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Subtle as a brick

Posted on 11 Nov 2018 @ 6:07am by Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey
Edited on on 13 Nov 2018 @ 1:17am

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Officers Mess, Deck 5
Timeline: Backlog


A quick shower, a fresh uniform and a growling stomach saw the CONN officer end up in the mess hall. It was quiet at this hour of the day with most people either on shift or doing other things, and it was obvious he'd just missed the lunch rush. Grabbing a tray and heading to the replicators, Spencer got his favorite: lasagna just the way his mum made it. God he missed her.

Stepping away and looking around the hall, Spencer noticed a few different things: a few people in their own little cliques, a Lieutenant in grey with bright white blonde hair sitting by herself but watching someone else with her beautiful bright blue eyes, and a Lieutenant in red with a look of concentration on his face, sitting by himself. Hopefully it wouldn't seem too rude if he sat next to him while he ate some lunch. He still hadn't met the department head, Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy, but everything pointed to this guy being him. "Mind if I sit here, Lieutenant?" he asked and offered a smile.

Cassidy, deep in after-action reports with their recent Gorn scraps, had completely lost track of the world around him, retreating to the Officers' Mess because it was much easier to focus with hubbub around him. So when the officer appeared, he almost spilled his coffee, looking up with an apologetic smile. "Uh, sure, go ahead."

There was a pause as he squinted at Spencer, something familiar, before the penny dropped. "Oh, you're the new guy in the department, right?" He'd seen the transfer orders and the mugshots with them, and stuck a hand out across the table. "Rafe Cassidy, Chief Flight Control."

"Good to meet you, I'm Spencer Griffith-Bailey. Or Spencer Griffith, or even hey you. Whatever you choose" Spencer shook his bosses hand and sat down. After a moment he said, "Hey, who's the Lieutenant over there?" nodding towards her "She's real pretty."

Cassidy followed Spencer's gaze, spotting Cortez - or, rather, properly acknowledging Cortez's presence. "Trouble," was his first answer, and he grabbed his mug. "Eira Cortez, Chief Intel, which is bad enough except there's a whole other mess that's got her lucky she's not in the brig right now." He took a sip of coffee, eyes not leaving Cortez for another couple heartbeats, then he pasted a smile for Spencer. "So, I'd just... be smart and don't go there."

"I see." Spencer was keen to get to know her now after he heard that. "Ok, on a different note, tell me, please, what is it like being on the ship? I've not been on this class before, or positioned as a flight control officer before." He started eating his food but still kept looking at Cortez.

Another slow sip of coffee. "We've got one of the most high-tech ships in the fleet here with Hawaii. Flight Control isn't always exciting work; sometimes you're more like the bus driver. But we've had our share of interesting disasters already, so I don't think you're going to be bored. There've been some vicious scrapes needing some good flying." Cassidy put the mug down somewhat deliberately, noting Spencer's distraction. "Control to New Guy, you still with me?" he challenged, meaning to make it a more teasing prompt but coming out a little grouchier than intended.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.." Spencer trailed off before snapping back into reality. "Wait, what?" He looked directly at Cassidy. "Sorry, sir. I'm 100% keen for this, as long as I get to fly. Yeah, I'm a lot more relaxed and confident in the air in a fighter, but I think I should study up a bit on the ship to see how she runs so I can perform my job to the best of my abilities." He gave a confident look on his face and had another bite of lasagna.

"You should," Cassidy confirmed. "It's not like handling smallcraft, not at all, but don't kid yourself. This fat lady can move." He scratched his nose. "Recommend you brush up your starship flight and settle in before you throw yourself into personal trouble head-first. If you're that determined to."

"As unconfident as I am when it comes to women, I somehow have an ex-wife. I know all about trouble!" Spencer laughed awkwardly because his marriage to Sarah had been perfect for six years until one day they both just fell out of love with each other and decided to end it. "But yes, definitely gonna settle in before anything happens, personal and work wise."

"Smart. I'd also leave it until we're well clear of this war-zone. Whenever that happens." Cassidy glanced across the mess hall again, before draining his coffee. "We're in a hot bed of trouble right now. Gorn and who knows what else backing the Gorn. So you really gotta be ready for anything."

"I need to get familiar with a lot of stuff, don't I?" Spencer finished the last bit of his food and placed the knife and fork on the plate together. He had only just recently heard about everything the Gorn were up to but he didn't have the slightest clue about how the Hawaii was going to operate. "And as for her?" He motioned to Cortez who had just gotten up to put her tray away, "Your advice is definitely don't go there, right?"

"Look," blurted Cassidy before he could stop himself, and then he'd started and had to find something to say. So he leaned forward and planted his elbows on the table. "I reckon she's a good person in some trouble - look." He stopped again, frowned, then tried again. "Just, yeah. Don't go there."

He went to drain his coffee once more, of course found it already empty, so put the mug down and sighed. "I mean, the job ahead of us is going be rough. But we'll get through it. Looking forward to working with you." Even as he said it, he found his gaze following Cortez as she headed off with the tray.

Spencer chose to stand up at the exact time Cortez walked out, purely by coincidence, and picked up his tray. “Well I’m looking forward to working with you too. I should probably get going so I can go and read up on what’s been happening around here over the past few years so I can dive in head first.”

Cassidy's gaze flickered from Spencer to the door, and he spun his empty coffee mug with a burst of frustrated energy. Then pasted on a smile, strained but not insincere. "Sure. There's a lot that's gone on, a lot of the navigational charts along the border are important as strategic data gets updated. I'd check it all out. Then we'll catch up later as a department, I reckon. Good to meet you, Ensign." He spoke briskly but in a friendly enough manner, ending with an amiable nod of farewell.

"See ya later, boss." Spencer nodded and walked to dispose of his tray before walking out of the mess hall.


Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Hawaii

Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey
Flight Control Officer


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