mission, yet doing my best, leader," the Gorn hissed.

A Gorn trooper team rose to meet the Marines and doused the corridor in disrupter fire.

"Forward!" Gregor shouted to his team. He and the vanguard inched forward in the storm of fire, giving the marines behind them room to move in and begin firing, they were joined by a few of their comrades who opened up from around the corner where they were sheltering. The Marines were able to put their numbers advantage to work against the boarders, outmatching the Gorn with volume of fire. They were able to eliminate at least one of the Gorn troopers, and the rest were forced to step back into more sheltered positions.

Gregor worked calmly, lining up shots and firing in a steady rhythm. He aimed now for the reflective visors of the Gorn helmets.

+Leader, we are pinned down by marines. Dirgokk has passed,+ came a radio call in Gorn.

As team 1 started to attack the Gorn positions, Pack 1 descended upon the Gorn as the dogs wanted blood for the attack on one of their number from behind them as they pounced taking the trooper by surprise. The security team started to aim at the Gorns as they knew the dogs would unsettle the lizards.

The dogs tore holes in a couple Gorns' suits before the giant reptiles grew impatient and either threw the dogs at the wall or used their disrupters at close range. The yelps of a few working dogs could be heard.

[Stern Turbolift - Deck 12]

Zarkrak escorted Dran to the Stern Turbolift with his Trooper squad.

"Zarkrak, we cannot access the lift," another Gorn reported.

Zarkrak looked to Dran and shoved him towards the lift. "Open the lift," he commanded.

Dran thought about resisting, but flashed back to the occupation briefly. He then reached out and pressed the button to open the lift. He hoped that he'd get rescued soon.

+ZilGarz, we are breaching Turbolift+ Zarkrak reported as he shoved the Bajoran diplomat through the door.

+Excellent, Zarkrak. Burgazak, hold your position until the First Team returns. I am sending you more troopers.+ ZilGarz's pleasure could be heard over the radio.

[Stern Turbolift - Deck 14]

The lift opened up on the stern of Deck 14. Deck 14 was a Tactical & Security Level. It also housed the Main Brig of the ship.

=/\=ALERT! Gorn in--=/\= the transmission was cut off by disrupter fire.

"Why are you here?" a voice in one of the cells asked.

"It is time to come home to reap what you've sown," Zarkrak said in Gorn with a toothy grin, or rather as much as a Gorn could grin.

The Doctor was sat at the back of the cell, as the armored Phalanx trooper filled the doorway Sthilg recoiled in fear. "What? Getz away phrom me! I have zown nothing for you! What do you want from me?!"

Dran realized, in that moment, that he was being ignored. He saw his chance and edged towards the far wall.

A Gorn Trooper finally shouted as sparks flew from the side of the cell from the control panel and the forcefield dropped.

"At least have the honor to face your demise with strength, brother," Zarkrak continued in Gorn.

Two Gorn Troopers grabbed Sthilg and hauled the weaker reptile out.

Sithig struggled, trying to resist the armored troopers who dragged him from the cell. "Get off me! I am a Ztarfleet officer! The Hegemony haz no authority over me now!"

One of the troopers cuffed him in the mouth with an armored fist. Sithig fell silent but glowered at his captors.

Dran sent a prayer to the Prophets to walk with him, as he reached a not destroyed console, and silently put up the lockdown protocol. He knew he would probably die here, so he smacked his combadge. "Radun to bridge. I've activated the emergency lock down protocol for the Brig and Deck 14. The Gorn have Sthilg."

A Gorn clawed at the back of Dran's head and pulled him off his feet, away from the terminal.

+ZilGarz, we have the package,+ Zarkrak reported.

As the group went back to the turbolift, the Gorn looked at Dran.

"You will activate the lift," Zarkrak commanded.

"I physically cannot. Once emergency lockdown goes into effect only one of the proper clearance can release it." Dran said, calmly. He needed to buy the crew some time, so this was his job. He wasn't sure just how soon be would be rescued, but he hoped it was soon.

Prophets help me not to murder security after this whole ordeal is over

Zarkrak let out a growl as he shoved Dran's head into the bulkhead, leaving Dran with at least a broken nose and a very bloody face.

"Find another access via the tubes," Zarkrak commanded the team.

[Marine Command Center - Deck 22]

"Sir, we received an unidentified radio distress call and internal scans report a Gorn party on Deck 14," a marine reported to Zamora.

Juan's jaw clenched as he heard the news come in, They were moving downward after all. Deck 14 was rife with vital systems too, power, environmental, and weapons control, sensor subsystems, transporter rooms, even the main armory. Grimly he opened a channel to the marines stationed there. "Squads 3 and 4, Gorn have been detected on your level, prepare to repel attackers." With so many choices of target it was difficult to guess where the Gorn might be heading though, massing the defenders at the right point would give the greatest chance of stopping them or driving them off. On the other hand, a wrong guess would leave vital systems completely open to attack, so would sending marines to hunt the boarders down. Leaving the marines where they were was no more agreeable it seemed, that ran the risk of not having enough defenders present to hold off the Gorn when they found their target.

"Major West, do you think it would be better to search for the Gorn, or to focus on preparing for when the attack begins?"

=/\= I'm still a couple decks away, but by the sounds of it, Commander, I would say the attack already started on the Quarterdeck. Do you know something I should?" =/\= West asked. That was always the danger of leaving the command center, yet sometimes a leader had to lead from the field.

Juan bit back a remark about arrogant cowboys, he wished the Major hadn't gone running off to join the defense. "Yes Major, the quarterdeck is the primary conflict zone, and the location of the breach the Gorn used to board us. 3d MSOT, as well as security response teams 1 and 12 are engaged already, with more security forces moving down from above. Internal scans however show Gorn signatures on deck 14. and ..." a warning light flashed on the console, it displayed a message that caused Juan to emit a shocked choking noise as he read it.

"Major!" he said with fresh urgency. "Gorn units have entered the brig, apparently with our chief diplomatic officer as a hostage. I have just seen a report that he has managed to activate the emergency lockdown in the cell block. They seem to be attempting to extract Dr. Sthilg!"

=/\= Frack,=/\= West replied reflexively. =/\=Sir, the primary concern is environmental control. How important is Sthilg to us at the moment? Over. =/\=

"Extremely Valuable." Juan answered immediately. "He is the single most valuable intelligence asset Starfleet has uncovered in this conflict so far. If at all possible we should attempt to recover him." Juan gripped the console hard enough to turn his knuckles white. "However, I would say his retrieval is of secondary importance to the survival of the ship and crew." he admitted.

There was a pause. =/\= Sir, without knowing the battle situation, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover the Gorn Doctor. Over. =/\= West increased his speed. He hated reporting bad news, yet the truth was always important.

"Indeed Major" Juan acknowledged. The truth did hurt sometimes. "Do what you think is best." He terminated the connection and let out a heavy sigh, he was not cut out for this life.

[CIC - Deck 2]

Halona was reading and hearing reports from all over the ship,

=/\=Matthews is down!=/\=, =/\=Koova is down!=/\=, =/\=ALERT! Gorn in--=/\= she had to pull up the location and checked the internal scanners for the area, and frowned as she made a call out.

"CIC to Security, Gorn boarders in the Brig, scans show they have one of our officers hostage, mind your line of fire!"

=/\= Roger that CIC, sending teams 3 & 4 to assist, Stevens out,=/\= replied Harry as he looked up what was of value in the brig to the Gorn, then it dawned on him: Sthilg.


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Juan "JJ" Zamora, CDR, SF

Radun Dran, LTJG, SF

Iria Taltos, LTJG, SF

Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk, ENS, SF

Harry Stevens, ENS, SF

Lady Sif, SF

Halona Grayson, YN1, SF

Terrance "Terry" West, Maj, SFMC

Gregor Goss, 1stLt, SFMC
Team Leader, 3d MSOT, D CO, 3d MRBN


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