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Hawaii - Taking Fire

Posted on 15 Sep 2018 @ 8:01pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander Juan Zamora & Lieutenant Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens
Edited on on 18 Sep 2018 @ 12:49am

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Bridge - Deck 1
Timeline: Following "Hilo & Flight 801's Wild Ride"



The viewscreen started to get more crowded as debris started to obscure the ominous shape of the Gorn vessel approaching. The ticking down of weapons range from OPS was a clear indication that battle would soon commence.

Fighters had been launched. The boarding teams were on their way. The moment of truth was about to be at hand.

On the viewscren, ahead of the Runabout and fighter wing the Gorn Cruiser settled into it's attack vector. A fireball bloomed around the bow of the vessel as it began to drive it's way through the rocks and debris before it.

A moment later there was massive blast from it's disruptors, the frontal salvo smashed a clearing in the debris field.

Suddenly, nine flashes were seen on screen.

"REPORT!" Akio ordered, already suspecting the answer.

Harry replied, " Gorn ship approaching Sir with weapons hot," looking back at Akio, He continued, " Class not verified as yet," as his fingers danced over the console reading the ship for battle, he finished " Shields are up and ready to have the word Sir,"

Akio saw the prows of the Gorn Cruiser clear the debris and the double saucer configuration was a dead giveaway.

"So, we meet again," Akio muttered.


=/\="Bridge, Torpedoes launched from Tango 01. 9 contacts incoming, bearing 360 to 010. Dispatching fighters to intercept."=/\= Halona said over the comms, her voice shook as she spoke but she was clear in her words.


"Direct fighters to intercept torpedoes, BRACE FOR IMPACT!" Akio's voice rose towards the end.

Juan jammed the button to activate his seat's restraints, a whispered curse hissing out between clenched teeth as the belts tightened around him. "Mr. Stevens, how soon can we retaliate!?" He questioned, returning to the crisis at hand.

"We will be in firing range in 1 minute Sir" replied Harry as he looked down at Sif to see if she was ok, He continued " All torpedo bays are ready Phazers locked on."

On the viewscren the Gorn cruiser was still advancing, it had crossed the open space cleared by its opening salvo and was ploughing into the debris again, driving it aside in huge wakes either side of its heavily armoured dual-saucer prows.

"Fire at will as soon as we are in weapons range," Akio ordered.

Iria swore under her breath as she stood at the engineering console, "Uhm Sir did we want to give our new Hammerheads a try or was the result of report not likely yet?" She asked as she kept an eye on the power levels and signal strength for their shields.

Akio recalled the project Kosu was working on. "If they are ready, launch!" he ordered. "Make sure the Hilo is in position."

"Hammerheads Sir?" asked Harry who was confused about them as this was news to him, as he knew this must be a project that was out of his grade to know about.

Akio was surprised the Security Chief did not recognize the code word. "They are in the inventory under that code word, Ensign," Akio explained.

"I see them Sir, but what are they," he asked loading them, he continued, " Are they some new warhead that I don't know about," as he knew his clearance level wasn't that high, he finished, "this is the first I have heard of them,"

"They are something we can fire at the Gorn Mr. Stevens, that will suffice for now." Juan commented from his seat. He was sweating as he watched the Gorn cruiser on the viewscreen, counting down the seconds until they were in weapons range. His hand hurt already from the death-grip it was keeping on his armrest.

"There are three prototypes, ready I can get fourth ready in five minutes but I would have to leave the bridge to get it finished." Iria said, she had been helping Kosu in creating and finishing the prototypes.

Zamora spoke, "We are going to need your talents here on the bridge, engineering. Ms. Taltos. We shall see what your prototypes can do, and then we can rely on our standard armament. For the time being a capable engineer is more valuable to us than a single torpedo." Juan responded.

Iria nodded, "They're ready, and it was Kosu's idea, I just helped in completion." She wasn't going to take credit where it wasn't hers. She just hoped that three would be enough, with the follow up with their regular armaments.

That name again, Akio thought. His fleeting wonders were quickly shoved aside as Akio's hands gripped the armrests tightly as he waited for the impact. Bridge duty was always nerve racking when you could see the torpedoes coming at you. Some small explosions were seen as the fighters scored kills. As the remaining torpedoes zoomed past the Hawaii, Akio was a bit confused until his stomach sank: XFY. They wanted to destroy the station.

"Seize the initiative!" Akio shouted to no one in particular. "Fire at will!" Akio ordered Tactical.

"Targets locked on Sir and firing as ordered," replied Harry as he let the first volley of Torpedoes leave the ship and was already setting up the second salvo with the new prototype being loaded into the tubes.


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Juan "JJ" Zamora, CDR, SF

Iria Taltos, LTJG, SF

Harry Stevens, ENS, SF


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