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Birds of a Feather

Posted on 24 Sep 2018 @ 8:31am by Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy & Ensign Rora Tai & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Flight Control Centre
Timeline: 1800, 16 January 2389 - Before the attack

Rora walked down the corridor her transfer to the Hawaii was the most exciting thing that had happened recently. She found the flight control centre office and walked in hoping she would be lucky enough to find her superior to get her duty schedule. If any other of the helm officers were around as well all the better for meeting and knowledge.

Spencer was hanging around waiting for a report to come back in that he'd requested and looked up when she walked in. Another person he was yet to meet. Stepping over to her, "Heya, I'm Spencer, one of the newbies around here."

"Nice to meet you, I am new here too, I'm Rora." she said as she looked up at the guy he had to be at least a full foot taller than her and his eyes were an interesting sight, green with a golden ring around the iris.

"Good to meet you too." Spencer took the nearest seat

Rora hesitated then after a moment took a seat across from Spencer, "How new are you if I may ask?" She retorted with a smile, her meeting with the First officer had been polite and informative. Rora had only been a part of the station's helm officers a few days before she was transferred to the Hawaii. She wasn't about to complain especially since it got her on a ship, station's were tricky in always needing to check orbit. The patrol runs had been dicier because of the debris field.

Spencer scratched the back of his head, "Uh, about a week or so now? No idea, but it's only been a short amount of time." He was still getting his head around being stuck on a ship and not in a fighter. The flyboy was ground and not happy about it. Maybe he might take one of the runabouts out when he got some free time. "Ya see, I'm originally a fighter pilot who sort of got into a bit of trouble on their old ship, got grounded indefinitely and ended up transferring to the Hawaii in hopes of a new start?" Spencer shrugged.

Rora smiled, "Ah well least you get to helm this nice big ship from time to time, so your wings haven't been completely clipped, who knows maybe once you show off during shuttle drills they might bump you over to relief fighter if they need extra help?" She offered lightly. She had considered fighter piloting but she was happy with ships and shuttle manuvers. Let the ones with more flare have the fighter duty.

“Eh, maybe.” He shrugged nonchalantly. She seemed nice, and maybe someone he could actually truly get along with in the future, especially if they survived until the next shoreleave. “How about yourself? I’m honestly not the biggest fan of talking about myself, and I’m curious to know how you ended up here?”

Rora smiled, "Pilot most of family either flies or plays music, I was a recent transfer from the station. They had me doing patrol runs by runabout while the more senior officer had the helm. So not much really." She said trying to give conversation without droning on.

Before a reply could come, the doors swished open and Cassidy stepped in, stack of PADDs in hand. "Okay, people, we've got the latest back in sensor analysis of the Xavier debris field so the most useful thing we can do with our time is plot more courses for access, egress, and salvage operations -" He looked up and blinked, realising there were new faces, and not just the usual crowd of disinterested navigators. Spencer he knew, the ensign getting a nod, before he looked to Rora and stuck his PADDs under one arm so he could go over and extend a hand. "Oh, you're one of the new transfers, right? Rafe Cassidy, Chief Flight Control."

Rora got up easily from her seat and shook his hand and offered a smile up at him, "Rora Tai nice to meet you, I was just bending Spencer's ear." She said lightly, "I look forward to working with you both." She meant it, her time on the station had been brief but not many of the helm officers had been very enthusiastic about having another added to their ranks. So far the Hawaii was much more welcoming though she knew that could change too.

Cassidy nodded with a light smile. "Looking forward to more staff. Flight Control's had a lot more logistics specialists and navigators than outright pilots. At least for my tastes. And, you know, pilot ego's like a gas; without anyone else in the briefing rooms mine just expands to fill it which isn't much use."

Rora laughed softly, "Yes well I am sure we can deflate your ego a bit from now on." She nodded to the table and chairs, "You were about to to say something about access, egress, and salvage?" She didn't want to get into too much mischief for joking back at her boss unless he proved he didn't really mind it. She definitely didn't want to piss himoff and be grounded.

"Oh, yeah, work." Cassidy rolled his eyes self-deprecatingly and fished out a PADD to hand to her. "Xavier's got a few problems with the debris field. Ships coming and going, of all sizes, need safe routes. We're still not sure there's nothing in the debris field that won't go boom if the wrong collision happens, and what that'll do, so salvage operations are important for safety, not just resources. And new information's coming in all the time as the mapping and recovery work continues. So plotting routes and running simulations for navigation and hazard management is something useful we can do. Right now, if someone runs into trouble on the outskirts of the debris field, Hawaii crew could still run a full Parisses Square tournament and throw a party for the victor before we'd be out there giving backup." It was an exaggeration, of course. Just not by that much. "So we're here to help."

Rora nodded, "Sounds easy enough and I will skip the Parisses Square tournament myself, but when we have the place cleared if there is a party and we can go, I will be there." she liked Cassidy's manner so far and his humor was not what she was used to. A welcome relief to be honest.

"I reckon there's always time for a party," Cassidy said cheerfully. "But we'll make sure it's a party for a fight we helped win, huh? It'll be fine. Debris fields play havoc with your confidence but trust your gut and your ship and we'll do just fine. With this prep, nothing to worry about. So if that's all, I'll let you get settled in?" With no further complaints and his PADDs distributed, he beat a withdrawal. There was always more work to be done on the bridge under the Hawaii's current circumstances.

Besides. Now he had a little more backup he could trust.


LT Rafe Cassidy, CONN

Ens. Rora Tai, FCO

ENS Spencer Griffith-Bailey, FCO


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