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moving in

Posted on 26 Sep 2018 @ 9:22am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens & Lady Sif & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Shared Quarters

Having left the Captain, Harry knew that along with Sif, they now had a room mate in Lieutenant JG Eira Cortez, he now had stuck his head out for her, after all she had been involved in a mutiny against the Captain. And against the Captain's judgement, Harry had argued for her release.

He said, "Just remember Eira, you now belong to me," as he knew that he could not have any funny business or a relationship with her until the court marshal was over. They were now living under the same roof.

"For one, I do not belong to you. And two, we'll get along better if you give me that much respect." Eira responded bluntly. She thought it offensive that he actually had the balls to say that to her. "Is that clear enough, Harry?" She wasn't trying to be rude, even though her tone probably came across that way. Putting her bags down, Eira looked around her new quarters: home sweet home and she wasn't 100% happy about it.

"What I mean is Eira," replied Harry looking at his new Roommate as Sif started to check out the room, Harry continued, "I have just put my Career on the line for you," as he noticed his memorabilia appeared and Sif's bed and toys also appeared. "So you owe me a very big favour," he grinned back at her as he finished, "And you don't know when I'll call that in,"

"Oh yay, I'm so looking forward to it." She responded sarcastically with an eye roll. Only the gods knew what that meant, but she had a bit of an idea. She sat down on the bed facing him but looking at the dog, "So how's this going to work? My suggestion is that you can watch keep an eye on me during the hours of duty. Off duty, nothing happens and personal time is exactly that: personal, with no one watching every single move I make."

"Look I know this is going to be slightly difficult for you," as Sif found a spot for her bed, He asked "What room do you want?" as he knew that Sif would make sure that Cortez would not be able to sneak past her.

Eira looked around the room again, "I'll take this one." She was starting to resign herself to the fact that this is how things were going to be, at least for now. "Seriously, just give me the privacy I deserve and we'll be fine, you got it? But if you get in the way of me doing my job, I'm going to go straight to the Captain about it."

"Ok," replied Harry as he looked back at her, he continued," I think Sif has found her sleeping spot," as he noticed Sif laying down outside Eira's door. as he smiled and found his room and found that his pictures suddenly appeared with in it.

Eira narrowed her eyes slightly at the dog and grimaced. She didn’t trust the dog as much as she wanted to and knew that there would be a time where they either both came head to head over territory or the got along. Along time would tell.

She fished through her bag that had been thrown on the bed and pulled out one of her few possessions that she had kept through everything: the picture of her and her brothers, one on either side of her. Putting it on the bedside table, Eira looked at it: everyone thought that she was one of their girlfriends because they were twins and she looked nothing alike with the blonde hair and blue eyes. It made her laugh, albeit sadly.



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