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GORN: Viper Strike

Posted on 23 Sep 2018 @ 11:54am by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Timeline: Current


[Battle Command Deck – Gorn Hegemony Combat Cruiser:
Rend with Teeth]

"All Venoms away!" The Battle Master reported "All weapons running true to course, Talon"

"Reload all launch tubes, prepare a second wave." Szt-Thalz replied. "Three for the Station, three each for the capital ships. Set maximum yield. No delays Battle Master" She fixed the officer with a beady gaze, to emphasis her words. "I want them ready as soon as possible!"

The Gorn nodded and bent to his controls.

"We have destroyed two of their fighters and disabled a third" The Tactical Master reported. " I am reading another small craft launching from the Sovereign class vessel Talon, preparing to scan"

"Probably coming to search for their pilots." Szt-Thalz commented "Ignore it, concentrate fire on the remaining fighters"

"Yes Talon" The Tactical Master did as instructed and cancelled the sensor sweep of the Runabout. She went back to engaging the fighters with the ship's point-defense systems.

She lined up on the disabled fighter, it was damaged but the sensors showed it was still powered and capable of combat. She grinned, it would be an easy kill. She fired, but just before the disruptor blast vaporized the craft it suddenly shot off at an unexpected vector.

She gritted her teeth and began tracking it for a second shot, then realized it was trailing two of the Venom torpedoes. She tried to focus the targeting sensor on the fighter but there it gave a warning alert, there was a forty three percent chance of hitting their own torpedoes and she hesitated, hoping for a better shot. She called out a warning. "Talon, the disabled fighter is tracking two of our torpedoes!"

"Destroy it!" Szt-Thalz ordered. "Immediately!"

"I cannot get a shot Talon, there is a forty percent chance of hitting our torpedoes" The Tactical Master replied.

Szt-Thalz snarled "I said destroy it! Fire!"

"I obey Talon!" The Tactical Master fired the point-defense disruptors. Two of the beams tore the fighter to shreds but it's starboard engine remained nearly intact. Spewing sparks and burning plasma it flew on in an erratic spiral for another hundred meters then careened into a chunk of debris, bounced up and just clipped the last three centimeters of the tail fin of a torpedo.

The torpedo was knocked off course, slammed into another piece of debris and exploded. The full yield detonation vaporized a sphere of debris over a hundred meters across. A second torpedo was caught in the blast and exploded, adding it's own destructive power to the explosion.

Szt-Thalz had grinned widely when the fighter was destroyed but her good humor failed when the two torpedoes blew up seconds later. Her claws tore at the arm of the chair.

"Incompetent fool!" She spat at the Tactical Master. "Do that again and I will have your head!"

The Tactical Master swallowed and nodded. It was useless to argue. She concentrated on attacking the other fighters.

The rest of the command crew concentrated on their own stations, avoiding making eye contact with the Talon.

“Torpedo guidance and shield settings are uploaded. Ready to launch Talon” The Battle Master announced a few moments later. “Again, I request permission to fire another salvo of the forward disrupters to help clear a path.”

"Granted. Fire and launch immediately!" Szt-Thalz replied.

The ship rocked as the forward disruptors fired in unison, creating another clearing before the ship. The launch tubes pumped out a second wave of torpedoes. Three lined up on the Station, three on the
Devonshire and three on the Hawaii.

"Time to impact, Battle Master?" Szt-Thalz demanded.

"Ninty-eight seconds on the remaining weapons of the first wave Talon" The Battle Master replied. "Three minutes forty six seconds on the next three aimed at the station. Two minutes twenty one seconds on the three targeting the Sovereign Class and two minutes forty four seconds on the three targeting the Insignia"

"Very well, reload all tubes. Standby for targeting" Szt-Thalz would wait to see the results of the first two waves before deciding where to send the next nine Venoms. No doubt there would be further losses, besides those caused by the incompetence of her Tactical officer.

"Talon! That shuttle craft is coming closer" The Tactical Master called out.

"I told you to ignore it!" Szt-Thalz snapped. She grimaced, that was what she got for assigning an important task to a forth-born.

"But Talon-"

"I said ignore it!" The Talon turned to face the Tactical Master, baring her teeth. "If you cannot obey, I will find an officer who can!"

The Gorn dropped her eyes in submission. "Yes Talon, I apologize."

Szt-Thalz turned away, looking back to the view screen and the impending battle with the two Starfleet ships.

"The Sovereign will be in disrupter range within eighteen seconds" The Battle Master reported.

"Go to attack speed and target their engines, prepare to fire as soon as we are within range" Szt-Thalz ordered.

"Understood Talon. No wait... They are launching torpedoes!" The Battle Master reported. "Four weapons, in-bound!" He bent to his console "Checking trajectories, they should impact our forward shields Talon"

"Very well, prepare for impact and continue the attack" Szt-Thalz ordered. She leaned forward in her chair, baring her teeth at the in-coming attack

The torpedoes appeared on the viewscreen, each one circled by a glowing target marker. They closed the distance quickly and detonated. The cruiser shuddered as the torpedoes blossomed in fiery explosions against it's shields and the viewscreen flared briefly.

"No damage! Shields down to eighty-seven percent. Recharging" The Battle Master called. "They are launching a second wave, only three weapons this time! Shields will be at ninety-six percent by the time they arrive"

A second set of markers appeared on the screen, closing the gap between the Federation ship and the Cruiser.

"Talon! Those are
Venoms!" The Battle Master called out in alarm. "They are firing Venoms!" back at us!"

"Don't be ridiculous!" Szt-Thalz snapped. "Are all my commanders fools?!"

"Talon, look!" The Battle Master changed the view screen, now it displayed energy and sensor data from the Federation torpedoes.

Szt-Thalz was about to wave it away, but then looked closely. The data did look uncannily similar to that of their own new weapon system. It had some kind of integral field generator. She was touched by a moments uncertainty, but shook it off. Even so, there was something odd about the three torpedoes.

"I agree there is some... similarity. But the Federation does not have this technology" She managed to sound more confident than she felt. "Our shields will hold!"

There was silence on the Bridge as the three markers got closer. The assembled Gorn watched the strange torpedoes get closer.

The Battle Master quietly read off the increasing shield levels. "Ninety two...Ninety three...Ninety four..."

Szt-Thalz emitted a low growl through her clenched jaw as the weapons reached their shields. Then the ship shuddered again but much less than previously and there was barely a flicker on the viewscreen as the first weapon exploded. The shields flashed briefly then the next two torpedoes were upon them.

Stz-Thalz braced herself but there was nothing! The weapons passed through the shields.

She had barely comprehended that fact when the ship shuddered again, this time from the impact of the torpedoes on their hull!

"Report!" She roared in anger.

"Two impacts. Deck Twelve and Deck Fourteen. On the ventral saucer arm" The Battle Master reported. "The first one blew up on the shields but the other two somehow got through our shields and destabilized the energy field matrix.

Shields sections Thirty two; Thirty Three; Thirty five and Thirty six are down to..." He hesitated. "... down to Eleven percent!"

"What?!" Stz-Thalz jumped up from her seat and crossed to the Battle Master's side "Show me!"

The officer pointed to the shield status display and generator readouts. They were hovering around the lowest marker on the impacted sections. "I can not explain it Talon. That is some kind of new torpedo. But..."

He trailed off.

"But what?!" Stz-Thalz demanded

"The weapon passed through the shields but did very little damage. They barely penetrated the hull" The Battle Master brought up another display on his panel. He pointed to the impact zones on Decks Twelve and Fourteen. "Look"

Stz-Thalz leaned forward. There was minor damage to the outer and secondary hulls; with resultant atmospheric leaks and power disruptions. But the structural integrity fields and emergency forcefields were holding. The pressure loss was minimal and easily stopped.

She grunted, "Perhaps they are duds?" and was about to turn away when an alarm sounded. The pressure was falling rapidly in one of the impacted compartments on Deck Twelve, then a second alarm from Deck Fourteen. They were venting atmosphere. It could only be from large holes in both hulls!

"What is causing that?!" She demanded, stubbing a claw onto the display. More alarms began sounding. Power systems were failing in the same compartments.

"I don't know Talon" The Battle Master replied nervously, "There must be some error in the readouts, a short circuit from the impact " He tried resetting the systems in the effected compartments. However, the alarms continued to sound. But then suddenly cut off.

"Very good, continue the attack" Stz-Thalz ordered, satisfied that the matter had been dealt with and began to move back to her chair. She had taken two steps when the alarms started up again.

"This cannot be right" The Battle Master, began frantically working his controls. "Pressure leaks in a further six compartments, all adjacent to the impact zones."

He shook his head. "It's almost like the hull is failing but there was no explosion..."

"Talon! Another wave of torpedoes inbound!" The Tactical Master called. "Not the same weapons as hit us, these are standard federation Quantum torpedoes. But they are targeted on the same area!"

"Get repair teams to Decks Twelve and Fourteen!" Stz-Thalz ordered, taking her seat back. "'Shields?"

"Twenty one percent and rising!"

She looked to her Battle Master in question. He shook his head. 'Not enough"

Stz-Thalz smashed her fist into the arm of her chair. "Time to impact?"

"Thirty seven seconds Talon"

The Talon activated the communications system "All crew prepare for impact! Clear Decks Eleven through Fifteen on the ventral strut. Activate emergency bulkheads!"

"Battle Master, launch our Raider Ship, target that Sovereign vessel" Stz-Thalz ordered. "Initiate Action Plan Viper Strike!"

"Talon, their shuttle craft is closing!" The Tactical Master called out, "Attempting to lock point-defense disrupters"

"I told you before to ignore it! Target those Federation torpedoes!" Stz-Thalz shouted "Do it now!"

The Cruiser's defensive disrupters had been tracking on the Runabout but now swung towards the incoming wave of torpedoes, The delay was too much. The weapons fired, narrowly missing the three torpedoes.

"Shields at thirty four percent. Torpedo impact nine seconds!" The Battle Master called

"Propulsion Master! Emergency maneuvers, come starboard fifteen degrees!" Stz-Thalz ordered, trying to turn the ship to present fully charged shields towards the weapons. She had waited as long as possible to prevent the torpedoes from having time to adjust course.

It almost worked. Two of the warheads detonated on the shields but the third slipped through. As the ship continued in it's turn the torpedo missed it's original target. It ran across the top of the lower saucer, along the port side of the ventral strut and slammed into the central hull.

The weapon exploded on contact. Unleashing a fury of energy, that ripped through half a dozen compartments leaving a jagged hole in the hull.

The ship lurched under the impact, the Battle Command lights flickered and alarms sounded from multiple panels.

"Deck Eight! Central Hull Engineering is hit, as it the Central Hull dorsal shield generator. We are losing aft dorsal shields. The Impulse fuel coolant chamber is ruptured. Main Impulse drive is off line! Switching to Auxiliary Impulse drive. Maneuvering will be at sixty percent of normal " The Propulsion Master called out the damage. "Repair crews are enroute."

"Raider ship is away!" The Battle Master called

It was significant but not critical damage and Stz-Thalz was not easily daunted. "Continue the attack. Target the Sover- " She was interrupted.

"Talon! We have been being boarded! Transporter signals on Deck Fifteen!" The Tactical Master called out "It is that shuttle craft!"

To be continued…


First Hatched Szt-Thalz
Talon of the
Rends with Teeth
Gorn Hegemony

NPC’d by Tolkath


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