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» OOORAH & welcome to our new Sergeant Major & Congratulations to the Crew of the USS Hawaii on being designated the flagship of TF93!

Posted on 16 Feb 2018 @ 4:38am by Commander Akio Tachibana in General News

Welcome aboard to our new Sergeant Major of the 3d Marine Raider Battalion, SgtMaj Daly! SgtMaj Daly has a very storied and illustrious service record and joins the 3d Marine Raiders from SFMARSOC Training Command.


In case you missed it, the USS Hawaii is the flagship of TF93 as I have taken over duties as TF93's Commanding Officer under RADM Banda.

I will be adding her to our Starfleet Command Manifest in the coming days although she will be posted at PFY with the rest of the TF staff.

I will make the announcement IC when appropriate, so please don't reference it with your characters just yet.

I do want to say this is a great honor for the crew of the USS Hawaii and our success as a sim played into both Patrick/Kosu's selection of me as TFXO under his command and the BFA's confidence in me about taking over TF93. Do not worry though, the Hawaii is still my top priority!

I look forward to continue being inspired by your stories and interactions despite the wrenches I try to throw at you ;)


» 2 for 1: A Doctor & a Vet Plus New Mission Poster

Posted on 06 Feb 2018 @ 12:23am by Commander Akio Tachibana in General News

Welcome aboard to our new Assistant Chief Science Officer, LT Amiri Aldana 365! LT Aldana is a half-Kazerite, half-Hermat, Doctor and Veterinarian who joins us from the USS Asgard.

LT Aldana is also accompanied by two service animals, although don't let their task fool you into thinking these pups are just service animals, as they double as guard dogs who are very protective of their Aldana.


Our second mission's poster is released and we will be on our way following 48 hour IC liberty planetside.

» Live Long and Prosper - A New Vulcan has appeared and the Diplomatic Detachment continues to grow

Posted on 02 Feb 2018 @ 3:09am by Commander Akio Tachibana in General News

Welcome aboard to our new Chief Science Officer, LCDR Tolkath! Tolkath joins us from the USS Marco Polo and replaces LT Salmon, our otter-like academic who will remain on Bre'el IV with the new Diplomatic Mission being opened by Tolkath's wife, Lesai, a Federation Diplomat.


Great work crew on the conclusion of our first mission! Congratulations to promotees and award recipients. If you missed it, feel free to read about it here.

We are conducting 48 hours of liberty IC while we complete crew transfers and open the new Diplomatic Mission on Bre'el IV.

» Double Diplomacy

Posted on 23 Jan 2018 @ 2:58am by Commander Akio Tachibana in General News

The Hawaii is quickly earning a reputation for War & Peace. Welcome aboard to LTJG Radun Dran, our Bajoran Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer! LTJG Radun has prior experience as a Bajoran Ambassador before crossing over to Starfleet, a path shrouded in mystery.


Great work crew on the Negotiations JP! Kudos to LT Zamora for deftly handling the diplomatic side and to ENS Jones & LTJG Cortez for a suspenseful introduction to their characters.

» It's a Klingon, I mean Human, err both? & TF93 Player of the Month for December

Posted on 19 Jan 2018 @ 7:50pm by Commander Akio Tachibana in General News

Welcome aboard to Ensign Arthur Jones, Son of Ruk, our Human-raised-Klingon Security Officer (SEC)! Ensign Jones comes to us straight from the Academy and has shed new light on what the term species means, in true Gene Roddenberry fashion.

Congratulations to LT Darren Marian, our XO, for earning the TF93 Player of the Month Award! LT Marian is an extremely helpful player both IC & OOC. He organized the Away Mission Teams with deft leadership. He also helped put together the nice JP regarding the sensor testing with the USS Balboa which uncovered a probable cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey.


I'm reading some great posts; keep up the great work!

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» Backpost - Gorn ship designs

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Posted on 23 Feb 2018 @ 12:04pm by Lieutenant Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Commander Akio Tachibana


[After meeting with CO]

[Deck 18: Chief Science Officer's Office]

After his meeting with the Captain, Tolkath had settled himself into his office smoothly enough. He travelled light, not having a great need for excessive personal possessions.

He had scheduled a review of the science department's work schedule and…

» Heat

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Posted on 21 Feb 2018 @ 2:10am by Commander Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Nicholas Hunter

Planet Vulcan
ShiKahr Province
Sas-A-Shar Desert
Seven Days Ago...



It was the one thing that Nick Hunter craved that he could never get enough of. It was not a desire for self torture, mind you, it was simply his physiology. His home planet of Xenex was much like…

» From the Darkness

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Posted on 12 Feb 2018 @ 4:08am by Gunnery Sergeant Gaius Sejanus

This seems to have been lost during the server migration.

Darkness. The only light that could be seen was through the cracks of the gate ahead. From the other side Gaius could hear the shouts of the crowd.

Outside, the crowds were cheering and shouting. There was the…

» "A Meeting of Medical Minds"

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Posted on 11 Feb 2018 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Sthilg, M.D.

Dr. Emerson smiled at those who caught her eye she made her way to the senior medical officer's office. Not for the first time, she wondered if she should've brought something with her as a gift, but even though her diplomatic training would suggest she try to bridge the gap…

» Pomp and Circumstance - Piped aboard

Mission: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
Posted on 11 Feb 2018 @ 12:48pm by Lieutenant Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath & Commander Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Commander Juan Zamora & Secretary Magnus Temple


[FDC Détente - Office: 1830 hours]

Having ensconced himself in the traveling office of the FDC Détente since leaving Earth, Magnus Temple found himself in a familiar position. He was sitting at his desk, finishing a conference call between interplanetary delegates. His clothes were wrinkled, his hair becoming a…

Newly commissioned in 2388, the Hawaii is a Sovereign Class Starship operating in Task Force 93, Bravo Fleet.

The USS Hawaii is tasked with providing security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism by Starfleet. Federation President Jarul Bezar commissioned the new vessel to help combat the Gorn invasion at Cestus and Canterra.

Providence Fleet Yards completed construction of the USS Hawaii in compliance with President Bezars's Executive Order and the Hawaii is currently in standard orbit around Bre'el IV after conducting her shakedown cruise. The Hawaii successfully secured the use of Bre'el IV's transports/supply ships for the Gorn Theater. Subsequently, the Hawaii is set to start patrolling along the interim Gorn-Federation Border near Cestus and Canterra after 48 hours of liberty planetside.

We are always taking on crew. Feel free to look around and enlist if you like what you see.

Proud Member of TF93, Bravo Fleet