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» Can she fix it? Yes she can! Meet the ACHENG: Iria Taltos

Posted on 01 Mar 2019 @ 2:19pm by Captain Akio Tachibana in General News

This month's feature is Iria Taltos, our Assistant Chief Engineer who was recently promoted to Lieutenant after helping keep the Hawaii together during the Second Battle of XFY.

Taltos originally joined us from the USS Wyoming when she was left aboard the Hawaii during the Battle of Canterra when her Senior Staff hastily departed back to the Wyoming as both ships came under Gorn attack, a mistake that probably saved her from a worse fate as the Wyoming rammed the Gorn vessel and any survivors were taken POW by the Gorn and experimented upon.

Unbeknownst to many, Taltos is an Isisean, meaning she can transform into a feline, an homage to Star Trek: TOS, Season 2, Episode 26: "Assignment: Earth".

As you may remember, Taltos was also recognized by Task Force 93 as the Player of the Month for September 2018.

We look forward to the future adventures of Taltos, our resident cat engineer!

» Is that an Emotional Support Animal? Yes, it is! Meet Sombra, PLUS Promotions and New Orders

Posted on 31 Jan 2019 @ 3:46am by Captain Akio Tachibana in General News

Sombra is an On-Call Therapy Animal when she is not supporting LT Amiri Aldana 365.

Recently, Sombra saw action in helping out Sickbay during the Second Battle of XFY.

In the Aftermath of the Second Battle of XFY, Hawaii suffered 5 KIA & 42 WIA. 18 of the 25 recovered POWs from the USS Wyoming were also injured.

Currently, the Hawaii is conducting repairs before making the approximately 3-week journey to Canterra IV. (OOC: We will be doing a time jump, although there are many in-transit posts brewing!)

Hawaii's orders are clear: Establish Ground Operations on Canterra IV.

Congratulations to the following personnel on their promotions!

Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor
CO, Bravo Marine Special Operations Company (BMOSC/CC)
3d Marine Raider Battalion

Harry Stevens
Chief Tactical & Security Officer (TACSEC)
USS Hawaii

Iria Taltos
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (ACHENG)
USS Hawaii

» Congratulations, Harry, you're Chief Tactical/Security Officer & End of Second Battle of XFY

Posted on 27 Dec 2018 @ 7:22am by Captain Akio Tachibana in General News

Ensign Harry Stevens hails from Basildon, England and is an avid archer. The Hawaii is the young ensign's first posting and he originally joined the crew as our 2nd Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer during the Bre'el IV Mission before becoming the 4th Chief Tactical/Security Officer of the USS Hawaii when LT Winchester was transferred to XFY.

While inexperienced as seen during the elusive hunt for the Gorn CMO aboard the Hawaii when he went missing, Ensign Stevens has proven himself capable during battle situations and CAPT Tachibana has come to rely upon his protection, including the services of Lady Sif, Ensign Stevens's K9 companion.

The Second Battle of XFY has concluded. The USS Hawaii is conducting repairs and taking care of after action items.

The new-type Gorn Cruiser was allowed to escape to tell the tale of the Gorn defeat after the Hercules Battlegroup, consisting of a dozen ships that will accompany the USS Hawaii and USS Devonshire to Canterra, warped-in just in time to destroy one of the saucers of the Gorn cruiser that was on a collision course with XFY.

The Hawaii boarding party, led by CDR Tolkath, was able to retrieve a Gorn raider, runabout class, vessel during their return. They were also able to rescue 25 survivors of the USS Wyoming, including Sgt Kyle Walken and ENS Edtoto Nar'Sivaro.

Yet, there were casualties aboard the Gorn cruiser, including the incapacitation of LT Kosu when she was studying one of the new Gorn torpedoes.

The Hawaii will be heading up Battlegroup Hawaii while the USS Devonshire heads up Battlegroup Devonshire, each with their own sets of orders for the next objective of the Gorn Campaign: Canterra.

» Meet our CONNman, Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy & Second Battle of XFY

Posted on 18 Oct 2018 @ 4:05am by Captain Akio Tachibana in General News

A frontier native, Lieutenant Cassidy hails from the Jubal System near the Gorn and Klingon Borders. Familiar with the space there, he is the perfect Chief Flight Control Officer for the USS Hawaii as we continue to operate in the Gorn Theater.

LT Cassidy joined the Hawaii during the Bre'el IV Mission and CAPT Tachibana has come to rely upon his measured responses, especially during the USS Wyoming encounter where another Starfleet Captain attempted to take command of the USS Hawaii himself.

As the third officer, Cassidy often finds himself in command of the ship when the Captain and Commanders are off the bridge. Even his fellow crew have come to rely on him as a confidante, showing LT Cassidy is not just another flyboy.

The Second Battle of XFY is underway as the new-type Gorn Cruiser from the Battle of Canterra has appeared at XFY while the USS Hawaii and USS Devonshire are docked.

The USS Hawaii is taking the brunt of the damage to protect the station, yet this time, armed with prototype Hammerhead Torpedoes developed by Hawaii's CHENG, LT Kosu, the Hawaii was able to punch a hole in the Gorn Cruiser's shields to allow a boarding party led by CDR Tolkath (2XO/CSO) through. Also, learning from the Battle of Canterra, the Engineering Team has been able to screen out the compromised shield frequencies, minimizing damage to the ship.

However, the USS Hawaii has been boarded herself by Gorn and is now fighting to save herself from internal destruction while still awaiting return of Hawaii's boarding party.

» Creedmoor or Bolingbroke? Both! Meet the Team Leader of the 2d Marine Special Operations Team

Posted on 07 Sep 2018 @ 3:41am by Captain Akio Tachibana in General News

1stLt Bolingbroke's royal title as 24th Viscount Creedmoor does not serve him well in the Marines, except getting him some monikers and being the punch lines of jokes. Yet, this Team Leader will just as quickly put his boot where the sun doesn't shine if you get out of line.

Bolingbroke joined the Hawaii during the Bre'el IV Mission where he helped lead a team to secure the perimeter of the new Federation Diplomatic Mission as well as the classified installation of a Starfleet monitoring station.

He was integral to the search and capture of the missing Gorn Doctor, LTJG Sthilg after he was suspected of being a traitor by the USS Wyoming and later disappeared in the ensuing battle with a new-type Gorn Cruiser.

Now, 1stLt Bolingbroke is leading a team to board that same Gorn Cruiser when it appeared while the Hawaii and Devonshire were docked at XFY.

It's all hands on deck as the Hawaii heads towards combat alongside the Devonshire as the Gorn Cruiser attempts to get revenge.

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Soundtrack - Monochrome no kiss by Sid from Black Butler


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Newly commissioned in 2388, the Hawaii is a Sovereign Class Starship operating in Task Force 93, Bravo Fleet.

The USS Hawaii is tasked with providing security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism by Starfleet. Federation President Jarul Bezar commissioned the new vessel to help combat the Gorn invasion at Cestus and Canterra.

The USS Hawaii is currently en route to Canterra IV to establish ground operations as part of the Canterra Campaign, executing the following orders from Starfleet.

Hawaii's orders are clear: Establish Ground Operations on Canterra IV.

We are always taking on crew. Feel free to look around and enlist if you like what you see.

USS Hawaii's Journey Thus Far

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