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Posted on 18 Sep 2018 @ 1:28am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Ensign Bryan "Cowboy" Davies (Jan 2389 - WIA-TRNSFR to XFY Medical) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson
Edited on on 18 Sep 2018 @ 1:28am

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: CIC - Deck 2
Timeline: Concurrent with "Taking Fire"


An officer approached Grayson who was monitoring a terminal.

"Yeoman, we just lost contact with a fighter... Ensign Davies, callsign Cowboy. Can you coordinate the SAR mission? Here's his last known coordinates and the SAR bird just took off," explained the officer.

Halona nodded as she started checking the flight patterns and cross checking the current positions of the wings. "I am on it."

It was a few minutes of furious tapping and reading, listening before Halona, spoke, "Lassonde, if the readings are right, the fighter with pilot Davies should be three hundred Kilometers, starboard from your current position."

=/\= "Copy Hawaii, I've marked the position. What's your ETA for the recovery craft?" =/\= Jenny radioed back.

Halona checked before replying, "Five to seven minutes at current. Might be able to shake a leg faster shortly. Will advise you of any changes!"

=/\= "Thank you CIC." =/\= Jenny responded.

The unconscious body of Davies floated in the silent cold darkness of space. His suit was still intact but his air supply would not last forever. His unconscious mind drifted to events of the past that still troubled him. His body jerked as the images flashed through his mind.

That final argument with his father. His mother trying to contact him but he ignored the communication. The starfleet brass at HQ debriefing him on the mysterious disappearance of his father's starship. He regretted not speaking to his mother when she had tried to contact him. It ate at his soul constantly.

Bryan drifted slowly as the chaos of battle happened all around him. A single word escaping his lips as his mind roiled in conflict with itself.


=/\= Hawaii, Hawaii, this is PALE HOUND 4-6, we are space-borne and acquiring target. ETA, 2 clicks. Request fighter cover.=/\= the search and rescue shuttle reported.

=/\= "Copy Pale Hound, escort is inbound." =/\= Jenny replied

=/\= "Knights form up with me, we have a shuttle to guide. Redeemers, I suggest preparing for a bombing run, somebody has got to take that thing's launchers out." =/\= She instructed, although the Redeemers' squadron leader technically outranked her.

=/\= "I'll take that under advisement Knight One." =/\= Redeemer One replied.

"Keep me advised of changes, if I can offer anything else I will try," Halona checked the chatter and updates from the Devonshire and other ships around the station.

=/\= "Copy CIC, we'll keep you up to date" =/\= Jenny Acknowledged. Out in the field, the Knights weaved their way through the 'graveyard,' methodically making their way to the rendezvous point. Jenny's shoulders tensed with mounting nervous energy as the flyers watched the motherships trade volleys in the distance, three great beasts hurling their fury at one another in cascades of searing energy. =/\= "Knight One to Pale Hound, we are in position." =/\= she reported

=/\= KNIGHT 1, PALE HOUND 4-6, we have visual contact. We are en route at your 5 o'clock. Initiating bio scans. =/\=

=/\= "Roger Pale hound." =/\= Jenny responded, switching her own sensor suite into search mode for the moment. =/\= "Scanning as well." =/\= She reported, the battle was starting to throw off her more sensitive equipment, the background radiation dissipating out from volleys of phaser blasts was bathing the area in static. =/\= "I'm not getting very much through all of this noise. CIC, can you help guide us in?" =/\=

Halona brought up everything she had sent out for the search, crossed with updated chatter from the Devonshire and another ship. "Everything says you're about on top of him. Unless he got caught in a backlash and drifted majorly. I suggest counter clockwise search patterns."

=/\= "Roger CIC, We'll keep our eyes peeled" =/\= Jenny affirmed. She flipped on what exterior floodlights her fighter had and began sweeping the around the nearby objects. =/\= "Activate spotlights Pale Hound, looks like we're gonna need visual contact for this one." =/\= Jenny suggested.

The shuttle illuminated a search light affixed to the front, below the cockpit.

After a few moments, Cowboy appeared in the spotlight.

=/\= Target acquired! I say again PALE HOUND 4-6 has target. Beaming target aboard now. HAWAII, please have medic teams on standby, we are RTB with 1 extra pilot. =/\=

Bryan was still on the edge of consciousness when the beam grabbed him. He awoke with a start on the deck of.....a runabout? He sat bolt upright.

"Agggh!" His eyes darted around at a few familiar faces.... "What the hell happene..." He paused and coughed violently. Blood sprayed from his mouth onto his visor.

"Oh that can't be good." He mumbled and passed out again. Someone caught him and laid him gently down on the deck as they pulled his helmet off and cleared his airway before administering first aid.

=/\= Grayson to Sickbay, prepare to receive a wounded pilot!=/\= Halona said over the comms and checked the progress of the rescue and continuing battle around the ship.

=/\= Amur here, we are ready for the patient!=/\=

"Lassonde, Sickbay is at readiness for taking in Cowboy, chatter said the Gorn shields are fluxing if that helps your fighters any?" Halona said as an update on the status of the search and rest of their situation.

=/\= "Thanks CIC, we'll put that info to work." =/\= Jenny began cycling her various systems back to combat mode and turned her fighter toward 'Tango 01.' =/\= "Look alive Knights, we've got a fight to win!" =/\= she called out to her flight.


A Lieutenant pulled off his head seat and walked up to Grayson's station.

"I heard you found that downed pilot. Great work," the Lieutenant said before turning back to his duties.

Halona sat back in her seat, rolling her shoulders to relieve the tension that had built up during the last few minutes. She had never trained for this sort of thing but so far so good she was just glad that they had Davies, call sign Cowboy, heading back home. She took a breath to steady her nerves and sat forward again to keep up on the chatter, updates and rest.


LTJG Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde, SFFC
CO, FLT 801

Ens Davies, SFFC
XO, FLT 801

YN1 Halona Grayson

CIC NPCs played by CAPT Tachibana


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