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Boarders & Hilo - In the den of dragons Part 2

Posted on 13 Oct 2018 @ 9:07pm by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Captain Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor & Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves & Ensign Rora Tai & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Arrow Runabout Hilo & Gorn Crusier


[Gorn Cruiser: Torpedo Magazine - Deck 10]

[2d MSOT]

Bolingbroke breathed out slowly. "Ok let's get out of here"

Nodding to that Kosu stood up and then fell back on her knees. The sweat appears on her forehead as she could feel her body becoming heavier “What the...” coughing again and this time louder and as she placed her hand before her mouth and she finally stopped as she looked at her hand now covered in blood “Shit..”

Bolingbroke looked on in alarm at the slumped Engineering Lieutenant. "Oh dammit!" It had to be something from the bio-warhead she had been working on "Gas! Gas! Gas! Get out!" He yelled and the Marines scrambled for the door. He briefly considered leaving the woman in case she contaminated the rest of them but he could not do it.

He covered his mouth and nose, reached over and grabbed a hold of her flak vest then dragged her away from the torpedo and out into the corridor.

"Get that door shut!" He ordered and a couple of Marines quickly slid it back in place.

Bolingbroke looked at Kosu. There was some kind of bluish stain around her nostrils and her breathing was laboured. He stepped back from her thinking furiously over what to do.

The Corpsman came over to help. "No wait, don't touch her!" He explained that Kosu may have been exposed to some kind of bio or chemical weapon.

"We don't have any kind of containtment eL Tee" The Corpsman said, a worried look on her face. "If it's easily transmitted... she could kill us all..."

"What have we got? We must have something!" Bolingbroke demanded

"There's nothing... well..." The Corpsman hesitated

"What?" Bolingbroke asked

"We've got three bodybags..." The Corpsman looked doubtfull "It's the only thing we could put her in. Leave the zipper open at her feet... but... I don't know eL Tee..."

"Get one, now!"

"Yeah but we have no containment suits, we can't risk touching her" The Corpsman said.

"Just get the bag!" Bolingbroke snapped. "She can get herself in to it. Then we can zip it and carry her"

He turned to where Kosu lay slumped on the floor. "Kosu! Listen to me! Deeli! Can you hear me?"

Feeling her feet going numb and looking at her hands as she started to barely able to move them. Her hearing was fine and thus Deeli looked annoyed at the marine "What..." She replied with irritation in her voice.

"You got exposed to something from that warhead!" Bolingbroke told her.

The Corpsman, Van Pier, pulled a black bodybag from his pack, unzipped it and laid it out on the floor about two feet from where Kosu lay.

"Deeli! You have to get in the bag!" Bolingbroke explained "It's the only way we can move you! But you have to get yourself in there!"

He was well aware of the macabre act of asking a possibly dying woman to climb into her own bodybag but they had no choice. "Kosu! C'mon! Get in the bag!"

"You...joking...right?" Deeli said annoyed as she collapse to the floor when her feeling in legs disappeared and pain started to crawl up "Arg..." She tried her best to focus and leans against the wall.

"Sorry it's all we have to move you in" Bolingbroke replied "We can't risk coming into to contact. You have to do it yourself!"

She growls and could taste the blood on her lips that was coming slowly out of her nose and just nodded trying to keep her understanding of the situation.

Deeli crawls onto the bodybag and turns around heavy breathing as she could feel the strength in her arms dropping "Aki..." She mutters feeling slowly dizzy as blood slowly came out of one ear now as well.

The Corpsman looked to Bolingbroke who nodded. He pulled on a surgical glove approached and pulled down the zipper. Leaving a small gap at the end. Then stuffed a couple of layers of gauze in. Hopefully the Engineer could breath and it might help stop any particulates coming out.

Van Pier pulled his medical tricorder and scanned Kosu through the bag. He shruged and looked back at Bolingbroke “We need to hurry! I’m reading from almost all of her limbs muscle failure! Her body heat is already at 39 Celsius and her heart is dropping in beating”

Bolingbroke shook his head. He'd got three walking-wounded, now a dying 'Fleet Engineer who was a potentiloa bio-hazard to them all! Plus a damn Gorn Torpedoe to get back down to their insertion point.

He looked around. he had four Marines on the torpedoe, he'd need the Corpsman and another to move Kosu. He was not going to order somwbody to that job, unless he had to.

"I need a volunteer to help Van Pier carry the Lieutenant..." He looked around his team. Sergeant B'Tarren stepped up. He reached down and gripped the handle at the head end of the body-bag. Van Pier picked up the one at the feet and they were ready. Bolingbroked nodded his thanks.

"All right, the plan is to get back to the cargo bay we came in at." He informed his team. "Sarn't Kadesh, is the tube clear?"

"Yes sir!" Came the reply "No sign of Gorn sicne we dispatched thos last three"

"Very good! You, Jessop and Burton have point. Mason and Riley you are bringing up the rear. Torpedo and Kosu are in the middle." Bolingbroke formed his team for the return trip. That left three of them ready to respond to any contacts. "Lets go!"

Kadesh, checked the tube and signalled it was clear. he entered it along with his two marines, the rest followed. The Torpedo was much easier to manuever once it was in zero-gravity. Bolingbroke lingered by the tube portal for Van Pier and BTarren as they carried Kosu.

BTarren struggled to carry the bodybag and in some terms it was awkward to carry someone that is not really dead "We got to hurry..." BTarren spoke as Van Pier nodded to that stepping into the tube.

Mason and Riley remained in the corridor waiting for the rest to get into the tube, then followed Bolingbroke into the transit system.

As they did so the door at the far end of the corridor opened. Riley caught a look of what was coming through just before dropping below the level of the portal. He did not like what he saw.

"eL Tee! We got company!" He called to Bolingbroke "Coming down the corridor, about five or six Gorn and they were in some kind of armored EVO-suits!"

Bolingbroke looked back up the tube, they had already dropped some three meters down the tube, there was a slight bend ahead. He quickly ran the times and distances in his head... twenty meters of corridor, maybe a five seconds, perhaps seven in a EVO suit. If they checked all the doors on the way that could go as long as a couple minutes. But the chances were the Gorn knew they were in the tube and would come straight to the portal!

He looked down the tube the bend was approaching but they would not clear it in time. "Alright I want five rifles on the portal, right now!" One handedly he adjusted his own weapon to point upwards, his other handing on the the travel handle.

Mason, Riley and two other Marines got their riles going the same way.
"Ok suppression fire, aim at the portal! Fire!" Bolingbroke ordered.

Five phaser beams streamed out, slamming into the portal and through it's open aperture.

Just in time, as a large dark green armored helmet poked over the rim and got a face full of phaser.

"Keeping firing!" Bolingbroke instructed. They kept up the barrage until a couple of seconds later they rounded the corner and the portal was lost from sight. "Cease fire!"

It went quiet, but a metallic rattle and some ominous heavy thuds echoed down the tube from above.

"They're in the tube!" Mason spoke what they all knew.

Bolingbroke glanced down again, they were passing the closed portal with the heavy blast door. It should only be one more deck to the cargo bay. Another ten, maybe fifteen, seconds. The Gorn would be here in maybe thirty and armored EVO suits would be tough to handle. Bolingbroke needed to slow them down.

"Mason, Riley. With me!" Bolingbroker order, then called forward "Sarn't Kadesh, get everyone out at the portal on the next deck! Hold there!" Then he let go of the handle and drifted free in the tube. Mason and Riley joined him, looking questioningly.

"Claymoors! One each side" Bolingbroke explained and reached over his shoulder to pull one of the anti-personnel mines from his back pack.

Mason and Riley grinned. Mason pulled out his own Claymoor while Riley looped a foot into a stationary handle and covered the tube above them with his rifle. "Work fast!"

The clanking and thuds were getting louder.

Bolingbroke pulled himself to the side of the corridor, sliding one arm through his rifle sling to keep it from floating away. He flipped the dull green trapezoid shaped device over and activated the magnetic clamp on the rear. Then placed it on the side of the tube, feeling it pull through his fingers as it clamped it's self in place. The infamous words Front Towards Enemy were pointed right at him.

He opened the tiny cover on the side, selecting the dark-light laser beam trigger option. His finger hovering over the activation button as he checked on Mason's progress on the other side of the tube.

The Marine was ready too and he hissed to Riley to clear the path of the lasers.
Riley pushed himself down, dropping below the Claynmoors. Bolingbroke and Mason activated their mines.

They could not see them but they knew two invisible beams now crossed the tube. If they were broken the Claymoors would be detonated, filling the tube with explosive death.

The sounds of the approaching thuds and clanks were nearly deafening now. "Go!" Bolingbroke ordered, they grasped handles and pushed the buttons as far as they would go. They shot downwards just as the first of the armored Gorn swung into sight.

The group was already travelling fast, they were bunched together in the tube, their suits banging and crashing off each other and the tube walls. The sight of the Federation Marines below them spurred them to greater effort and they plowed one down the tube after them.

Moving too fast to notice the two shapes clamped to the walls. Both the trigger beams were broken at the same time. Within two milliseconds the Claymoors detonated. Four hundred tiny metal flechettes were driven at supersonic outwards by a pound of high explosive in each mine.

The flechettes had were sharpened down to the molecular level, they would instantly shred skin, flesh and bone. The Gorn's suits could withstand some of the blast but not all. The deadly hail of shrapnel went through visors, joint seals and life support packs. Blown off the rails the five Gorn were battered from both sides and none survived the blast. One of them had a flamethrower on it's shoulder, the fuel tank ruptured and exploded as well

The lifeless suits hung in the tube engulfed in a ball of zero-gravity fire, floating globules of orange blood sizzled and boiled and a dense black greasy smoke began to fill the tube.

Below, the three Marines had just about reached the portal when the two explosions went off. They were hurled out of the portal by the blast, tumbling over on the corridor floor, dazed and a little battered.

Bolingbroke got to his knees and shook his head to clear it, his ears were ringing a little as he looked around. The rest of his team were there, grinning like idiots at him, Mason and Riley.

A couple clapped, then they were all hooting and cheering.

"Alright, alright, knock it off!" He said clambering to his feet. "Everybody ok?"

Everyone was and the torpedo appeared undamaged. He looked over to Van Pier. "How's the Lieutenant doing?"

Van Pier looked at the Lieutenant and notice the breathing is getting slower as he made a scan of Deeli "Give or take 5 to 10 minutes is the window we have to get her towards a medbay sir. She has not a lot of time left!"

[Gorn Cruiser: Enroute to Secondary Command Deck - Deck 12]

[4th MSOT]

Moving to the intersection, the tube continued onwards, but there was also a vertical shaft, going up and down. Looking upwards, the tube ended some three decks above the team's heads.

As they looked up the head and upper body of a Gorn appeared in the upper most portal. It held out it's hand, it was holding a round spherical object. It threw it downwards. The object began a slow descent in the weightless space. It was tumbling slowly, about the size of a large grapefruit, it was black and a small red light was blinking on it. The blinking rate seemed to be increasing!

Palacio, on point, was first to react. "Grenade!" came the instinctive shout. What to do had been drilled into them from the first, and a whole lot of it included cover and hitting the deck.

So a half-heartbeat of hesitation followed that might as well have been a lifetime, as it dawned on absolutely everyone that they not only had no cover. They had no deck. Not in a way that usually mattered if something was going to explode, potentially with shrapnel, in zero-g.

They did, at least, have an intersection. As one, almost all the Marines pushed off to go flush against the ventral side of the tube, out of the line of fire, flat to minimise their profile. Seeley and Baranel, as they went, grabbed hold of Tolkath and Cortez respectively, with the usual level of sincere but not enormously caring apology that came from manhandling a superior for their safety, and covered the officers' bodies with their own.

Cortez hadn’t thought fast enough to get out of the way of the grenade when it had been called out and was grateful for the protection offered by the Marine. She wasn’t going to complain that at least someone was looking out for her, and it gave her something to think about once the mission was over.

Tolkath had surmised the danger and was already moving towards the only place of protection, the side tube when he felt himself grabbed and dragged there by a burley Marine. The Marine then proceeded to push him against the tube wall and lie over him. He presumed the man was being courageous and so did not voice the complaint that his own reactions were actualy superior to the Human's and bore the event with good grace.

But only almost all the Marines did that. Palacio, still on point and at a nod from Hargreaves in the heartbeats they had, swung to the open of the tunnel, rifle shouldered in a way which left him more exposed but his shots more accurate, and aimed a blast at the device. There was no chance he'd get more than one real opportunity before it was on him. And no real telling the consequences for his own safety even if he managed it.

[Runnabout Hilo]

Rora felt like she was sitting on a live wire for all the tension and waiting, Pale Hound had retrieved the Marine Captain Santiago a few moments ago, she held the Hilo as steady as possible, she was listening for the order to grab their boarders so they could return to the Hawaii.

"Did they tell us how long we're supposed to wait here?" Spencer asked Rora as his eyes stayed glue on the the dramatic space battle before them.

Rora had been avoiding biting her lip as the minutes ticked by, "No they didn't say how long they would be, do you want to try to communicating with them to see if they are ready, to get a beam out?" She asked Spencer had beamed them over had their last corridinates.


To Be Continued...

Tolkath, CDR, SF

Deeli Kosu, LT, SF

Eira Cortez, LtJg, SF'

Edward Bollingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC

Rora Tai, ENS, SF

Spence Griffin-Bailey, ENS, SF


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