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Posted on 29 Sep 2018 @ 5:24pm by Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens
Edited on on 02 Oct 2018 @ 1:07am

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: During Chase of Gorn Doctor & Before Second Battle of XFY
Tags: Sombra, 3CW4YMF696F, Sif


Having beamed directly to Sickbay with Sif, Harry replied, =/\= I locked both ends of the Jeffries tubes so he cannot escape,=/\= over the comm. Channel after they had appeared in Sickbay as he looked round the room. “Doc are you here?” he called out.

Doctor Aldana had been in the back in the middle of something. Since no one had reported an emergency s/he sauntered in muttering to Sombra about being interrupted until s/he saw a large quadruped – a Canidae by the looks of it – hanging from the arms of the new security chief s/he had met with Luuna earlier. It was as if a switch flipped, and hir professionalism and training kicked in. S/he whipped out a medical tricorder from somewhere and began scanning the animal as s/he gently placed a palm on the man’s back to guide him over to the main examine bed. “What happened?”

~Are you awake, can you hear me? I’m a doctor, I’m here to help you. I need to examine you, I know you might be in pain, but I need you to remain calm once we get you onto the table, okay?~

Sombra was nearby but hung back. He knew Alpha’s passion for other beings, and he knew better than to get under foot despite his curiosity and the scent of a stranger coming in. He had a job to do, but he would have to do his job best from a distance presently.

Sif gave a soft whimper in response to the Doctor as she tried once more to paw at her eyes, she was thankful that her human companion had brought her here to be treated and it showed her that he cared for her wellbeing.

Harry replied, “We were chasing your predecessor when he sprayed something into Sif’s eyes,” replied Harry, he continued,” We had been searching the whole ship for the bastard as he had sold out to foreign powers.”

Doctor Aldana gently moved Sif’s paws out of the way. ~“I know it’s uncomfortable sweetheart, try not to rub it, you don’t want to make it worse. We’ll get you something soon if you’re in pain.”~ s/he swooned both out loud for Stevens and in a manner Sif could understand best.

“Come on Sif, you have to get healthy,” replied Harry as he stroked her once more, He continued, “He knows what he is doing” as Sif started to relax, Harry said, “Good girl.”

Doctor Aldana was able to get a clean scan of the affected area. S/he discovered an irritant had gotten into the dog’s eyes and nose. The irritant was causing major irritation and some minor breathing issues, but it didn’t look like it was going to have any lasting effect. ~“Sif, I’m going to have to wash your eyes out. I know it’s uncomfortable to breath, but I need you to try and relax and not struggle. It’s going to feel weird, but it shouldn’t hurt. It’s designed to briefly hold your eyes open and flush them out one at a time with a very mild saline solution.”~ Aldana looked for understanding from each of them.

Being careful to stay out of the way, Sombra’s curiosity got the better of him and he propped his head up on the head of the table. He tried to convey calm feelings and sympathy.

Harry asked Aldana, “How long is she sidelined for Doc?” as he noticed Sombra walking towards the table, he knew that Sombra was trying to reassure Sif that Aldana would not hurt her as the Gorn had.

The animal doctor retrieved a strange looking device that was designed for the task at hand. “Her nasal cavity should be able to clear itself out. I will need to keep her here for a few hours to observe. Her eyes might take a bit longer.” One at a time Aldana applied the tool over one eye and then the other, “step back, I don’t know if there will be splash from the saline solution. It’s just water, but still.

“Very well Doctor, take care of her and call me,” as he moved towards Sif, he said as he gave her a stroke, “Don’t worry Sif, this Doctor won’t hurt you,” as she looked up at him and knew that Sombra would keep an eye on her for him.

Sif gave Harry a lick to tell him that she understood as she knew that Harry was trusting the man with looking after her as she felt a tongue on her paw.

Sombra noticed the female stranger they’d been calling ‘Sif’ was cute. He gave her a light lick on the paw to reassure her.

Aldana took a brief moment to pat Sombra reassuringly, ~she’ll be alright buddy.~

As Harry watched Sombra lick Sif’s Paw, he asked, “Is your Dog flirting with Mine?” as he asked the Doctor.

“Dunno, could be, or perhaps he’s just reassuring her the best way he knows how.” Aldana glanced down at hir assistant. “Perhaps after this is all over we might set up a playdate. Luuna might like to meet her too.”

“I think Sif would like that, wouldn’t you?” he asked Sif who just raised her paw. Harry looked at Sombra and said, “Now don’t start getting ideas Mister,” as he laughed at his own joke.

Sombra just cocked his head innocently; surely, he had no idea what the man was talking about – or at least he pretended too.

Amiri finished working on the German Shephard Dog bitch. S/he stroked her forehead gently, ~“there-there nothing to do now but recover and try’n relax.”~ S/he hesitated for a moment, ‘listening,’ then retrieved a hypospray. S/he pressed it to the dog’s neck. ~“There you go, that should help.”~

“Computer, seal Recovery Room 2 accessible to myself only. Dim lighting to 15% and create an anosmic environment…” the doctor hesitated to listen again, “created a soundtrack of a birch forest on a breezy day with distant woodpeckers playing in the room.”

The computer chirped and, in a few moments, responded, “Recovery 2 ready with specified environment and ambiance.”

Aldana looked at the security chief. “I’m sure some words of encouragement would help her before I send her into recovery.”

As Harry gave her a stroke, he said to Sif," It will be all right girl, he won't harm you and you have a friend here," as he looked at Sombra, "you stay with her Sombra," he said to the other Dog as he knew that she was in safe hands as he turned and left sickbay.



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