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OOC Chronicle: Mission 1-He ho'omaka hou 'ana - A New Beginning

Posted on 11 Sep 2018 @ 3:42pm by Commander Juan Zamora

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: The Internet

The following is a chronological log of our adventures. Everything is listed in the best estimate of the order it occurred, sorted by date.

The format is:


MM/DD/YYYY: [Location] no location marker indicates these evnts happened in the same location as the last date to be marked.
(Arrivals: Ens X, LT Y)
(Departures: LCDR A)
Post 1 (Earliest Post)
Post 2/Post 3 (posts occurring at roughly the same time)
Post 4 (Latest Post)

Headline 1, Headline 2

Mission 1: He ho'omaka hou 'ana - A New Beginning

6/2372: [Klingon Neutral Zone]
1. Death of a future

Arthur meets his adoptive father.

8/2384: [Qo'noS/San Francisco]
1. Academy Woes

5/2385: [Starfleet Academy]
1. A meeting over food

8/18/2385: [Quinor V, Cardassian Space]
1. Three Worlds Part I

12/20/2388: [Providnce Fleet Yards]
(Arrivals: CDR Tachibana, LT Nimh, LTJG Sthilg)
1. Under Construction
2. A Smorgasboard With The Side Of Crisis
3. Meeting the Doctor

Captain Arrives, First Crew Arrivals, Launch Preparations begin in earnest.

12/20/2388: [Alpha Quadrant]
1. Dr. Salmon I Presume?

12/22/2388: [Providence Fleet Yards]
(Arrivals: LTJG Thomas, LT Ren, LCDR Marian, LTJG Kosu, LT Fallon, LT Salmon)
1. Coming aboard
2. It's Not Easy Being Green
3. Runabout Arrvial
4. Arrival (Marian)
5. Reporting for Duty (Thomas)
6. First Impressions?
7. Totally socially awkward
8. Meeting Tachibana
9. Checking Duty stations
10. The Bajoran Front
11. A Structured Meeting
12. It's Bigger than My Last Posting
13. Veteran Lives

Crew Arrivals, Launch preparations

(Arrivals: ENS Michaels)
1. Conflicting emotions
2. Helm Officer Reporting
3. Before you go...
4. Offering a Flyboy Hand
5. Check Up!

Crew Arrivals, Launch preparations.

(Arrivals: MCAPT Kage, MCAPT Vivano, 1LT Tarif, MAJ West, LTJG Danz, LTJG Lassonde, LTJG Elliot)
1. Arrival (Kage)
2. A Protective Film
3. 1st Marine Platoon Reporting In

Crew arrivals.

1. He Kumulipo - The Birth of Hawaii
2. Inside Command's Mind
3. Reporting for duty (Kage)
4. Don't Fear the Reaper's Duties (Marines Mission Brief)
5. First Foundations (Mission Brief)
6.Testing The Spook
7. Staffing Woes
8. Ka Mua Holo - The First Voyage
9. In Balboa's Shadow

The Hawaii has its commissioning ceremony and departs for Bre'el IV, A cloaked vessel is briefly detected following the ship.

1. How To Build Respect
2. Goodbye for now

12/26/2388: [USS Sydney]
3. Shipping Out

12/27/2388: [USS Hawaii]
(Arrivals: LT Zamora, LTJG Dran)
1. Bre'el Comms
2. Command Guidance
3. Reviewing the Blueprints
4. The Source of the Problem and Oh, Hello
5. Conflicting Comms
6. Where Red Meets Purple
7. You have me at a disadvantage

A mysterious Anti-Federation broadcast is detected coming from Bre'el IV, A ship arrives carrying the diplomatic staff.

12/28/2388: [Bre'el IV]
(Arrivals: LTJG Cortez, ENS Ruk)
1. Full Gear
2. A Special Operation
3. Deploying Away Teams
4. Negotiations/Sightseeing or How They Found The Source
5. Complaining-a Klingon pastime.
6. Investigation
7. Feelin' Alright

Away teams land on the planet to speak with the local government, find the mysterious broadcast's source, and set up a hidden listening post, Arthur and Cortez cause a PR incident by engaging in fisticuffs.

12/28/2388: [Pollux IV]
1. A Fresh Start

12/29/2388: [USS Hawaii, en route to Bre'el IV]
(Arrivals: LT Tolkath, LT Winchester, Lesai Tolkath, Magnus Temple)
1. Detente in bound
2. Sailors fighting in the dancehall, look at those cavemen go
3. Science - I come to serve
4. Backpost - Gorn ship designs
5. Pomp and Circumstance - Piped aboard
6. Pomp and Circumstance - The Tour & Dinner
7. Diplomacy, Bureaucracy, and Headaches

FDC Detente arrives carrying Magnus Temple, the Federation Secretary of the Exterior, Crew Transfers, Plans are made to deal with the PR incident on the surface.

12/29/2388: [En route to USS Hawaii]
1. From the Darkness

12/30/2388: [USS Hawaii, Bre'el IV]
(Departures: Ren, Nimh, Elliot, Thomas, Tarif, Salmon)
1. Reflections on Launch (Mission End)

Crew Transfers, Promotions are handed out.

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