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Spies Like Me

Posted on 13 Mar 2018 @ 12:54am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Ensign Harry Stevens

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Location: Federation Diplomatic Mission - Bre'el IV
Timeline: After the Opening Gala

It had been a successful night at the gala and Harry was happy that nothing went wrong, but still he hadn't received his next assignment and he was beginning to wonder if he ever would as he had done rather well at the academy to even be considered for this gig. But he knew that something was going to happen and soon as he wanted to speak to the Admiral and ask about his next posting when he felt a tap on his shoulder, He turned around to face a gentleman in a grey suit, He asked "May I help you?"

"Indeed," the stranger replied. "It is my understanding you are being deployed aboard the USS Hawaii?"

"I am," replied Harry looking back at the Gentleman, he continued, "That's news to me," as he hadn't been given his orders yet, but someone knew where he was being deployed to before he did as he looked back at the Gentleman with a raised eyebrow.

"If you're interested we could use your help," offered the gentleman.

"What help would that be?" he inquired as this was strange circumstances and things were afoot at the Embassy, he again kept his gaze upon the Gentleman in the Grey Suit. He thought I wonder what is going on here? as he waited for an answer.

"We've been watching you since the Academy. You have a sense of justice and seem smart. Do you want to do some intelligence work undercover?" the gentleman offered.

This was a shock to him that SFI had been watching him closely and now was being offered an undercover spot, he asked with an open mind "What would I be doing?" as this seemed to be something important, but to him this was spooky to say the least.

"You would be our eyes and ears. Anything we should know about on that ship, you let us know. Periodically, we will send you assignments. Strictly secure channels," explained the gentleman.

"So you want me to spy on my new Crewmates?" asked Harry as this was something he had not considered, and am I going to be a part of SFI?" as he knew this was going to be something that was going to be awkward for him but to be an Intelligence operative was something he hadn't trained for, but he knew that if he was being asked by them he could not say no.

"In a way, yes, on both accounts. We'd like you to be discreet about it though lest there be consequences. You know, plausible deniability, disavowal and all that comes with that," the gentleman replied.

"May I ask why I'm to spy on them?" Harry asked as there had to be a reason for it, was there a mole aboard the Hawaii and the Commander didn't know, but he needed to know the facts before he said yes to it. He looked back at the gentleman and began to try and gauge what he was and how high up in intel he was.

"The Gorn were able to surprise the Federation due to leaked information," the gentleman answered. "Don't you want to do your duty?"

"Yes I do," replied Harry as he answered the Gentleman's question, but the question that was running around in his head was how did they get that information? Do they have their own spy on the ship? And he knew that he was to be the counter to that person. He asked,"So I'm to find out how they got that stuff then?"

"Not necessarily. We just want you to be on the lookout for anything suspicious and if you think we should know something, let us know. We will be in touch for your first assignment," the gentleman answered cryptically.

Suddenly Harry heard his name being called and he quickly turned around to see who had called him, he couldn't see whom had distracted him, Harry turned back to the gentleman he had been speaking with only to find that he had vanished. Harry started to look for the agent but could not see him anywhere, he thought what have I got myself into as he decided to go to get something to eat.


Ensign Harry Stevens
USS Hawaii


Mysterious Gentleman
Played by: Akio Tachibana


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