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Boarders & Hilo - In the den of dragons Part 1

Posted on 05 Oct 2018 @ 9:52pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu & Captain Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves & Ensign Rora Tai & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson
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Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Gorn Cruiser & Near space
Timeline: Current


[Gorn Cruiser Deck 15 - Cargo bay]

With the knowledge of their current location and a route to their objective Bolingbroke had the information he needed. He called to his Second MSOT members. "We're moving out! Riley, Mason you have point. Get ready to open the bay door." The two marines moved quickly to the doorway.

"Corporal Hudson, and RoForAn you will escort our guest " He nodded his head towards Kosu. "Sarn't Kadesh, Jessop you're bringing up the rear. Everyone else is in the rocking chair."

Hudson and another Marine, RoForAn, stepped over to Kosu. "Ok, I'm sure you can handle yourself, but our job is to get you safely to the torpedo magazine. So, I'm going to need you to follow directives, move or stop when I tell you and try not to get shot. Ok?"

The suit was getting unbearable by the minute as Deeli could feel the sweat sliding down her face. She looked at Hudson annoyed "Just get moving...I want to get this done and return home as fast as possible"

"Aye marm!" Hudson acknowledged.

The Marines managed to override the control and the cargo bay door slid open. The corridor was a sandy brown color, wide and high and a thin mist hung in the air. Riley cautiously peered around the frame, looked both ways, turned back to Bolingbroke and mouthed "All clear"

Bolingbroke looked over to Hargreaves and her team. "Ready?"

"The zero gravity well should be to the left, approximately fifteen point three meters" Tolkath informed Hargreaves.

Hargreaves had been with her team, giving them the final run-down and ensuring no ruffled nerves with the takedown of the captain. "Palacio is on point; Seeley and Baranel are on delivering the packages," she confirmed, indicating the two Starfleet officers whose mission was their priority, then turned to the rest of the expedition. "We're ready."

Cortez walked along with the marines, her tricorder out, documenting the interior of the Gorn vessel.

Further down the corridor on the left side was a round portal. There was a soft flicker in the air that hinted at some kind of forcefield. The two point Marines moved past it to a junction. One peered around the corner, looked both ways and then abck at Bolingbroke, giving him a brief nod.

Bolingbroke approached the portal, it opend onto a tube, maybe five meters in diameter, the tube extended up and down out of sight. He gingerly touched the forcefield with the back of his hand, ready for some kind of shock. Instead there was just a mild tingling feeling. He pushed his hand through and withdrew it, without any ill effects.

Tolkath was consulting his tri-corder. "It appears to be some kind of low-power containment field, essentially harmless"

Bolingbroke nodded and pushed his head and shoulders through, looking up and down the tube. It was the same sandy brown color as the rest of the ship. It extended up out of sight, but downwards there appeared to be a bend some ten metres below. There were a series of rails on opposite sides, some kind of handle stuck out of the rails, there was an illuminated button on one end of the handles. On one side they pointed up, on the other down.

He reached across and took hold of one of the handles. The button glowered brighter. With a look back to the rest he puled himself into the tube. As soon as his body passed through the forcefield he felt himself become weightless. t

There was that momentary quesy feeling and the mental adjustment to hanging motionless in a tube but it passed qucikly. He pulled himself closer to the handle and tentitively pressed the button. The handle moved up the tube pulling him with it. As sson as it had gone half a meter another handle appeared on the rail taking it's place. He lifted his thumb of the button and came to a stop.


Bolingbroke gave a soft chuckle "That's easy enough, get in here!" He waved in the rest of his team. In a few moments the rest of 2D MSOT had clambered into the tube and taken hold of handles, each group moving down the tube until everyone was in.

Stepping out of the tube as Deeli looked around and shurgs "How far until we are there?" Deeli was tired of rushing around headless and wanted to get to work at once. She smirks and looked at the marines.

"Just three decks, based on this scehmatic" Bolinbroke replied, "A couple minutes or so, proving we don't run into any of the crew"

The Marines adjusted their positions until they could hold on to the handle with one hand and get their phaser rifles pointed in the direction of travel with the other.

If they met a brunch of Gorn coming down the tube Bolingbroke was sure it would get really ugly, really quick but this was the faster way to their objective.

He checked they were all ready and said quietly "Let's go!" Pressing his button he moved up the tube, slowly moving faster. There were markings in the tube that seemed to indicate decks and after a few more meters they passed another portal. This one was sealed with some kind of heavy door. This must be one of the decks hit by the Hawaii's torpedoes Bolingbroke concluded. He wondered what they would do if the one they wanted was sealed as well. Using a shape-charge in the tube would be dangerous.

There was a rumble, the lights flickered and the tube shook. It appeared the space battle was continuing. Bolingbroke was keenly aware of being on an enemy ship that was under attack by their own side.

They passed another deck and reached another portal. The two point Marines slowed down to a stop, the rest of the team followed suit. Then one edged forward until he could peer over the bottom edge of the portal.

Bolingbroke looked up and down the tube. He was sure the crew knew they were aboard and expected to encounter opposition any moment. Hanging weightless in a tube was not exactly a defensive position.

Mason completed his inspection of the corridor. There was no Gorn in sight and he signalled the rest of the team. In moments they moved up the tube and reasembled in the corridor.

It was only short, about twenty meters in length, there were three doors on each side and one at the end.

"Mason, Riley you have the end door. "Bolingbroke deployed his team. Sarn't Kadesh, Jessop and Burton you have the transit tube. The rest of you spread out, cover everydoor!"

Once the mariens were in place Bolingbroke turned to Kosu. "Okay Lieutenant, where do we start?"

Grabbing the side of the wall as the ship shook again, Deeli looked at the Marines and the forward "That door" She pointed towards a certain door "Its the armory..." She saw questionable eyes looking at her "For damn sake...look the door is different from the other doors in hull size, plus there is a small forcefield around it. I can get it disabled but I need cover...the area is pretty open"

Bolingbroke looked where Kosu pointed, the third door on the left. It did look a little different than the others. It was wider, maybe two meters across and there was a glowing panel on one side of it.

"Go to it, we've got your back" Bolingbroke replied. "But don't have it slide open until we're ready to enter. Ok?"

Looking at him as she simply nodded and moved towards the panel as she cracked the panel open with a tool in her sidepocket "This looks complex...well I love challenges" She said as Deeli started to grab the wires and reconnect some panels.

A moment later Sargeant Kadesh called from the portal. "eL Tee! Company coming! Three gorn coming up the tube!"

Bolingbroke looked around, there was nowhere to hide in the open corridor, even the most inattentive Gorn in the transit tube would spot fifteen humans in the open as they passed the portal.

"Take them out!" He ordered. Two more Marines joined Kadesh's group, Phaser's leveled at the open portal. Seconds later three Gorn appeared. Five phasers beams streamed out and the Gorn were all hit. It was hard to tell but they three Gorn appeared surprised.

Two released their hold on the handles and their bodies hung in the tube. The third either was not dead or it's hand had clamped around the handle as it died and it shot off up the tube.

"Get them out of the tube" Kadesh ordered. The bodies we pulled out, slumping to the deck as soon as they passed through the portal field. All three had been armed with a heavy disrupter carbine. The third one had dropped theirs and it was pulled from the tube with the bodies. The Marines rolled them to one side of the corridor. Kadesh leaned into the tube and looked upwards. The third Gorn was nowhere to be seen. he looked back to Bolingbroke and shook his head. "He's gone eL Tee"

Bolingbroke nodded. "Work fast Lieutenant. There will be more coming"

"You ever dealt with alien technology that you never had seen before or only seen vague scans Lieutenant?" Deeli said not looking at them but at the console and rips out another wire and taps onto the Gorn symbols and smirks seeing the denial light as she tried other combinations.

"Oh yes, all the time" Bolingbroke replied wryly "Except we just blow it up! We don't tinker with it"

She tapped another few times and kept the main console in view then smiled "Well neither did I...but I am not normal" She tapped and the green light goes off and the field drops and she steps aside "It is all yours!" The door clicked open.

"No wait!" Bolingbroke shouted a warning but it was too late and door slid open to the left.

Disrupter bolts came screaming out of the opening doorway, two Marines were hit and went down and a pair of Gorn charged out, disrupter blazing.

"Goddammit!" Bolingbroke swore, shoving Kosu out of the line of fire as he lifted his rifle and returned fire.

Getting shoved aside for cover, Deeli dits down and let the marines do their hunt. A fire blast passed Deeli face that she could feel and it made her blink a bit as she looked at her side to the marines.

Phaser and disrupter blasts rattled around the corridor as the marines quickly rallied. It was short and brutal both Gorn were hit and went down, one swiped at a Marine as it fell, catching her across the face with it's talons, blood erupted from the wounds and the Marine reeled back in pain.

Another disrupiter opened up from inside the magazine, bolts slammed itno the corridor wall leaving it smoking.

"Surppressive fire!" Bollingbroke ordered. And the Marines sent several return shots through the door. He preyed they did not set off a warhead as he reached into his harnessa nd pulled out a stun grenade.

"Flash-Bang!" He called, activated the device and threw it in through the doorway. Before turning back, crouching down and closing his eyes.

A moment later there was a heavy booming KRUMP and a bright flash that could be seen even through closed eyes.

"Clear the room! Go Go!" He ordered, getting up. Four Marines charged through the doorway. There were three phaser shots and a moment later one called "Clear, two down!"

"Corpsman see to our wounded" Bolingbroke said and walked over to Kosu

"Didn't I say Dont let it slide open until we're ready?" He said through gritted teeth and pointed to thre three injured Marines. "That's damn well why!"

The Corpman and another Marine were tending to the wounded. Two had disrupter burns, one quiet badly. The woman was bleeding from several lacerations to her face, she had once been prerrty, it would take a skilled surgeon several operations to try and repair the damage.

“It’s not like the Gorn technology is over complicated, for them it’s open or close. Not open by command” Deeli stated a bit annoyed as she walked around the room trying to locate the point of interest as her eyes stopped “Got it...” she stated

"No I dont get it!" Bolingbroke snapped "If you had said that we'd have been ready instead of you just eltting the door go and nearly getting three of my Marines killed!"

Kosu walked towards a stack of six odd looking torpedoes. Scanning it she shrugs “Well Lieutenant I got good, bad and very bad news...”

"Oh really?" Bolingbroke replied "What now?"

She lowers her tricoder and pulls out a tool opening quickly one of the torpedoes “Good news is that we found the torpedoes we are required to find” Deeli shrugs as she sees the panel signs change “The bad news is that they are biological weapons of unknown substance in it...”

"Biological? Are you saying they change the warheads?" Bolingbroke replied "They didnt use bio-weapons on us last time"

Nodding to that assessment “Yet it is their design, the technology and the language clearly states that” Deeli pointed that out.

"Huh....Great!" Bolingbroke was not amused by that news "Just don't have that one open up!"

“The very bad news, this fellow...” She points to her side where a dead Gorn was laying “Armed one of them... my Gorn is rusty, but you got 5 minutes to get out of here” She grabs the tricorder at her side and throws it at the marine “It contains the information of these torpedoes, get your wounded back to extraction I will try to delay this torpedo...”

Bolingbroke caught the thrown tricorder and handed it off to Corporal Hudson.

"Yeah that is not happening" He said "You don't give the order's here Lieutenant. We came for a torpedo, not just the data! "

"Corporal Hudson stick a commbadge on one of those!" He pointed to a rack of torpedoes. "Lets hope we can still transport"

While Hudson went to do as instrcuted Bolingbroke tried his comms. "Bolingbroke to Hilo Can you get a transporter lock on us?"

There was nothing but static. he tried a couple of times more but there was no change.

"Dammit" He swore "We're doing it the hard way! Hudson get three men and strap up that torpedo. We carry it home!"

The team had brought several webbing straps just in case and the Marine quickly wrapped them around the weapon. It was a dark gray color, some two meters long, and about half a meter in diameter, two slim fins projected from the tail end.

They picked it up, it weighed maybe three-hundred pounds, not to bad for four of them.

back on the armed torpedo Deeli had got some of the wires out “Go marine, you already made your efforts. That info is important and I will be right behind you”

"Like I said , not happening!" Bolingbroke said firmly "You are my responsibility and you stay, we stay! You have three minutes then we all leave!"

Kosu heard a clicking sound and shrugs. What she did not know was that another torpedo was boobytrapped and was leaking the gas out that Deeli was already inhaling.

"What was that?"Bolingbroke asked, not really wanting to know the answer

“Might be the internal systems that is ticking of for ...” She coughs “...well you know what it will do” Deeli looked at the system seeing the horn timer going down “2 minutes, last chance lieutenant...” Deeli coughs again and growls a bit “Damn temperature is doing a number on me..”

Bolingbroke nodded. It seemed even hotter in the confines of the torpedo magazine.

Deeli slides her fingertips over the wires as she cuts a few and pulls out slowly a card and looked at it “If this is the transfer... this is the fuse... then this” She coughs a bit harder and shook her head “...This one” pulling out a chip as time speed increases “ Coming on, stop...” Coughing again as she gets tears in her eyes “Damn this climate!... this chip” pulling out another chip and the timer stopped and the light changed to green “21 seconds... well that was less dramatic then I thought”

Bolingbroke breathed out slowly. "Ok let's get out of here"

Nodding to that as she stands up and fell back on her knees. The sweat appears on her forehead as she could feel her body becoming heavier “What the...” coughing again and this time louder and as she placed her hand before her mouth and she finally stopped as she looked at her hand now covered in blood “Shit..”

[4th MSOT]

With the departure of of the other team Tolkath and Cortez looked to Hargreaves.

"We move on to the next tube," she said unhappily. The schematics indicated this one would only take them up a deck before they'd have to move onto the next one anyway, and she much preferred minimising their time deploying into and out of such narrow spaces. Far quicker to advance in a defensible formation for as long as they could. "Keep with your Marines and shoot Gorn."

She fell in with the rest of 4th MSOT, padding down the corridor in as good time as they could safely make. The disadvantage to staying on this deck was that it was the first place reinforcements would cram to, but they hadn't been on board that long yet. They still had time.

Tolkath moved with the Marines easily keeping pace.

They had enough time, it seemed, to make it to the next tube without incident. With the door covered, Corporal Palacio was the first one sticking his head through with rifle, supported by others for a visual sweep of up and down through the tube before he emerged. "Clear."

"Up we go," Hargreaves said through gritted teeth. "Hope everyone remembers their zero-G training." She sent her team in with a heavier emphasis on the Marines going first; they were headed straight for a command centre and that held no good promises.

"Knorr, Otero, you're my zero-G experts. You're up top, but I want you ready for rapid redeployment to the rear if we get any unpleasantness chasing us." The two would be best-positioned to re-orientate themselves quickly if the situation changed. With her rearguard then established, Hargreaves swung into the tube herself, grimacing only briefly at the lurch to her stomach from the shift in gravity.

Nothing she hadn't handled before. Though not on a Gorn ship under attack from her own side. She looked back at Tolkath and Cortez. "Hop in, sir, Lieutenant. All the way to our destination."

"We always wondered how the Gorn travelled aboard their vessels..." Cortez thought aloud as she hopped into the tube.

Tolkath entered the tube, feeling himself become weightless, he grasped one of the handles. Then checked his tricorder with the other.

"We need to move towards the bow, there will be two vertical intersections. the second one will take us up to the bridge deck" He informed Hargreaves.

"Aside from the deck plans, I'm not making much headway with the computer, sir," Cortez reported as she continued to tap away at her tricorder, attempting to find a hack into the Gorn shipboard computer, while propelling herself every few seconds with a hand.

Hargreaves tried to not pay the spook too much mind, even if her presence did the Marine's nerves no kindness, ushering the rest of the team into the tube. Just as the last two Marines entered, there was a rasping Gorn shout and weapons fire erupted from the corridor. Two disruptor blasts came through the portal and left smoking marks on the wall of the tube

"Let's move, we don't want to get pinned down here with more possible reinforcements! Knorr, go reinforce the rear!" Hargreaves ordered briskly, watching as her two Marines posted to protect Tolkath and Cortez did so - and in a space like this, the best way to do so was to physically plant themselves in the way. Hopefully that'd just mean they could shoot first, but at worst there was a mission critical priority here.

One of 4 MSOT was already returning fire as they vanished from the Gorn's line of sight along the tube, the fourteen individuals hustling quickly as they could via zero-gravity and a series of railings.

"Keep eyes on the front, Palacio, I don't want us running into trouble 'cos we're too busy watching our behinds," Hargreaves warned, even as a fresh burst of fire from the rear confirmed the two Gorn had breached into the tube.

It put nobody in a good situation. Cover was poor and personal manoeuvrability terrible, but with the entry points to the tube, at least the Marines knew exactly where their enemies would appearing. Multiple sustained phaser blasts that had been aimed and ready for the tube doors meant one of the Gorn was dropped quickly, hit in the head and stumbling to be left floating, weightless, into the zero-gravity tube.

Hargreaves had hoped the other would think harder about its life choices, perhaps raise the alarm further and hang back instead of moving to engage. But she had never credited the Gorn with sense, and those instincts turned out to be right.

It wasn't a fair assessment. They were disappearing down a rabbit warren of the zero-g tubes, able to appear almost anywhere on board in very little time with minimal notice. The Gorn soldier likely had orders to keep a bead on them, follow at a distance and not lose track of them, despite the personal risk.

The personal risk was, indeed, great. Once the Gorn pushed into the tube, they were all at a great distance, making shooting accurately while holding a phaser rifle one-handed something of a feat to challenge even elite Marines. Thankfully, these Marines were elite in other ways.

Knorr planted his feet on the wall of the tube as best he could, and called out to T'Kalla, on rearguard on the other side. "Hey, T, get ready to catch me!" Then he pushed off, twisting himself as he floated away from the railing, training in zero-G showing itself as he was able to brace his rifle, grasp it in two hands, and spin to get a perfect bead on the pursuing Gorn. With his momentum and velocity, he'd only have one good chance of a clear shot.

It was all he needed, the Gorn struck and knocked back by the impact, going limp and floating. Back with the team, T'Kalla reached out to grab Knorr by the belt, hauling him to a point where he could grab another railing of his own accord, and she looked up. "Clear!"

"Good work, Knorr, T!" Hargreaves called back, relaxing an iota as she returned her attention fully to the path ahead of them, glancing only briefly at their two Starfleet officers. "That's the intersection. This should be all the way to the top, now."

Cortez watched in silence.

"It would be logical that any crew on the Bridge will be aware we are moving in their direction" Tolkath commented dryly "I believe we can expect a warm reception"

Moving to the intersection, the tube continued onwards, but there was also a vertical shaft, going up and down. Looking upwards the tube ended some three decks above the team's heads.

As they looked the head and upper body of a Gorn appeared in the upper most portal. It held out it's hand, it was holding a round spherical object. It threw it downwards. The object began a slow descent in the weightless space. It was tumbling slowly, about the size of a large grapefruit, it was black and a small red light was blinking on it. The blinking rate seemed to be increasing!

[Hawaii CiC]

Halona had just closed her eyes in relief over having helped coordinate a search and rescue, for fighter pilot code name 'Cowboy'. Now the communication channel crackled with more news. The transport Hilo had a wounded Marine in need of evacuation. She bit her lip

=/\=Pale Hound can you meet up and extract wounded from the Hilo? If not please advise on whom else to ask?=/\= Halona didn't know all the call signs and code names for their fighters evac transport or their pilots. She figured if there was time after these events she would take time to find out because this was stressing and scary but she was doing her best.

=/\=Pale-Hound Copies, inbound =/\=


Rora was fighting to not tap her fingers against the console as she waited to hear back from the Hawaii, getting the heads up that Pale hound was inbound to retrieve the wounded Marine Captain was a refief. =/\=Hilo to Pale hound can you estimate your arrival time?=/\= Rora asked glancing at the Marine Captain, she didn't know his name.

=/\=Hilo, Hilo, Pale Hound 6-4 reports ETA 2 mikes=/\=

Rora glanced at Spencer and the Marine Captain, =/\=Roger Pale Hound, see you shortly!=/\= she replied feeling a bit better knowing the poor wounded man was going to get an evac to the ship and proper medical attention after that.

To Be Continued...


Tolkath, CDR, SF

Deeli Kosu, LT, SF

Eira Cortez, LtJg, SF'

Edward Bollingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC
4th MSOT

Rora Tai, ENS, SF

Spence Griffin-Bailey, ENS, SF


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