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GORN: Raider Phalanx

Posted on 11 Oct 2018 @ 2:39am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Major Terrance West & Commander Juan Zamora & Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy & Lieutenant Iria Taltos & Ensign Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk (Jan 2389 TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens & Lieutenant Junior Grade Radun Dran (Dec - Jan 2389 TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY) & First Lieutenant Gregor Goss & Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer Jessica Wilson & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Gorn Raider Phalanx & USS Hawaii
Timeline: Following "Reaction"

Soundtrack - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie from The Great Gatsby


[Gorn Crusier - Command Deck - 1 hour earlier]

"You called for me Talon?" Phalanx Leader ZilGarz approached First Talon Szt-Thalz at her chair, coming to attention.

The Talon turned her white eyes to him, she bared her teeth in a smile. The Gorn commanded the first, and best, of the ships three Raider Phalanx units. He was an experienced, seasoned veteran, dedicated and loyal to her.

"I will have need of you in the coming battle." She told him "We believe the Sovereign we are hunting is at that station. I will need you to board it."

The Phalanx Leader returned the grin, his face scarred and battered. "I obey Talon, First Phalanx will be honoured to draw blood!'

Szt-Thalz nodded "Prepare the Phalanx, have them aboard a Raider ship and ready to depart on my signal under code name Viper Strike."

"I obey Talon," He gave a small bow and turned to leave.

"ZilGarz" She called to him as he left. He stopped and looked back. "Return in victory!" She said.

ZilGarz bowed again. The message was clear Return in victory - Or do not return at all!

[Gorn Raider Ship - Present]

"Shield penetration in one minute!" The pilot called to ZilGarz. The Phalanx Leader undid his seat straps and stood up. Moving slowly in his armoured spacesuit, he activated the magnetic soles in his boots, anchoring him in place as the ship bucked and rolled, avoiding fire from the Federation Sovereign ship they were attacking.

"Weapons check! Helmets!" He ordered. The nineteen other members of his Phalanx obeyed. After a final check of their heavy Assault-Disrupter rifles, they began donning their helmets. Each wore a heavily armoured space suit.

The suits were a mottled black and green pattern of scales and plates on the outside, each with it's own shield generator and servo-assisted joints. Several had additional equipment mounted on the suits; a chain-saw, a laser cutter, a grenade launcher and a flame-thrower.

The suits were heavy, cumbersome but heavily armoured and could withstand a lot of damage. The Phalanx wore them as standard and were skilled in using them in combat.

"On final approach!" The pilot called. ZilGarz took a last look around his troops, they were all ready and he put on his own helmet.

It activated immediately, the Head-Up-Display on the visior giving him a readout of the suit's energy levels and weapons. With a nudge of his chin he could change the display from suit to navigational information, tactical data or to the status and location of all of the Phalanx members.

He turned and walked back to the rear of the Raider ship. The second of the ships' crew was there, in the turret that was located on the upper hull and overlooked the stern ramp. The Turret Gunner nodded to ZilGarn and closed the turret door so the atmosphere in the main compartment could be vented. The pilot also sealed off their position in the cockpit.

"Venting now" ZilGarz announced over his comm link and started the pumps to remove the atmosphere from the ship.

The ship rocked and jerked violently as a phaser blast impacted it's shields. The magnetic soles kept ZilGarz in place and he completed the process.

[USS Hawaii - Bridge]

As Harry continued to fire at the ship he knew that he had to stop those from doing more damage as he targeted their weapons systems.

"Everyone better get ready," Cassidy called out as his fingers flew over the controls. "This is going to get real bumpy if we want a clear shot at them while not being shot ourselves." That was in more ways than one; inertial dampeners were powerful enough to have them not smeared across the deck, but they struggled to completely compensate for the finer parts of battle maneuvering, not to mention impact.

He expected a bit of both, however good he was.

[USS Hawaiii - Marine Command Center - Deck 22]

"Sir, CIC reports Gorn shuttle is approaching with trajectory below the saucer," a marine reported to West.

'Damn,' Terry thought. That meant it was likely below the quarterdeck. What were they going for?

=/\= Goss, enemy shuttle on approach, trajectory is below saucer, =/\= West relayed.

=/\="Copy sir, 3d MSOT is moving to the upper stardrive section to mount our response."=/\= Gregor reported from his position in the lower secondary hull, ready in case the enemy should try to breach below the prepared defenses, which seemed unlikely now.

"Hmmm" Juan knit his brows together as he wondered what to do next. If the Gorn breached the underside of the saucer they would emerge on deck 12, the question was, would they move up or down from there. He pressed a switch on the comms interface in front of him, =/\="Zamora to security response team 12, be on alert, it look as though you might be the first to engage with the enemy."=/\=

=/\="Affirmative, we'll make these scaly bastards wish they were never hatched!"=/\= Came the response from the team leader.

[Gorn Raider Ship]

"Moving under their hull! We will be over target area in six...five...four...three...two.... Standby to Deploy the cutter!" The pilot called.

Their entry point had been discussed and selected. The raider ship flew in under the saucer section of the Sovereign class vessel. Their heavy frontal shields had got them this far and now the ship was too close to the underside of the Sovereign's hull for the enemy to get a phaser lock.

The Raider ship flared up, then settled into a hover just thee feet above the outer hull of the Starfleet vessel. ZilGarz operated a control panel. Under the ship a large frame, two meters by six meters, dropped away from the Raider, magnetic clamps activated and it sunk down, locking on to the deck plates.

He activated another control and eight explosive spikes were driven into the hull plate, anchoring the frame in place.

"Cutter secured" He called. "Move to landing."

The pilot nudged the ship forward another five metres and settled it down on the hull. He magnetized clamps in the skids to hold it in place.

"Activating cutter!" ZilGarz announced.

Out on the hull the frame began to glow. It was made of a high tensile alloy, shaped like an inverted V. The cavity of the V was packed with several layers of a thermal explosive compound. Once initiated the compound began a rapid chemical burn, steadily increasing in temperature with each layer of the compound. The heat quickly weakened the hull plates and they began to glow red in a narrow line beneath the frame.

The reaction continued until it reached a critical temperature and the final layer of the compound exploded. The frame was anchored in place by the spikes, the inverted V focused the blast down into the plating and it tore a hole all the way through the outer and inner hulls.

Split seconds later a two by six meter section of hull was blasted out, driven by the escaping internal atmosphere which boiled away to form an icy cloud over the hole.

The section came out of Deck 12, close by the junction between saucer and stardrive sections. Most of it was over the Chief Diplomatic Officer's office.

In the room the initial downward blast scattered the contents around, then moments later everything flew upwards with the outrush of atmosphere. An old fashioned letter opener laying on the desk flew across the room and embedded itself in the chair, right where somebody's head would have been had the chair been occupied.

It twanged back and forth in the updraft, the monogrammed initials J J Z glinted in the starlight coming from the hole in the wall.

The rear clam-shell doors of the Gorn ship opened and ZilGraz led his Phalanx out on to the deck. Two of them brought tri-pod mounted heavy support disruptors. They set these up on the deck about ten meters each side of the hole and, along with the turret on their ship, the gunners began looking for targets, taking shots at any nearby fighters or small craft.

The rest of the phalanx reached the hole and clambered down into it, boarding the ship!

[USS Hawaii - Marine Command Center - Deck 22]

"Explosive decompression on the Quarterdeck!" A marine shouted as alarms started going off.

=/\= Goss, get your men to the Quarterdeck, pronto!=/\= West shouted as he started jogging across the command center.

=/\="Affirmative, we are on our way."=/\= Gregor radioed back

=/\="Breach on deck 12! Teams 2,6,7, And 12, move to respond. Try and surround the boarders and prevent them from moving any further into the ship."=/\= Juan directed the security forces.

[USS Hawaii - Bridge - Deck 1]

"Sir! We've got a problem!" Arthur said, double tapping on the notice for deck 12. "Explosive decompression on Deck 12!"

"Seal the deck! Dispatch marines and security teams," Akio ordered the Klingonesque human. 'Why the Quarterdeck?' Akio wondered.

"Dispatching teams as we speak Sir and the Bridge is now in lock down," replied Harry as he implemented the Security protocols, He continued, "all teams in place to repel boarders and turbo-lifts are now shut down."

Iria swallowed as she muttered under her breath, she didn't want to go hunting for Gorn again, with the decompression it would be hard to send freezing air into the area as well as their crew. She would have to wait and see what other ideas came. She did try a small reroute to try and keep folks from floating around too badly. It would be easier to be in the area itself but she wasn't going into a fire fight without permission.

Akio turned to Iria. "What exactly is on the Quarterdeck besides the Diplomatic Detachment?"

Iria blinked a moment surprised at the question, "Oh deck 12 houses
the Power Distribution... Environmental Control... Forward Sensor Arrays... Docking Port... the Diplomatic Corps... Chief Diplomatic Officer's Office... Ambassador Chambers... some Guest Quarters... and Secondary Navigational Deflector, Sir." Iria replied frowning she hadn't spent much time there personally but she knew what was on deck twelve.

"Environmental control. They are going to try to suffocate us. Relay to security teams to focus on securing environmental control. Can you lock out that panel?" Akio asked Taltos.

Iria's brow forrowed as she nodded, "Aye Sir I can." She set to work her fingers flying over the console as she sent commands and codes to lock the environmental control out of order from access from deck twelve. It would be on the bridge, or engineering from now until the lockout was removed. "Set so only bridge or main engineering to access now Sir." Iria reported when she was finished with her task.

Akio nodded as he turned his attention back to the battle at hand.

[USS Hawaii - CIC - Deck 2]

Halona fell out of her seat in surprise at the announcement of the decompression hull breach on deck 12, they were being boarded by Gorn! "What's the protocol for hostile boarding?" She asked as she got back into her seat, there wasn't much else she could do, other than try to keep folks advised as things changed.

The officer in charge, a Lieutenant Junior Grade was frantically shouting orders as the CIC continued to churn in organized chaos.

"Report all power fluctuations and enemy movements to OPS, Engineering, and Security. I know things are really screwed up, you're doing great," the officer said as the ship shook from an incoming torpedo. "We just need to keep collecting the information and passing it up."

Halona nodded and did her best to keep her trembling voice clear, as she announced the changes that where going on around her and sending written notices to those that could read them. She never trained for this she was scared but she wasn't alone and she wasn't in any more danger than anyone else.

[USS Hawaii - Engineering - Deck 15]

"Hull breach! Deck 12!" A technician at the Damage Control panel called out as alarms began going off.

"Force fields are in place," Jessica said as she tapped a set of commands into her terminal, she continued," Hull armour at 75%" as she thought to herself oO Oh god I hope Izzy wasn't on that deck when the hull blew, Oo as she kept an eye on the power to the force fields.

[USS Hawaii - Diplomatic Offices]

Dran scowled, he was moving to get to his battle station when he noticed a Gorn on the deck, and a hole where he apparently came in. He smacked his commbadge. "Dran to the bridge, can I get security down here 5 minutes ago?"

=/\="I hear you Mr. Radun, Security is on its way, now get yourself to somewhere safer, I fear where you're standing might soon become a battleground."=/\= Juan replied from the command center.

"Don't have to tell me twice." Dran muttered, quickly turning around to go barricade himself in an office.

Zarkrak was just a Trooper in the Phalanx, yet he knew an opportunity when he saw one. The armoured claws of the suit easily grabbed Dran on the shoulder and the Bajoran was taken down by the weight.

+ZilGarz, I have a prisoner+ reported Zarkrak.

+Excellent! If he is of value keep him until I arrive. If not execute him and continue on+ ZilGarz's voice came back over the Gorn's suit comm system

Dran growled, shouting obscenities in Bajoran. "Get off me!"

The Gorn dragged the Bajorn to his feet with a masive armoured fist and shoved his helmet in the man's face, glaring at him through the plexi-visor. A harsh growl came from a speak on it's helmet.

Dran blinked at the large, armored, Gorn holding him. "Hey, I'm just a diplomat, I'm not a warrior, I have no intention of harming you." He gestured as best he could at himself, "I'm not even armed! I have no way of harming you."

"You are coming with us," the Gorn snarled as he shoved the puny purple-wearing officer to a pair of Gorn who came up behind him.

[USS Hawaii - Turbolifts - Deck 12.5]

Gregor checked his weapon one final time as he and his team made their last preparations before joining the fight. He looked at the members of his team and saw quiet determination in each of their faces. =/\="Goss to HQ, tell me the turbolift access on deck 12 is clear ja?"=/\= he radioed the question to the command center, his tricorder showed no nearby lifesigns, but he was not willing to risk his team being cut down as the lift doors opened.

=/\= Unknown, Team 3, =/\= came the response.

"Scheiße" Gregor cursed. "Okay team, up though the hatch." He instructed, pointing to the emergency hatch in the lift's roof. One of the marines reached up to turn the handle, and Gregor and another two of his team disappeared through the opening in short order. From the roof of the turbolift to the entrance on deck 12 was only a short climb. Communicating silently via sign Gregor instructed one of the marines to crack the door a hair's breadth open. The trooper swung over and started inputting commands on the shaft's internal control pad. An instant later the darkness above the marines split open, a shaft of gloomy light falling through the narrow opening and illuminating the darkness of the shaft. Coming up under the door, Gregor extended a small fiber optic borescope from his wristguard. Using the camera he scanned back and forth, sweeping the section of corridor on the other side. "Looks clear" He reported. "Secure the access point and bring up the second wave."

The doors whooshed the rest of the way open and Gregor and his companions were through in a flash, weapons at the ready. a moment later the lift came up and they were joined by the rest of its occupants. The second half of his team began to make their way up from Deck 11 and arrived a minute later. Back to using signs, Gregor directed the team to advance and they started to move forward, proceeding quickly through the corridors, checking the tricorder for any signs of movement as they went...

[USS Hawaii - Deck 12, Section D]

Security response team 12 moved into position around the entrance to the diplomatic suite, moving up under cover and training their weapons on the otherwise nondescript double door flanked by two potted plants that led into the offices. "Gorn life signs confirmed" noted the team leader, "I can't get a read on how many though." She paused in thought for moment before giving more instructions. "Okay we're going to do this by the book, Lee, Simmons, secure the entrance, we'll keep you covered."

Two of the yellow garbed crewmen moved forward, taking up positions on either side of the door. The rest of the team held their collective breath in the agonizingly long moment before Lee reached for the control panel and keyed the command to open the door.

[USS Hawaii - Diplomatic Offices]

ZilGarz transmitted to his personnel, +Alert, security is converging on us. One team at the lift shaft and another in the corridor.+

ZilGarz told another trooper to keep an eye on the monitoring equipment as he nodded to two squads to advance towards the corridor.


Halona frowned at the readouts and =/\=CIC to bridge, security, it looks like our uninvited guests number twenty one and they have one of our Diplomats as a hostage.=/\=


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Juan "JJ" Zamora, CDR, SF

Rafe Cassidy, LT, SF

Radun Dran, LTJG, SF

Iria Taltos, LTJG, SF

Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk, ENS, SF

Harry Stevens, ENS, SF

Jessica Wilson, ETC, SF

Halona Grayson, YN1, SF

Terrance "Terry" West, Maj, SFMC

Gregor Goss, 1stLt, SFMC
Team Leader, 3d MSOT, D CO, 3d MRBN


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