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Hilo - Storming the breach

Posted on 25 Sep 2018 @ 5:59pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu & Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens & Captain Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves & Ensign Rora Tai
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Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Arrow Runabout Hilo & Gorn Crusier
Timeline: Current


[Hawaii Bridge]

"Seize the initiative!" Akio shouted to no one in particular. "Fire at will!" Akio ordered Tactical.

"Targets locked on Sir and firing as ordered," replied Harry as he let the first volley of Torpedoes leave the ship and was already setting up the second salvo with the new prototype being loaded into the tubes.

Three torpedoes streaked across space to the Gorn Cruiser.

"Launching the Hammerheads now, sir." Although Harry was not happy about being kept in the dark about this weapon, but as the Prototype was available to use, he might as well use it. He said, " Hammerheads away and on track as he launched another salvo of Quantum torpedoes behind it for some more punch.

After a beat, three more torpedoes crossed to the Gorn Cruiser, following their cousins along with three additional torpedoes, this time with a blue glow.

The first volley impacted the shields, exploding upon impact.

The second volley resulted in a smaller explosion at the same location on the shields, yet two torpedoes were able to pass as the shield buckled before the matrix was reconstituted. The two torpedoes struck the hull and two circles glowed as metal started to melt away.

Akio stood up, amazed at what he saw. The quantum torpedoes found their home as two buckled the shield in the area and one exploded along the hull.

"Focus fire at that point!" Akio ordered.

Cassidy swore under his breath at that instruction. This was good news, it was. But he was trying to keep Hawaii dancing as well as a Sovereign could, with their shields a less reliable form of protection. That meant staying on the move, and now he had to keep them in evasive maneouvres which still gave them an attack vector on the weak spot. "I'll keep us on their port side, but it might get a little bumpy!" he warned, hammering the controls to make a capital ship pirouette as well as one could.

"Targeting that point sir," as he thought to himself oO Cry Havok , let slip the dogs of war, Oo as he pressed the controls to fire another couple of salvos of Torpedoes and the Phazers lanced out towards their target. He continued in thought oO to be or not to be Oo as the Torpedoes flew towards thier target.

Iria looked at the viewscreen than down at the console before her, the first prototype didn't go through but the second and third had done as the simulation had predicted. She wished Kosu could have seen the results too but she figured if nothing else, the ships recording should be a good recap when time allowed. There was no doubt in Iria's mind that those that went boarding the Gorn ship attacking them, that they would return.


Tolkath remained kneeling behind the pilots, where he could monitor the Runabout's sensor readouts.

Once the Hawaii's bombardment was over he searched the data for a weak spot in the Gorn Cruiser's shields. After a moment he found one, there was a breach in the shielding on the leading edge of strut that linked the central body of the craft to the lower saucer section.

The shield generators there had been knocked out and appeared to be in some kind of reset mode, delaying the regeneration of the shields.

He pointed to the breach. "There, on the strut above the lower saucer. There is a breach in the shields. Get us close enough to transport before it closes."

Through the forward windscreen the Gorn ship appeared to have shaken off the Hawaii's salvo and was continuing on it's attack run. The ship was growing ominiously closer.

Rora nodded she saw where he wanted them to go and she was going to do her best to get them there without too much fancy flying than needed but if it came to unsettling their stomachs more avoiding trouble she would avoid the incoming fire. "After you're aboard what's your retrieve signal?"

"Normal communications, assuming we are able to establish them" Tolkath replied. "If not, we will endeavor to use the breaching charge to open an airlock. You will need to stay close and monitor the situation."

"Copy, Commander. You say DUST DEVIL over the comms and we'll swoop in," Griffith-Bailey relayed, referring to the Hilo's call sign during the battle.

Tolkath raised an eyebrow. Humans were prone to using fanciful names, when simply requesting recovery would be sufficient. But he nodded to the pilot. "Very well"

With the Gorn crusier's shields down the Hilo's was now close enough for the sensors to be able to get a full scan of the enemy ship.

Tolkath linked his science tri-corder and copied the data across. He also sent copies to the two Marine team leaders devices. He turend and called back "We should be able to commence boarding in a few moments."

Bolingbroke had heard the Vulcan's instructions, he checked his combat tricorder, a deck plan of the target ship was there. He called to his team. "All right ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go visit the Lizard people. Get ready!"

"Sir, I am giving assessments of the deck layout based on typical Gorn designs. This seems like a new ship, yet the interior seems to be the same. I hope you realize we will be the first Starfleet members aboard an operational Gorn vessel," Cortez smirked, losing herself in the intelligence work.

"is that so?" Bolingbroke replied "Well, I'm sure them will give us a warm welcome!"

Getting up and cracking her neck a bit as Kosu felt the tension from the people around her. She however was still not really focused on this mission. Deeli just wanted to get things resolved and fixed at Hawaii with...Akio "Ready.." She mutters.

Kevin silently got to his feet and readied himself to transport in. He looked at the phaser in his hand, a hand that trembled slightly for the fear of what was about to come. Closing his eyes he whispered to himself "Hail Mary, full of grace, our Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen."

Opening his eyes again, he said "Ready Sir."

In Marine Transport configuration the Runabout had a bank of ten transporter pads across the center of the cabin. They were of a limited range but recycled quickly.

Bolingbroke calculated the likely time it would take and called over to Hargreaves and Santiago. "Four chalks, I figure probably about eighty to ninety seconds to get everyone aboard if we go to the same insertion point. It will take longer if have to reset the coordinates, we might not get that time...

How do you want to play it; two chalks of ten, five from each team. Then one chalk of eight, two fours from each team and last chalk the four 'Fleeters ?"

Bolingbroke looked over to the Company Commander for instructions on the boarding procedure. "How do you want us to number out the Chalks Captain?" he asked

"We're going to need some expertise in the beginning. I want the Commander and the Engineer in Chalk 2, you're with me in Chalk 1, silver tongue," Santiago ordered.

"Very good sir" Bolingbroke replied. He personally would have placed the Starfleet personnel in the last chalk, only beaming over once the Marines had a secure perimeter established on the Gorn ship. Now they would be two Marines short early on. And have the additional burden of protecting those two as well. But it's was the Company Commander's call.

If Hargreaves had an opinion on the Company Commander's instructions, it didn't show on her face. "We'll clear the way on arrival," she said - perhaps optimism, but in practice it was what would be necessary if their support staff were so soon to follow, and turned at once to her unit to grab her fire team for the entry.

Bolingbroke assembled his three Marines to join in the first chalk, designated those to follow in the subsequent transports and stepped up on to the pads.

Hargreaves likewise had the more experienced of her unit in her fire team for entry, scattering in the others with the second chalk to support the Starfleet officers' arrival. All of this was done with a brisk, no-nonsense and emotionless tone, belying no apprehension of their choice of how to breach, before she and the other three joined the gathering troops on the pad.

Rora maneuvered the Hilo around to the position that had been chosen, the shield's of the Gorn ship were making flickering glimmers across the whole thing, she silently wished the boarding groups luck as she held the Hilo, in position. The hole made by the second volley from the Hawaii was impressive she just hoped it wasn't the clue in for the Gorn against their boarding parties.

"GO! GO! GO!" Santiago shouted.

Bolingbroke and his Marines each faced a different direction, leveled their rifles and knelt on one knee on the pads. It gave them multiple fields of observation and fire and being low made them less of a target.

"Get ready for it to be ugly," Hargreaves half-muttered to her fire team, taking a knee and readying her rifle as they made ready to watch the other flank. Low as she went, she stayed poised, knowing that a small profile was great - but she had to be ready to break for that even sweeter sight: cover.

"Energizing," Griffith-Bailey said which was all the warning the teams received.

The ten figures on the transport pads shimmered and dematerialized. Once the first group had disappeared Tolkath stepped up to the pads with his assigned Marine escorts.

Stepping onto the platform as Deeli stood next to Tolkath looking at the transporter and nodded to confirm she was ready to get going.

"Energizing," Griffith-Bailey repeated, trying not to wonder who would die and who would live.

Once the second group had gone a Sergeant called out "Okay, next ten Marines, step up! Then it's you two with me!" and pointed to Kilbane and Cortez.

Then the Sergeant touched his ear piece and frowned. "TZ is Hot! I say again TZ is hot! Be ready! See you over there."

The Marines on the pad brought their rifles up to the aim point and a moment later were gone.

"Ok let's go!" The Sergeant stepped onto the pad. "Stay low and if there is a firefight going on, listen for directions. Got it?"

"If there's a firefight, you won't have to give me directions," Cortez replied sarcastically.

The Marine rolled his eyes. "We'll see"

The Security Ensign did not answer and gave a steely look, ready for the fight ahead.

The Sergeant shook his head. "Let's go!"

Cortez and Kilbane joined the Sergeant on the pad.

[Gorn Cruiser]

Santiago rushed on the pad with the rest of Chalk 1 and beamed aboard.

As soon as the team materialized, disrupter fire filled the cargo bay.

"We're taking---" Santiago gurgled as he slumped down.

"Cap's been hit, cap's been hit," Called a nearby Sergeant as he took cover behind some cargo containers.

He glanced at Bolingbroke, "Sir, what are your orders?"

Bolingbroke remained kneeling where he had transported. He swung his rifle barrel to the source of the incoming fire. There were two Gorn stood by the far end of the cargo bay. Both had disrupters leveled and were firing.

"Bay door is twelve! At four O'Clock. Two targets. Drop them!" He gave the directions, keeping his voice deliberately calm despite the rush of adrenalin and nerves at coming under assault so soon after beaming in.

Hargreaves and her fire team had swept for cover of a nearby cargo container, laying down suppressible fire as they went and making the most of the confusion to establish an immediately defensible point from which they could support the other fire teams. She let off a snap-shot as she ran that took one of the Gorn in the shoulder, and from the look on her face it might well have been intended - though the big alien didn't yet drop.

Bolingbroke pulled his trigger and along with several other Marines his phaser found it's mark. The left hand Gorn went down, followed by the other. They would not be rising again.

Bolingbroke stood up to a crouch and swung his rifle around until he had cleared teh cargo bay. There were no other Gorn present.

"Clear!" Hargreaves called from her vantage point. "We've got the door covered." And, indeed, any Gorn bursting into the cargo bay would now find themselves with enemies at their flanks as well as before them.

A moment later the second chalk arrived, including Tolkath and Kosu.

Tolkath looked around, taking in the surroundings. He could smell the burnt air from weapons fire and saw the two Gorn bodies that were being checked by a couple of Marines. He verified their location on his tricorder. They were in a cargo bay, on Deck 15, at the rear of the struct leading to the lower saucer section.

The downed Gorn were wearing some sort of communications device. A Marine held one up. "This any use sir?" He asked

"Bring it over" Tolkath instructed. A active Gorn communicator would enable them to eavesdrop on the Gorn crew's response to their boarding. He scanned it with his tricorder. It appeared powered and functional, although there was as dent on one corner. He passed it to Kosu. "Can you make it work?"

"Is Daystorm Institute a rip-off on the fields of abusing Starfleet Corps Engineering ideas?" Deeli said looking at them "Don't answer that...give me that" She spoke and clicks the comm device open seeing the circuits in it as she kneels down and placed the device on her knee as she taps with a pencil onto it as she closes it and reach it out to them "It is now connected with ours to eavesdrop and translate. But only this one...I don't want two way intra-connection"

The Vulcan nodded, somewhat impressed, the Engineer was indeed a capable technician. "What channel Lieutenant?" He assumed it would not be on their own main comm- frequency

"Channel frequency ...." She looked at the side of a device of hers "814,34 should be it" Deeli spoke looking back at the Commander as she pulls her tools back into order.

"Secure the bay door. See to the Captain!" Bolingbroke called and looked to Hargreaves. "A warm welcome. A bit like the temperature" It was hot and humid, very hot and very humid, with almost a mistiness in the air. He could feel perspiration breaking out already "Must be ninety degrees in here and about the same humidity!"

Hargreaves sent her sergeant to the doors, the initial surge of a desperate breach fading - though they still needed their wits about them. "They're swamp-dwellers," she said, lip curling with an unusual burst of obvious distaste for the Gorn. "Should have brought some ice as a housewarming gift."

Hargreaves looked past Bolingbroke to where Santiago lay, a Marine over him. "What's his status?" Again, there was little demonstration of concern, or much other emotion.

"Captain is alive but he needs immediate casi-vac eL-Tee" One of the Marines called.

"Okay he goes back as soon as the last chalk arrives." Bolingbroke instructed and went over to see Santiago. "How you doing Captain?" He asked

Santiago groaned in pain.

Hargreaves looked to her team then approached Santiago. "We've got this from here, Cap. You focus on breathing." Again, simple confidence - though losing the company commander on the opening strike was far from textbook or ideal. Operational command was robust enough to deal with it, designed for redundancies in case things went wrong.

They'd just burnt through a lot of redundancies, and they'd only just arrived. She looked to Bolingbroke. "Plan doesn't change." It was a simple statement, though there was the faintest hint of query in there - not at the plan, but for him, a simple check-in that a young officer she didn't know wasn't too rattled by this set-back. The unspoken inference kept it easy to sweep aside, but she didn't have enough of a read on Bolingbroke yet that she wouldn't confirm he was sound.

Bollingbroke nodded "When I was in training, my Gunnery Sergeant had a saying Few plans survive first contact with the enemy" He grinned "I guess this one did. We're still standing and we have our objectives. We go on with the plan"

"Makes for a change," Hargreaves agreed, a mite of tension leaving her at the other team leader's reaction.

There was a shimmer and the next chalk arrived, followed by the last one with Cortez.

Cortez saw the blood on the floor and resisted hurling, thinking to her brothers. She made a bee-line to the Commander once she spotted him.

"Do you need anything, sir?" Cortez asked.

Tolkath gave her a quick update on the reworked Gorn communications device and finished with. "Once we reach the Bridge I will need you to go to work"

"Ok get the Captain out of here!" Once Santiago was beamed back to the Hilo Bolingbroke called a command meeting. He checked his chronometer, they had been aboard the Crusier for just under three minutes.

"So we can assume they know we're here and we can expect more of them any second now." He said grimly. "We need to get out of this cargo bay, so we have room to move, before they bottle us up. Where to Commander?'

"We are on Deck 15, in a cargo bay in the strut leading to the lower saucer section."

Just then there was a rumble from under their feet. "That is the shuttle bay below us. They appear to have launched an auxiliary craft" Tolkath observed.

"The bridge for this section is forward and two decks up" Tolkath replied "The magazine is aft and four decks up."

He indicated their position on his tri-corder screen and checked Kosu knew where to go.

Looking at the direction of the magazine "I will see you back in a minute" Kosu said towards Tolkath as she motion to the Marines that were with her to move.

"Outside of the cargo bay should be one of the zero-gravity transit shafts. That would be the quickest way." Tolkath finshed.

"I will manage" Kosu said quickly as Deeli moved forward to her direction to get things done. The magazine was required as part of this transport mission, Deeli just wanted to return back to Hawaii, back to...Aki. It made her feel funny, but she was actually smiling.

"Finally, Lieutenant Kosu has managed to reconfigure one of the Gorn's communicators. We will be able to eavesdrop on their communications" He gave out the channel setting and concluded.

Hargreaves gestured her team over as Tolkath wrapped up the analysis. "You're with us, Commander, Lieutenant. No doubt you can look after yourselves, but let my team clear the way and watch your backs, and we'll get you where you need to go as mission priority." Her gaze flickered briefly to Cortez, Bolingbroke's warning ringing in her ears. Last thing she needed was a spook doing what spooks did best in high stress scenarios - screwing others. "When you're ready, sir."

"Lead on Lieutenant" Tolkath acknowledged the Marine.

"I'm ready" Cortez replied, catching the other woman's look and lifting her chin, she gave a brief nod.


The injured Santiago rematerialised on the transport pad.

"Well, that was quicker than I thought," Griffith-Bailey remarked.

Rora frowned and she looked at the Fighters around the cruiser, =/\=Hilo to Hawaii, we have a wounded Marine can an evac transport make it out here to grab him? I don't want to move too far from the rest of our people if I can avoid it.=/\=

[Hawaii CiC]

Halona had just closed her eyes in relief over having helped coordinate a search and rescue, for fighter pilot code name 'Cowboy'. Now the communication channel crackled with more news. The transport Hilo had a wounded Marine in need of evacuation. She bit her lip

=/\=Pale Hound can you meet up and extract wounded from the Hilo? If not please advise on whom else to ask?=/\= Halona didn't know all the call signs and code names for their fighters evac transport or their pilots. She figured if there was time after these events she would take time to find out because this was stressing and scary but she was doing her best.

=/\=Pale-Hound Copies, inbound =/\=

To Be Continued...


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Tolkath, CDR, SF

Deeli Kosu, LT, SF

Eira Cortez, LtJg, SF'

Edward Bollingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC
4th MSOT

Harry Stevens, ENS, SF

Kevin Kilbane, ENS, SF

Rora Tai, ENS, SF

Spence Griffin-Bailey, ENS, SF


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