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Hawaii: Medical- Look Alive!

Posted on 15 Oct 2018 @ 1:47pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Artemis Ward, M.D. & Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Junior Grade Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D. & Ensign Bryan "Cowboy" Davies (Jan 2389 - WIA-TRNSFR to XFY Medical) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Matsius Amur, M.D. & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 17 Jan 2389

[Triage Station]

The floor shook as another impact rocked the ship, the dull echo of a distant blast reverberating through the corridors. Inside the sickbay, the lights blazed in contrast to the dim gloom elsewhere aboard the Hawaii. The quiet tension and ordered preparation that had permeated sickbay before the opening salvos was now replaced with a swirl of controlled chaos and overlapping voices as the medical staff set to work sorting the first wave of casualties. Cries of pain occasionally cut through the chatter as a steam of orderlies carried in new victims or moved processed patients further inside for treatment.

“Get some painkillers on him and get back to duty” Matsius rushes from patient check-up to the next “This person needs to get the cut treated on his arm, keep it stable and give your body the proper time to respond to the medical injection” He orders and looked at the next seeing a hot science lady “Oh my…focus…” Matsius slaps his face with both hands and checks her medical condition “Stay calm …breath in and out…”

Doctor Aldana had been finishing up with a patient that had been brought in when there was nowhere else for him, he was left on a stretcher hovering just centimeters off the floor. S/he finished and stood as Sombra went to work comforting the youth who had barely just arrived out of basic.

Aldana had sensed something from Doctor Amur and went to him. “Do you need help with this one?”

He rubs the back of his head as Matsius looked at Aldana “Yes, any help is welcome Chief” He said and looked behind him seeing more people coming in “I will continue support over there.”

The triage station was a mass casualty nightmare. Bodies were lined up as nurses started putting colored stickers on patients to indicate their status. As patients got worse, the top layer could be pulled, revealing the next color below it. Green was good, that patient would survive with little to no assistance beyond the triage area. Yellow was worrisome, that patient needed to be seen within a few hours by an experienced nurse or doctor. Orange was critical. That patient needed to be seen within the hour. Red was bad. A doctor needed to see the patient immediately and death was imminent. Black… well, black was self-explanatory. The patient had expired.

The floor was littered with colored paper as the nurses were working to triage patients. It looked like the aftermath of a party, except there was no celebration here.

A woman clad in yellow was screaming as a nurse changed the bandage on her wound… something had sliced open her side and she was bleeding profusely.

“Make sure it’s tight nurse” Dr. Ward instructed as he came up on the opposite side of the bed. “She’s going to have to be moved to the O.R. as soon as possible.” He spoke dispassionately as he waved a tricorder probe over her body. “These intestinal lacerations will have to be repaired before any of the more superficial injuries can be treated.”

The woman on the bed squirmed as the nurse worked, and then shrieked as she shifted position. “And there is still shrapnel in the wound” Dr. Ward noted. “Hold still” he instructed as he placed the nozzle of a hypospray against her neck. He depressed the button, there was a hiss, and the woman fell immediately unconscious.

With the patient still, the nurse quickly finished the bandaging, Dr. Ward waved over a pair of orderlies who transferred the woman to a stretcher. “Quickly now” he instructed, making his way for the O.R.

The nurse watched as Dr. Ward took the patient away. She was whiter than the stars after she looked at her hands. Training was one thing, yet she was not prepared for this much blood.

At a bio bed a few spaces down, an alarm screeched over the commotion of sickbay. “CARDIAC ARREST!” a nurse shouted, rushing to the bed.

Aldana was free. S/he darted over to the arresting woman, hir training already kicking in, s/he checked to be sure of the species of the woman first. A quick scan with hir medical tricorder and s/he knew exactly what to do. S/he started manual chest compressions. “Cardio-stimulators!” Aldana began to pull open the female’s top in order to gain access to clear surface-to-surface contact for the medical devices to make most effective use.

“Cardio-stimulators!” the Zaranite attending nurse announced, handing the devices to the doctor. Looking over to the bio monitors, the nurse began to read off vital signs, as the system charged. Through the grille of the Zaranite face mask the nurse’s voice took on a tinny, distant quality. “Ready to induce stimulation!”

Aldana placed the devices on the female’s chest tucking them discreetly under her supportive underwear. S/he looked at the Zaranite nurse. “Start with setting two.”

“Setting two. Affirmative.” The nurse responded, priming the devices.


The Nurse pressed the control switch, cycling the device on and delivering a series of impulses to the patient’s cardiopulmonary organs.

The Doctor checked the monitors while simultaneously checking the pulse. “Pulse weak but steady and getting stronger.” S/he smiled over at the nurse with hir tail wagging lightly. “That’s one…” referring to the save.

“Indeed” the nurse agreed with a nod, “One saved, and many more yet to be saved.” There was a muffled sigh from behind the mask, followed by a sharp hiss as it delivered a fresh dose of fluorine to the nurse’s lungs. “Will this one be alright, or must there be more intervention?” The question was followed by a pointed sweep of the eyes, covering the panorama of injury crowded into the room.

“This one seems stable for now. Will you transport her to recovery? I’m sure sooner or later we’ll need this bed.”

“Right away sir,” the nurse assented, waving over a pair of orderlies to take the patient on their stretcher.

At the entrance to sickbay, two crew carried another victim on a stretcher. “NURSE!” It was hard to tell what color the uniform was as it was black and red, yet the red was the lacerations seen through the cuts in the uniform and there were severe burns.

Seeing the next one being brought in Matsius began barking orders. “Put him over there at that biobed. Nurse do a full body scan, report back to me on his condition, after that we can tend towards his wounds” Matsius shrugs and looked at the man getting carried towards the biobed. He looked at the next patient to continue the flow better.

A Bolian Nurse stepped over and quickly set to work assessing the patient. She checked his airways before cutting away the charred uniform to examine the severity of the burns. Her eyes moved quickly over his body, noting burned areas and counting up the total. Now she pulled out a clean thermal sheet and threw it over the patient’s body to keep him insulated. Perhaps ironically, burn victims suffered an increased susceptibility to hypothermia.

“Major burns to 58% percent of the patient’s body, along with multiple severe lacerations and possible cranial trauma.” She called out, summarizing her discoveries.

“Get some cool gel on those wounds, full body scan and get that fluid hooked up!” Matsius orders as he looked at the body of the person “Keep me up to date, use the stabilizer to get his wounds healed”

“Right away sir!” the nurse complied. Retrieving a bag of IV fluids and setting it up on one of the Biobed’s posts. She next set to work with the gel, gently applying it to the burned tissue a little at a time. The gel was another of the small marvels of 24th century medicine, something a doctor of ages past might call magic. The medicine suppressed inflammation at the sites of injury at the same time as it delivered powerful non-narcotic analgesics.

These effects were certainly handy, but the real wizardry was the bioactive matrix the gel formed with the patient’s skin, filling in the void left by the damage. in addition to assisting and accelerating the body’s natural healing it provided a framework to completely regrow lost tissue. This wonder drug could act as painkiller, bandage, and artificial skin all at once. Already seeing some improvement in the patient, the nurse began to work with the stabilizer mending the cuts all over the patient’s body and setting him up for later regenerative treatments.

Satisfied that the patient was stable and would be alright until further treatment, the nurse stood up and looked for where she could help next. Now that the patient’s injuries were no longer life threatening, there were bigger fish for the medical department to fry, so, the nurse moved on to the next emergency. Once there was more time, she would return to finish her work. Thanks to the gel treatment it would only take half an hour with a dermal regenerator, and the unrecognizable figure lying on the bed right now would be to the point of only having to worry about how fast their eyebrows would grow back in.


Once the patient arrived, the surgical assistants efficiently transferred her to an operating table. Switches were thrown, and a readout of her vitals appeared on the wall display. “Thank you, nurse, now get me the subdermal scanner, our first priority will be the removal of the embedded foreign objects.” Dr. Ward directed. One of the assistants rushed to fetch a hoop shaped object, which was quickly affixed to one of the arms of the automated surgical array which hung over the bed like a giant mechanical spider.

“Let’s see how bad it really is.” Dr. Ward pulled the instrument down and placed it above the patient’s abdomen. Peering through the aperture he was greeted with a holographic image of her abdominal cavity. “It’s worse than I suspected” he noted offhandedly. the scan lit up with dozens of tiny metal fragments, outlined in bright green to stand out against the red-pink of the patient’s organs.

He moved to the control panel at the bed’s side and began entering commands, bringing another of the robotic arms to life. This one boasted a myriad of ultra-fine tendrils at its end, each one looking like a strand of silvery hair. “Stabilize the wound track” He ordered. The assistants brought down two arms of their own, gently grasping the sides of the ugly gash that ran along the patient’s side, holding it slightly open for the surgeon to work. Dr. Ward began to methodically remove each sliver of metal, the micro-tendrils darting in and out and depositing a small pile of shrapnel in a waiting receptacle.

Two more passes were made with the scanner to ensure no fragments were left before Dr. Ward activated a final arm, tipped with a surgical laser and a number of other projectors. One assistant took over the task of stabilizing the wound while the other activated a pair of small-diameter manipulators of their own arm. Adjusting the scanner’s position slightly, Dr. Ward called out instructions. His assistant would bring together the sides of a laceration and he would cleanse the area and join the flesh back together. Working outward from the deepest injury, they were soon closing the main wound on the patient’s side.

What historically took the better part of a day to accomplish, Dr. Ward was able to accomplish in less than an hour with 24th century technology.

Dr. Ward pressed a button to summon orderlies. “Take her to recovery” he instructed before they had even finished moving through the doorway. “Prep for the next patient.” He instructed the assistants, moving back out to the triage area, there was still much to do.

[Triage Station]

It was already hectic in the sickbay as Matsius walks towards an empty biobed and gets the transporter locked onto that bed “Get ready for an incoming wounded pilot!” He orders the nurses that rush around towards getting their gear ready.

For a brief moment the bed lit up and a prone figure shimmered into view on top of it. Slowly the light coalesced to reveal the figure of an unconscious pilot, still sealed within their flight suit, sans helmet, a dribble of blood at the corner of his mouth. A moment later, the bed’s monitors chirped, and began to display a report of the patient’s vitals.

“Get that suit open, be careful for any drastic movement as we still need to conclude what it is” He looked at the side of the bed “Computer get body wide scan done right now…” Matsius lets the Computer do its thing as a scan was made of the Pilot “Bryan Davies, Pilot assigned towards Hawaii, well how noble” He said sarcastically as the nurses slowly started to cut open the uniform and remove the helmet.

Aldana checked in on the pilot Doctor Amur was working on; s/he assumed they’d be asking hir for updates on him in short order.

Bryan awoke again and groaned. He was someplace else… a sickbay maybe. He reached up and fumbled with the clasp and nothing happened. His helmet was already gone. He fumbled at taking it off gave up finding nothing and then turned to look at who was treating him.

“I don’t feel…” He passed out again. The massive acceleration in his fighter with the malfunctioning inertial dampeners had damaged a multitude of internal organs and caused internal bleeding. His hard head was thankfully only concussed and likely he was still as dumb as he always was.

“Multilayer damage with internal bleeding on various locations. We need to operate on the boy right now…” Matsius looked over his shoulder “Ward…WARD! Get your ass over here, I need support on operation” He looked at the nurse “Get stabilizers and his blood hooked up… now!” Some nurses rush with the new orders

“You don’t have to shout.” Dr. Ward commented, stepping up to the side of the biobed and glancing over the Pilot’s vitals.

Seeing Artemis arrive at the scene “Well good to have you here Doc, you focus on his organs” He points at the screen where the scan gave clear view of the damage “I focus on the internal bleeding, with our speed we can wrap this up in 10 minutes and get the kid stable” Matsius said with a smirk as a nurse places a mask on his face as the curtains go around the bed.

“Perhaps nine-minutes if we focus on our work.” Dr. Ward said, snapping on a pair of surgical gloves. He looked down intently at his patient. “Nurse get me 0.25cc of Hyronalin and the same amount of Paratheline.” He instructed, taking a protoplaser out of his kit and beginning to tune it.

Nodding towards that as he grabs a medical stabilizer and looked at the screen to pin point slowly towards the internal bleeding “Try not to make sudden moves please” Matsius mutters as he looked focused on the screen seeing the internal bleeding slowly dissolve “Almost…next” He moves the device towards the next area.


=/\= Grayson to Sickbay has the pilot arrived alright? Can someone send an update of his status, when time allows so I can notify his CO? Please and thank you!=/\= Halona asked in between the ongoing chatter and updates of the battle going on outside the hull of the ship.

[Main Sickbay]

=/\=Affirmative Yeoman, we have him. I have assigned Doctor Amur to the pilot’s case. We’ve barely begun to work on them; status inconclusive.=/\=


=/\=Sickbay be advised there’s a retrieval and incoming wounded Marine in progress. Will notify with updates as possible!=/\= Halona said over the communication channel moments later.

[Main Sickbay]

=/\=I’ll handle them myself Ms Grayson. We’re getting hammered down here, I’m calling a medical emergency, all science and other personnel with remedial first aid or better required to report to sickbay. Grayson, what are our options for backup from the fleet? =/\=


Halona took a moment and then pressed a control to general call “Anyone with medical training not currently busy with other duties, please report to Sickbay to assist with wounded and non-serious injuries!”

=/\=Doctor Aldana I have sent out a missive hopefully more assistance will arrive shortly.=/\= Halona said after the general missive was sent.

Dr. Emerson had already been on her way to help provide medical aid when the general call for assistance went out. Moving into the corridor towards the infirmary proper, she tapped her badge. =/\=Emerson to sickbay. I’m on my way to provide assistance.=/\=

[Main Sickbay]

Entering the chaos carrying her own med kit, Wyndsor approached Doctor Ward, whom she recognized strictly from his personnel file. There would be time for a more in-depth introduction later, but for now, all communication would have to be limited to what was strictly necessary. Wyndsor understood strictly diving in without clarifying needs could lead to miscommunication and mistakes, so she was direct, but took the time to ask, “Doctor Ward, I’m Doctor Wyndsor Emerson from the counseling department. Where do you need me?”

Dr. Ward’s eyebrow went up slightly at the mention that the new arrival was from counseling, and a little more that she already knew his name. It fell back down when his eyes landed on the medkit in Emerson’s hand. “A skilled pair of hands is needed in any number of places right now counselor.” He commented. “For now though we need to speed up our processing of triaged patients.” He pointed to the main triage area. “Get as many as you can into recovery, the nurses will give you and more direction you might need.”


Iria made a face as the general missive from the CIC came through, no way was she going, besides the fact she was busy with her current duties, she didn’t like seeing others in pain. Blood didn’t bother her but seeing others in pain bugged her big time.

[Main Sickbay]

Back at Davies’ bedside, there was a rush of activity as the operation began. A nurse arrived with two hyposprays and handed them to Dr. Ward. “Thank you, nurse,” he commented, before applying the drugs in quick succession.

Matsius looked at Artemis “Tell me where you need me, you got lead on this part…” He replied as a nurse helped with new gloves and looked at Davies “His vitals are stable…”

“Excellent” Dr. Ward Commented. “Take a vascular regenerator and follow along behind me. I’ll be mending each organ from the inside out, you repair the blood vessels.” He instructed, moving the protoplaser’s tip over Davies’ abdomen and beginning to work.

Nodding towards him as he grabs the vascular regenerator and followed slowly Artemis in his operation. Matsius looked at the screen and sees the vitals still stable “Blood vessels are regenerating; heart rhythm is stable”

Dr. Ward moved methodically, working his way from the lower abdomen toward the heart, one damaged organ at a time. As he worked he would periodically swing his gaze up to look at the monitors, or to follow Amur’s work as it proceeded behind his. Working with 24th century tools, the two doctors could quickly knit ruptured tissues back together, and mend torn blood vessels inside the pilot’s body. Proceeding at his standard careful pace, Dr. Ward had reached the upper torso as the clock crept over the nine-minute mark. Dr. Ward scowled a little at this.

He slides his tool from one side to the other as Matsius tries to get control of the organs bleeding “We are in the extra time doc” Matsiuus shrugs hearing behind him more injured people entering and crying in pain. He shrugs and tried to work faster as he blinks and looked at his side to the monitor “Did you skip the lower left lung side? I am getting abnormal readings there from blood loss”

“DAMNIT!” Dr. Ward dramatically lost his cool at the revelation. “The lung is filling with fluid, we’re going to have to be quick! Nurse! Tubing, right away! Amur, keep working on the surrounding area with that regenerator.” He instructed. “Chief!” he called to Aldana, the nearest doctor to the bed. “I need more hands, I’m going to have to drain this man’s lung manually.” He declared this even as he withdrew a small package of “invasive” surgical tools from a pocket in his coat. warning tape wound around the package declared in no uncertain terms that it was meant only as a last resort.

“Yea I am on it…” He shrugs and placed the device at the lower side of the lung and quickly tried to locate the damage “Can’t find it Arty…” He shrugs and looked at the scan “Damn it…we need to put him on his side…I might have a better angle on the damage!”

“Do it carefully, don’t risk tearing anything back open.” Dr. Ward directed, still tense. “I can go in from the back, it will even be a little easier.” As he spoke he added a suction tip to the tubing the bemused nurse had dug out of a remote storage closet. “Chief, can you operate the sterilization field?”

The Kazarite doctor’s ears twitched and perked as s/he heard someone call hir by hir position. “Sure thing!” S/he had just finished with the cardiac patient, so was free to assist barring any worse triage victims. S/he tucked in to master the controls before s/he really had a chance to take a good look at what was going on.

“Okay, keep him steady” Dr. Ward instructed, seemingly to everybody standing around the bed. He took in a quick breath to steady himself and then plunged in with a scalpel. He cut an incision between the ribs in one quick stroke, parting the deeper layers of epidermis, adipose, and other connective tissue in successive passes, until he reached the lung, there was a rush of fluid as he reached the damaged area around the lung. “Suction” He ordered, bringing the tube up the incision and drawing away the excess blood. with the path now clear he drove the tube into the lung itself and began to draw out the fluid trapped inside. He looked over to the monitors and asked: “Do you think it will take this time?”

Trying to focus on the tissue of sensitive wounds and closing it. Matsius notice the successful tube insertion and looked at the screen for results. He kept the heart beating in check and the blood pressure as he looked back at the posterior slowly closing the internal wounds in that area “It seems to work, I got stability on my side”

knives?! Gowns?! Gloves!? May as well give him a fork and a bib. Aldana thought to hirself as s/he continued to assist with hir task. “What is this a barbeque?” Aldana muttered amused to hirself in mock ‘McCoy-ian’ fashion. S/he had seen things like these in school all those years ago when s/he had been forced to learn the ancient ways first, but s/he hadn’t seen anything like open abdominal surgery since then. Aldana suddenly winced, had s/he said that outloud? S/he hoped no one else’d head hir as s/he redoubled hir focus.

"It's definitely not pretty" Dr. Ward responded evidently having heard the CMO think out loud, "but it can get the job done." He quickly sealed the bloodied tools in a biohazard container, and left without another word. He had more to do before this day was done, they all had more to do.

Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D.
Chief Counselor

Lieutenant Junior Grade Iria Taltos
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Matsius Amur, M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Artemis Ward, M.D.
Ship's Surgeon

Ensign Bryan "Cowboy" Davies
Flight 801 Executive Officer

Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson
Executive Department Lead Petty Officer


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