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Hawaii - Reaction

Posted on 02 Oct 2018 @ 1:17am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Major Terrance West & Commander Juan Zamora & Lieutenant Iria Taltos & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Bridge - Deck 1
Timeline: Concurrent with "Storming the breach"

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." --Newton's Third Law of Motion



As the Hawaii completed its salvo to allow the Hilo access, the Gorn Cruiser belched a fairly large object towards the Hawaii.

"Are wa nan desu ka?" Akio asked in his native tongue before he shook his head. "Report on oncoming object!"

Iria bit the inside of her lip as she watched the view screen then she looked back down at her console. She had to resist in stepping from foot to foot as nervous tension mounted in her form.


-/\-"Bridge be advised, a new contact, bearing 012 at 300 km & closing, designated TANGO 0-2! Profile suggests transport. Scans inconclusive due to jamming, yet 21 bio-signs assessed!-/\- Halona said after she received the information from another in the CIC, she was shaking in her seat now adding an additional tremor to her voice as she spoke over the communications channel.


Akio stood up out of tension and looked back to Zamora.

"Number one, report to the Marine Command Center. I need you to take care the boarders do not destroy our ship," Akio directed.

While he trusted Major West, he knew the marines had no idea the layout of the ship beyond Marine Country. Zamora was a capable officer that would ensure the ship stayed operational, at least Akio hoped.

"Of course sir." Juan acknowledged. He reached up with shaking fingers to undo his restraints, but could only fumble with the release. Attempting to gather his nerve, he exhaled slowly and clenched his fist in front of him. The second time he got it, disengaging the mechanism and untangling himself from the belts. He rose from his seat and tapped his combadge. "XO to transporter room, one to transport directly to the marine command center." he shimmered for a moment and then he was gone.

As Akio glanced back to the view screen, the Gorn Cruiser emitted another volley of torpedoes. Akio watched as if it was slow motion. Had this not been combat, someone might confuse the entire ordeal as some elaborate light show.

Iria moved from foot to foot as the battle continued. Her nervous energy needed an outlet so she did her best to not be annoying to those around her. This was one reason she much preferred damage control duties. She could have moved around and kept working.

[Marine Command Center]

The command center buzzed with activity as the marine staff reacted to the news of the incoming boarding craft. An atmosphere that Juan could only describe as 'methodically rushed' pervaded the scene as junior officers dashed to and fro, or stared intently at their consoles. In the background there was a constant overlapping babble of voices as the staff barked orders, traded information, and announced status updates. This was only heightened by the chatter of the comms specialists on the line to squads throughout the ship.

Standing at the center console, like a point around which the storm of activity in the command center revolved was Major West. He wore the same determined expression Juan had seen on the rest of the marines, and so many of the fleet officers ever since the Gorn ship had first been detected. Dodging a fresh-faced second lieutenant, he trotted up to the major and extended a hand.

"Major West, I've been sent down to coordinate with you on the defense of the ship, and try to keep any systems damage as contained as possible." He had to speak loudly, like he was standing in a high wind, such was the level of activity around him.

West shook the Commander's hand, "I am glad the Captain decided to send one of you smart types down here. We do not have assessments of landing locations since the craft is too far. I have two teams off board, yet Goss is standing by with his team to neutralize the boarding party. Can you secure a Fleet Security team?"

"Indeed I can" Juan answered. "What preparations have you made so far? Let's see where some extra hands would do the most good."

"Lieutenant Goss is preparing to deploy his marines now," West said as he pulled up the ship's master systems display. "My greatest area of concern is engineering and the tactical decks. We have enough marines to guard 13 through 16. I have instructed a Goss to send a squad to Deck 25 and seal off turbolift access below 25. But if those Gorn breach us below 25, we need to know ASAP. If you can get Security to cover everything above the Quarterdeck, I think we may be alright. The big question is where they'll land though."

"I would suggest you take the added measure of completely sealing the turbolifts to all personnel other than marines, security, medical, damage control teams, and command." Juan advised.

"Sir, with all due respect, you just named most of the crew," the Major said with a raised eyebrow.

"Perhaps, however I feel that the increase in security, even if small, would be worth it." Juan explained.

"Aye aye. I'll direct security to initiate voice print identifications allowing passage by the named personnel groups only," West replied.

"I can direct the security forces to cover the remaining decks, but I am concerned they might be spread thin. Perhaps we could concentrate our forces more by leaving decks 3, 5, and 8 uncovered, they don't house anything particularly vital to the functioning of our ship, and that would allow us to mount a more forceful defense of the remaining decks," Zamora continued.

"I'll let you handle what security does. I don't have enough marines to guard every deck though. We're a special forces unit, not an infantry regiment," West warned.

"Of course Major" Juan replied, tone neutral. "The marines should remain focused on decks 13 to 16 as you said, and security will cover the areas above that. As someone trained in the use of the pen rather than the sword though, I would appreciate your advice if you have any to offer."

"My advice, Commander, is we need to keep the Gorn as isolated as possible and hopefully not too many of us will die," West said grimly.

"Very well, thank you Major, we can direct our units to encircle them once we have a location confirmed." Juan nodded as he spoke. "As to the question of where the enemy will strike, if I were to be planning such an operation I would seek to reduce my enemy's combat effectiveness as much as possible, while minimizing the risk of failure." He looked down at the MSD. "The obvious targets like, main engineering, magazines, torpedo launchers, and weapons control, are all likely to be heavily defended. However, here on deck 4 there are power distribution nodes for the phaser array and a number of other ship's systems, in addition to vital life support equipment. I believe this is where they will focus their attack, and then if they are successful there they will move on to other targets. Do you agree?"

West looked at the Intel troop standing nearby who nodded in agreement.

"S2 agrees, so I agree with your assessment, Commander," West smirked.


Iria was checking things over on her console, she sent a note to engineering, asking Jessica Wilson how things were fairing in engineering.

[Main Sickbay]

=/\=I’ll handle them myself Ms. Grayson. We’re getting hammered down here, I’m calling a medical emergency, all science and other personnel with remedial first aid or better required to report to sickbay. Grayson, what are our options for backup from the fleet? =/\= Aldana transmitted.

Halona took a moment and then pressed a control to general call "Anyone with medical training not currently busy with other duties, please report to Sickbay to assist with wounded and non serious injuries!"

=/\=Doctor Aldana I have sent out a missive hopefully more assistance will arrive shortly.=/\= Halona said after the general missive was sent.


Iria made a face as the general missive from the CIC came through, no way was she going, besides the fact she was busy with her current duties,she didn't like seeing others in pain. Blood didn't bother her but seeing others in pain bugged her big time. She kept her focus on the console and the view screen between quick glances. Iria had never been in this position during an active battle, she was used to being below decks reenforcing trouble areas or making quick response repairs. Her whole frame was trembling with nervous tension and wanting to be on the move, she settled for quietly stepping from foot to foot. Her eyes narrowed as she watched, waited for anything that might be important.

Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Juan "JJ" Zamora, CDR, SF

Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D., SF

Iria Taltos, LTJG, SF

Halona Grayson, YN1, SF

Terrance "Terry" West, Maj, SFMC


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