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OOC Chronicle: Mission 2-Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains

Posted on 11 Sep 2018 @ 3:50pm by Commander Juan Zamora
Edited on on 20 Nov 2018 @ 6:59pm

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: The Internet

The following is a chronological log of our adventures. Everything is listed in the best estimate of the order it occurred, sorted by date.

The format is:


MM/DD/YYYY: [Location] no location marker indicates these evnts happened in the same location as the last date to be marked.
(Arrivals: Ens X, LT Y)
(Departures: LCDR A)
Post 1 (Earliest Post)
Post 2/Post 3 (posts occurring at roughly the same time)
Post 4 (Latest Post)

Headline 1, Headline 2

Mission 2: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains

1/2389: [Earth Orbit]
1. Departure. It's logical

12/30/2388: [USS Hawaii, Bre'el IV]
(Arrivals: LTJG Aldana 365, LT Hunter, LTJG Emerson, GYSGT Warner, GYSGT Sejanus, SGTMAJ Daly, 1LT Bolingbroke, ENS Stevens)
1. A New Science
2. Heat
3. Federation Mission Opening - Security Briefing

Crew Transfers, Preparations are made to open the diplomatic facility.

1. Project Hammerhead - The Idea
2. Uneventful but Never Boring
3. "A Meeting of Medical Minds"
4. Project Hammerhead - Request

Kosu hatches a scheme.

12/31/2388-1/1/2389: [planetside on Bre'el IV]
1. A Meeting at the Beach - Ep. 1.2 [backpost]
2. This fuzzy warm feeling
3. A Meeting at the Beach - Ep. 1.1 [backpost]

1/1/2389: [USS Hawaii, Bre'el IV]
(Arrivals: LT Cassidy, SCPO Kelly)
(Departures: Temple, Lesai Tolakth, Fallon, Danz)
1. Fresh on the Boat
2. The New Sergeant Major
3. Stroll Through the Park (Backpost)
4. Opening the Mission/ Riders in the Sky
5. Spies Like Me
6. Tea and Politics
7. Departures

Crew Transfers, A gala event is held to open the diplomatic facility on Bre'el IV, Secretary Temple returns to his duties and Lesai assumes command of the facility, Hawaii Departs the planet.

1/2/2389: [USS Hawaii]
(Departures: Kage, Daly, Warner, Sejanus)
1. Lesson in Pain
2. Skirting the Line (Mission Brief)
3. Hunting Our Own
4. Just a Casual Walk
5. Meeting the boss

Hawaii prepares to carry out the next stage of its mission, Suspicions arise about Cortez.

1/3/2389: [USS Hawaii, Canterra region]
(Arrivals: LTJG Taltos)
(Departures: Sthilg)
1. A little humour never killed nobody
2. On Patrol
3. Mission: Pretty much impossible
4. Them's the breaks
5. Carson of the Wyoming I presume?
6. Aloha Wyoming
7. Another Contact
8. Left Behind
9. Do Not Pass Go/The Disapearing Doctor - They seek him here/Wounded in Action
10. Preserving the Record/The Disapearing Doctor - They seek him there
11. Almost KIA
12. A Different Approach
13. Out of the Frying Pan
14. Befriending the Boss (Backpost)
15. Meditation - Answers in search of questions
16. Sending a coded message

The Battle of Canterra: Hawaii Rendezvouses with USS Wyoming, Captain Carson of the Wyoming attempts to seize command, The Rend-with-teeth Attacks, Hawaii is heavily damaged, several key crew members are injured, Dr. Sthilg is revealed as a traitor, Cortez is revealed as a double agent, The Wyoming is destroyed attempting to ram the Rend-with-teeth, Hawaii escapes Making way for XFY, Taltos remains aboard as the apparent sole survivor of the Wyoming.

1/4/2389: [USS Hawaii]
1. Tea Time Talk
2. Pussy footing about

1. Brass Tacks
2. Third Operator's the Charm?
3. Call to the Captain's Ready Room

Crew Reshuffles, Arthur receives a promotion/transfer to chief of Ops, Zamora becomes XO.

1. I don't want your suffering. I don't want your future.
2. Beating the Bounds
3. Introductions
4. The Adventures of "Princess" Luuna and the Littlest Engineer!
5. Jenny get your gun
6. “The Pitter-patter of Furry Feet” – [Backpost]

Sensor contact with XFY.

1/11/2389: [USS Hawaii, Xavier Fleet Yards]
1. The Disappearing Doctor - They seek him everywhere
2. The disappearing Doctor - Is he in heaven? Is he in hell? (Backpost)
3. Backpost: The disappearing Doctor - That damned elusive Gorn!
4. Paw-ficer Down! Back Post
5. Thoughts of a Captain
6. Backpost: Leadership
7. Backpost: Free space & Automobiles

Dr. Sthilg is finally captured.

1. Manners Maketh Man
2. Hammerhead - The Tweaking

Arthur lands in hot water over his recent conduct, Project Hammerhead enters a new stage of development.

(Arrivals: ENS Griffith-Bailey)
(Departures: Marian, Hunter, Winchester, Vivano)
1. Settling Aboard the Station
2. Wine Woes
3. Deputised

Crew Transfers, The crew gets some R&R on XFY, Dran misbehaves.

(Arrivals: PO1 Grayson, LTJG Saatynn, 1LT Goss, ENS Davies, 1LT Hargreaves, ENS Kilbane)
1. Translation of Duty: Who are you?
2. What to do with Cortez (Backpost)
3. Oolong tea and crescents
4. Moving In
5. Arrival Procedures
6. Subtle as a brick

Crew Transfers, A plan is made to deal with the issues surrounding Cortez.

(Arrivals: ENS Tai)
1. Operation Dragon Fire (Backpost)
2. Sweet Iced Coffee
3. Lemons and Spice
4. Red is meant for flying

Crew transfers, Grayson works to stand out in her new position.

(Arrivals: LTJG Ward, CPO Wilson, LTJG Amur)
1. Curiosity & the Cat Part 1
2. Curiosity & the Cat Part 2
3. An enemy within? (Part 1)
4. An enemy within? Pt2
5. Hammerhead - Steaks
6. Frost covered dreams/Kosu?
7. Oh what an entree...
8. Howdy, Flyboy
9. Squared Away
10. Scientific Minds
11. Airing Grievances
12. Assisting Times
13. A Viper's Nest
14. Birds of a Feather
(Mission End)

Crew transfers, Taltos discovers evidence of Klingon Involvement in the attack on XFY & is briefly imprisoned by station security, Saatynn lodges a complaint against the science chief, Kosu kisses the Captain without thinking, Suspicion regarding the Klingon involvement in the attack of XFY is directed toward the Sovereignty of Kahless.

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