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Eagle Squadron - Catch a Falling Star

Posted on 30 Oct 2018 @ 7:26pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: XFY, Near Space
Timeline: Immediately after "Big Irons"

Leo clenched his teeth as he sped through the graveyard, chasing the Gorn weapons. 'Firing on a defenseless station, how depraved can you get! They just want to kill them all, no hostages no parley, no conquest, just destruction. These sick freaks probably enjoy killing, they probably think this is fun, sending us scrambling trying to protect innocent lives!' His thoughts were running wild as his blood boiled, he white-knuckled the controls as he screamed through the debris. Faster! Faster! Come on! Despite being larger than a type 9 shuttle, the fighter danced nimbly through the obstacles, leaving a ghostly trail of red light following just a second behind it. His speed was far short of full impulse, but his throttle was as far open as he was willing to make it in these tight confines, His reaction times were already down to the split second as he sped toward his target, and still he eased the speed higher. 'I won't let this happen, they're counting on me in there! Don't let my luck catch up with me now, give me a few more minutes at least.' He was acutely aware that lives inside the station depended on him, his skill at the controls, his speed, and his judgement determined how many would live or die. He was perhaps dimly aware of his compatriots flying behind him, but his eyes were fixed on the weapons up ahead, his vision was tunneled in , and nothing else mattered.

Left, right, down, and back up, he flew like his life depended on it. The relentless sounding of the proximity alarm was like fingers on a chalkboard but Leo didn't want to silence it, he didn't have the time, all of his actions were focused on flying as he moved at last into view of his target. There, still far off but growing slowly larger and larger in his canopy, were the glowing tails of the Gorn weapons. With the goal in sight he grew even more intent, his vision narrowed still further, and he increased his speed a few more tenths of a percent. The missiles shrieked toward the wounded Starbase with mindless dedication. The fighters followed, slightly faster, but there was so much ground to make up, perhaps too much. as the seconds to impact ticked down, they were rapidly running out of space. Alone in his cockpit Leo felt, helpless, nauseous, enraged, so tense it almost seemed as if his body might fly apart at the seams under all the stress. Were these bloodthirsty aliens going be able to force him to watch, almost close enough to do something, as they committed hundreds, thousands of murders?

A new sound cut through the buzz of the proximity alarm, and Leo momentarily flashed a grin every bit as predatory as the one that must have been decorating the face of whatever swamp-dwelling reptile had launched those torpedoes. The first target was now entering the outside of weapons range. He squeezed the trigger and sent a lance of light streaking off toward the glowing exhaust of the weapons. No contact, debris in the way. Just die damn you! He fired again and again, burning anything that got in his way, and finally connecting with the first torpedo. It detonated in a brilliant flash of light, vaporizing a sphere of debris and leaving the path clear to the next target. Again frantic phaser fire streamed out of his fighter, lighting up the black of space. The javelin's howling engines drew the errant torpedo ever closer, and it too went up in a brilliant explosion. Leo lined up a third weapon and began reeling it in, seeing nothing but his target. When a phaser beam from his wingman clipped the torpedo and sent it to join its comrades in torpedo hell, Leo had to fight the urge to close his eyes against the unexpected blast of light. All his focus made the sudden flare up seem even brighter.

The canopy glass automatically darkened against the flash, and momentarily disoriented, Leo scanned for the next weapon. He was forced to veer sharply off course as his inattention brought him to within a hair's breadth of a charred section of duranium plating. Furiously he worked the controls, trying to bring himself back on course. It was too late, a fresh alarm joined the cacophony inside the canopy as the computer declared an imminent collision. Leo was out of space, he desperately swung the javelin around and flared the engines in the opposite direction, fighting his momentum, lest he crash into the station himself and become one of the weapons he had tried so hard to thwart. "Stop them! There are people in there!" he yelled hoarsely into the communicator. More flashes of light were thrown up from somewhere behind him, and then the darkness returned. "Report!" Leo barked. He gripped the control stalk so hard it might snap in two.

=/\= "Two got through Caesar." =/\= One of the pilots replied woodenly.

It hadn't been enough in the end, he had failed. How many people are dead now because I couldn't save them? He wanted to beat the canopy and the control panel in front of him, to scream in wordless rage and grief. the tiny space of the cockpit suddenly became stifling, he wanted out but he was trapped by vacuum all around, he wanted out of his flight suit, it clung to his skin like a parasite. he felt suddenly as if he had been flying for days without rest. He wanted most of all to throw himself at the nameless Gorn cruiser and fight until they were both dead. He took a few shaky breaths as his fighter drifted, now aimless, among the shattered fragments of the 'graveyard.' "Alright eagles," he spoke with with feigned composure, "form up, we've got a fight to finish. Somebody has to make these warmongering invaders pay for what they've done." He looked back to the Gorn ship as the other flyers drew up around his craft. Both motherships had now joined the battle and were hammering relentlessly at the cruiser, a fireball bloomed over the main saucer as he narrowed his eyes and gunned the engine. He had a fight to finish.


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